C9 Slayer PvP Skill Build Guide

C9 Slayer PvP Skill Build Guide by PoeM

I am a PvP only player and will not be willing to limit my points for PvP skills to get the extra PvE skills!

-So with the new 57 Patch out… I already have in mind what to build and decided to post it. I am still level 50, so the English pictures will be my 50 build & stats. The foreign looking picture will be the 57 build with all quests done and what not.
-Apparently there are 11 extra points.   .  .

(Note: I did manage to get all of the skills to every level here. If you are missing points, it’s crucial that you go   back and get them!)

[Build Images]

[Lvl 50 Stats]

[Lvl 50 Build]

[Lvl 57 Build]

[Skill Explanations For Why to Get Them]

[Why/Why Not]
Twisting Flip Kick or Ringshear Kick?
Twisting goes up to lvl 17 and uses a LOT of points. It’s end damage is 180%+286 x3 (base damage 100% + 93) where as ringshear is 210% + 481. It says x2, but it really does x3 in game. I assure you. I’ve done it multiple times training and in games and can easily tell it’s 3 because it has 2 parts to it.
Conclusion: Get ringshear and start with that as your first lift! you can do a heavy hitting 13+ combo before having to rely on twisting! Not to mention people can evasive atk out of twisting more easily than ringshear!

Why bother with Turning Kick?
If you even SMELL a spec of terribleness in this skill, I will… take you out for dinner and have you change your mind. This skill is a super armor kick that lifts standing opponents into the air (they can’t be on the ground). You can use it to tank single shot projectiles, skills that might knock you down, or disrupt opponents giving you an INSTANT air combo (as long as they don’t have super or semi super armor on). This skill immediately chains into viper>cross and can be used in combos for an extra hit/safety frames.
Conclusion: It’s damage isn’t too good, but its utility is INSANE for slayers. It starts combos, keeps you up, and disrupts other players into an instant infinite combo for you =)

Heartbreaker or Smash Chase+Darkness Chase?
So you think this one is debatable? Nah. xD Both do exceptionally good damage, however, you want heartbreaker leveled because it increases the lunging distance, where as smash chases distance is static (the same value). Heartbreaker is an invinci frame lunge (not during activation) and when active, your sides and back are vulnerable. Unlike Smash Chase, Heartbreaker can go through A LOT, and can be used frequently in combos because of its short cooldown. Smash chase can be used in combos… but it’s pretty hard to play off of. It’s merely just a chase and destroy skill that makes opponents want to evasive because it’s base damage is SO good, along with the add on’s bleed effect.
Conclusion: Heartbreaker can do way more bang for your buck and can be safely canceled. It helps in and out of combos, where as smash chace is just a rabid, blood hungry-killer, gap closing skill.

Iceball or Horizon Jack? (And what about Ice Crystal!!)
Yes, horizon jack does do better damge when max, HOWEVER, iceball has a bigger freeze chance and “it feels like it lasts longer” when leveled. At level 10, Iceball has a decent chance to freeze and is an additional AOE projectile.Plus, the more it is leveled, the bigger it’s blast radius. Jack does do good damage, but it is mainly used for knocking down / stalling pickups / disrupting the enemy. You are a slayer!! Daggers should not be your main source of damage. In later gameplay, 57 cap and 63 cap, you will end up maxing dagger. So don’t worry! We will get the damage for it, but it is unnecessary as of right now, at the 50 cap. The ice proc on melee classes and random occurences is MUCH more affective and can easily turn games around in your favor. Where as jack will just knock down for a bit of damage.
Ice Crystal….. what are you a warden or a slayer? Lmao. This skill is unnecessary for slayer, period.
Conclusion: The freeze can win games and instantly starts combos. I love jack and will definitely get it later, but right now… that freeze chance is just too good to ignore.

WtF is Fear Throw?
Another extremely important projectile, fear throw is a kamehameha dagger throw that PENETRATES THROUGH GUARD. This skill will go through ice wall, summons, blocks, and even a few charges to knock down opponents. DO NOT downplay this at all and it is a MUST HAVE SKILL. It doesn’t scale well and the distance is static, so don’t level it xD
Conclusion: Kamehameha drill shot for slayer…. yeah I’m definitely recommending this. If you don’t get it… May god help your soul vs blocks and charges…

