C9 Continent of the Ninth Seal Articles List

  1. C9 Shaman Leveling Guide

  2. C9 Reaperess Skills Guide

  3. C9 Controls List

  4. C9 Taoist Magical Skill Build Guide

  5. C9 Reaperess Guide

  6. C9 Gunslinger Sample Builds Guide

  7. C9 God’s Calling Hell Mode Guide

  8. C9 Dungeon Stamina Consumption Chart

  9. C9 Beginner’s Crafting Guide

  10. C9 Action Skillbooks List

  11. C9 Beginner’s Leveling Guide

  12. C9 Classes Overview Guide

  13. C9 Enhancement System Guide

  14. C9 Shadow PvP Skills and Build Guide

  15. C9 Oberon’s Haven Hell Mode Guide

  16. C9 Leveling Up 1 to 42 Guide

  17. C9 Blademaster Fighter PvP Build Guide

  18. C9 Blademaster PvP Combos Guide

  19. C9 Ranger Comprehensive Guide

  20. C9 Ranger Skill Build Guide

  21. C9 Illusionist PvP and PvE Skill Build Guide

  22. C9 Physical Taoist PvP Guide

  23. C9 Slayer Combo and Tips Guide

  24. C9 Slayer Sample Build Guide

  25. C9 Free W Coins by Completing Offers Guide

  26. C9 Slayer PvP Skill Build Guide

  27. C9 Slayer Skills Guide

  28. C9 Hero Support Gifts List

  29. C9 PvP Arena System Guide

  30. C9 Slayer Complete Guide

  31. C9 Bladedancer Skill Build Guide

  32. C9 Berserker Introduction Guide

  33. C9 Berserker Skill Build Guide

  34. C9 Magic Taoist Build Guide

  35. C9 Special Dungeon Money Making Guide

  36. C9 Illusionist PvP Skills Guide

  37. C9 Warden PvP Skills Guide

  38. C9 Slayer Comprehensive Guide

  39. C9 Artisan Profession Guide

  40. C9 Assassin PvP Build Guide

  41. C9 Warden Skills Guide

  42. C9 Scout Skills Build Guide

  43. C9 Advanced Combat Mechanisms Guide

  44. C9 Enhancement and Repair System Guide

  45. C9 Gameplay Tips Guide

  46. C9 Improve Game Performance Guide

  47. C9 Berserker Skills Comprehensive Guide

  48. C9 Berserker PvP Guide

  49. C9 Elemental Enhancement Guide

  50. C9 Making Money Guide

  51. C9 Entering Hidden Instances Guide

  52. C9 Air Elementalist Level 50 Skill Build Guide

  53. C9 Blade Master Fighter Build Guide

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  56. C9 Shaman Taoist Basic Guide

  57. C9 Witchblade Warden Basic Guide

  58. C9 Basic Gameplay Guide

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  60. C9 Trade, Storage and Auction Guide

  61. C9 Getting and Finishing Quests Guide

  62. C9 Taoist Shaman Guide

  63. C9 Stamina System Guide

  64. C9 Classes Introduction Guide

  65. C9 Bosses List

  66. C9 Illusionist Skill Build Guide

  67. C9 Improve Graphics Tweak Guide