Delpha Slasher… What the hell is it?
Single handedly one of your MOST important skills vs ranged characters, this nifty skill can deflect projectiles back at the enemy as 3 black smoke balls, AND it gives you some invinci frames for a bit when successful. So the main questions are, should I level it? and how do I use it for-fk-sake!? No you shouldn’t pump points into it, but definitely have 1. It’s damage got recently buffed so it hits pretty well at base, and it increases % wise at an okay rate… but the only real thing that increases is the track distance (or how far it can reflect to). It’s pretty important but not important enough to level when there are more important skills in your build since it’s just a counter skill. How to use it? Well the first key hint is its command. Q+Shift. This indicates you MUST be blocking to have a better rate at deflecting. Personally, I like to keep it on a hotkey because walking backwards + Q + shift doesn’t cut it for me. When you are blocking, right before you are about to get hit… keep holding block (move backwards or hold q) and then delpha slasher. Voilà, there is your deflected skill.
Conclusion: Definitely havea  point in it for countering and make sure you know how to use it! It’s one of the best counters for ranged attacks to knock people down!! There isn’t much room in the build to level this, but the track distance increase sounds good.

Killer bee/Falling Angel or Wind Rave? -Revised-
First of all, falling angel and wind rave are the two skills that are up for discussion. Killer bee only needs the minimum requirements, since it doesn’t do much damage or even hit if you activate falling angel immediately.
Second, fa + wind rave both have 20% PvP Damage reduct… but both scale pretty well in damage.
This leaves one crucial argument left, which is used more? I’d have to say FA is used more, in and out of combos, because wind rave has such a big cooldown (18 seconds). Honestly, I can max deadfall, falling angel, AND wind rave, but I am thinking about keeping wind rave at 1 now, until I know I have enough points (after the new level cap) to max this skill again. It does great damage, but I used falling angle way more in combos and I had to max deadfall.
Killer bee is just a pre-requisite, so don’t max it. I’ve come to like falling angel and it seems top KR players like it as well. I love wind rave and it’s damage + flying height, and I will be maxing this asap in the future.
Conclusion: KB bl0ws. FA is used more in and out of combos over wind rave. Deadfall had to be pumped.

Deadfall (Skill that is great to do before KB/FA)? -Revised-
Alright. I had to revise this because this skill is a MUST. It is a 40% scaling skill that has 0% reduction in PvP and LIFTS enemies off the ground into an air combo. It does great damage and is used throughout your/my infinite combo and should be greatly considered. It’s one of the skills that catches players the most, even over wind rave.
Conclusion: A must have. 40% scaling. Used at the beginning of combos and throughout them. No PvP damage reduct.

Living Shadow…?
Another MUST HAVE skill. This lets you warp into the air and go into semi-invinci frame mode. Note: You can get hit while going up and grabbed, but nothing will hit you once you are a shadow!! Which is why you pump points into it!! By leveling this, your teleport speed and movement speed increase going into and during this skill (Yep, you can move as a shadow). It’s one of the best skills for juking people and confusing the hell out of them ON TOP OF THE FACT you can cancel it anytime with (Shift).
Conclusion: A Must have dodging/counter skill, with semi-invinci frames, that should be increased for the movement and every aspect of it. I abuse this skill all the time to help confuse and outplay opponents then go into a deadfall initiating combo =)
Note: This skill isn’t really complete invinci frames since you can be grabbed out of it, however, you do not take ANY type of damage.. so I’m referring it as semi-invinci frames.

Blaring Silhouette, Sub Slash, and Viper Knee Kick – Max, 1, Max?
I cannot stress enough how important Blaring Silhouette is. It’s your evasive manuever with a 1 sec invinci frame that can flinch enemies out of charges or whatever. The more points pumped into it the more it can be spammed close range or far range to dodge single skill projectles and flinch charges. Sub slash is an add on to blaring that can LIFT enemies into the air, allowing you to infinite combo, whether they are standing OR lying on the ground. Idk why the EU slayer did not get it, because it’s simply amazing. Not just for looks… Viper, Fk’n Knee Kick. This skill scales EXTREMELY high (in damage) when leveled and it appears frequently throughout your combo since it’s on such a low Cooldown (8 seconds). You can get this off at the beginning, middle, close to end, and at the very end of your combo for 4 times in 25 seconds. It’s a x2 Knee to the Face of damage and one of the greatest damage skills you have as a slayer. Try to learn to combo with this and your enemies will be dropping a lot faster.
Conclusion: Blaring’s cooldown is a MUST for slayer. Sub slash, being another lift off the ground, is too good to ignore. Hell, if it’s flashy and does an amazing purpose, I’m getting it. Viper Knee Kicks damage and usage throughout a combo are WAYY too important to ignore. Slayer isn’t all about slashes but grabs as well. =)

Cross Combination & Cross Combo Edge….Wut?
Hi, let me introduce your Highest Damaging Skill, CC+CCE. This skill is not just a single X slash with black and purple lightning but with its add on, a double X slash that rips your enemy apart. This can be used FREQUENTLY at the beginning, mid, and even end of your combo since it only has a 8 or 10 second cooldown (too lazy to check) and hits like a Truck for damage. Most of the time, it comes right after ANOTHER huge damage skill, Viper Knee Kick, or even Wind Rave>Rout Point> Cross Combo+Edge. This is a MUST since it does so much damage and can be used frequently in every time of combo… Air + Infinite Ground.
Conclusion: Highest damaging skill used in multiple parts of your combo cannot be overlooked.

Why Vice Sword? Why not Blood Dance or Vampiric Touch?
Vice sword lasts 3 minutes, Blood Dance and Vampiric Touch last 30 seconds. All with the same CD – pretty much. Vice sword gives phys. damage and bleed. The phys. damage is True damage. It cannot be blocked by defense. Every hit that you do will add extra damage and melt the person hp away With additional chance of bleeding for a few seconds. This buff destroys any class in 1 combo. and lasts 1 round, entirely. Blood dance is really cool, in my opinion, and I might add one point into it later with the new cap. But right now, 30 seconds of a buff isn’t much of a game/ round changer. The 10% atk speed is very nice as well as the 100% bleed. So I will look out for it in the future and tell you about it. Vampiric Touch….. each hit life steals. Cool. Your Physical Damage down 20%? Forget about it. We already hit low as slayers, I don’t want to hit lower for regen >.>
Conclusion: Vice’s bleed and true damage is insane, and it’s one of the best buffs in the game! Don’t bypass it =D

What’s up with Chain Scissor Slash, Spiral Crasher, and Mortal Chain Cut?
Well, chain scissor is a counter skill, not really a damage skill. It scales decently.. but only helps start combos. It’s not really useful during/in them. Same story with spiral crasher. It’s a good counter grab for situations and does a lot, but if you are using it at the end of your combo… all the damage is gone. Stick with it’s tremendous base damage and be happy with the 2k~3k hits =)
Mortal Chain Cut. This demonic skill destroys players and summons, PvE and PvP. It’s hard not to go without it and one of the best damage skills out there. I’m sure everyone would hate to give it up because I know I would. That’s why I maxed it.
Conclusion: Counter skills NOT used frequently in combos don’t really need your skill points.. OP Chain Cut of Death deserves some credit =P

Blaring Burst and Rout Point?
Okay. blaring burst isn’t really necessary. But I loved how it looked in the video and I love using it in combos. In addition to 3 other skills that lift off the ground.. this is a 4th. It can be used to continue aerial combos and give a little extra flash. When you learn how to use it right, it’s deadly and pretty sexy to watch.
Why didn’t I leveled rout point? Simply because of the same reason as scissor and spiral… It isn’t really used throughout a combo, but once at the beginning. This skill is CRAZY good with damage PvE and PvP and can stack up to 10x for MORE damage… I’m definitely keeping an eye out for spare points for this in the future because of the HUGE gain it does get when you pump it, but right now… there are more important things to max. It does sadden me to see this skill stay at 1, but it’s base 245%+364 to (10 stack) 365%+4xx damage are shining for me to always keep an eye on this skill.
Conclusion: A 4th ground pick up that looks sexy… I had to get Blaring Burst; Rout point… always keeping an eye for the day I get extra points.

No HP or MP passive? WTF?
I do think getting the crit cap was semi important for slayer… since our damage is throughout our combo and we WISH to hit crits. HOWEVER, I simply did not have the points for HP or MP or Crit currently, but by 63 we definitely get both AND get the 70% crit cap. The extra points are there and we can hold on until then.
In PvP I have 19.6k hp currently (lvl 50) without the passive.
My mana is at 7.8k currently and I do not have the passive.
So try to aim for those numbers =D
(Note: These values are inside of PvP, not outside while in town. My town hp is 12.6k and 7.3k mana)
Conclusion: Hold off for new level caps. We will get our passives in time! Lol xD
-Revision- With the recent 57 update, we can afford to get the hp passive.

But where’s my Skullrape?
….You want a pet… as a Slayer…. You know what. Go for it with those 0 extra points =)
I personally feel that this shyt skill is worthless for Wardens as well lol. The walking piece of poop with a sword dies in 1 hit anyway.

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