C9 Artisan Profession Guide

C9 Artisan Profession Guide by Tartarus

I found the artisan system to be a bit confusing for me in the start so i though to put up this guide. I hope this will help u to understand the artisan occupation system.

What’s Artisan Ocupation?
Artisans can make useful goods. Five professions of artisan are available without level limited: Metalworking, Woodworking, Alchemy, Tailor and Chef. Players can only choose one profession, and can’t change it once make a choice.

How to Learn Artisan Ocupation?
As long as character reaches lv.1, go to Artisan Workshop in the town and choose to be a profession. Check the town map at this thread:
Press “J” or “Ctrl” button and click the Craftman icon to check Craftmen’s infomation.

Find the Craft Master who you wanna be and talk with him/her. Click the option ‘Learn the Craft Skill’, then you will see an Craftsman Advancement window. In the window, click ‘Studying Craft’, you’ll learn the craft skill. Then everytime when you make items, you can obtain the skill exp, you can upgrade the skill when the exp is enough to level up.

Artisan Ocupation Advancement
In advancement window, click ‘Practise the Craft’ button, you can be a higher level Craftsman.

Advancement level:
Level 1: Apprentice Craftman
Level 10: Journyman Craftman
Level 25: Master Craftman

In craftsman system, don’t forget an important item: Craftsman Soul Crystal, we can exchange Craftsman Soul Crystal to materials of Life Skills. Then what’s Incomplete Craftsman Soul Crystal? We can use it to compose Craftsman Soul Crystal by some life skills and tools with some materials.

Five Professions Intro:
1. Metalworking

Metalworking NPC Apperance

Overview: This profession mainly make combat weapon and metal armor, high durable assistant consumable props and metallic decorations in Guild Room.

Materials: need a lot of materials, iron fragments, gold fragments and so on, and armor enhancement component fragments.

Usage: The core usage is making weapons and armors, we also can make armor enhancement component, fix tools, make bomb, throwing weapon, arrows, bullet etc. And combat related items etc.

Recommend Class: Hunter – by learn this crafting, hunter can produce arrows.

2. Alchemy

Alchemy NPC Apperance

Overview: make HP and MP potions, all attributes of attack/defense buff potions, polyjuice potions.

Materials: use many strange materials, such as Goblin’s paw fragments, scorching paw fragments, the element of earth powder and so on.

Usage: While you are busy of upgrading, promote your alchemy skill at the same time, so that you can just consume the HP and MP potions. Moreover, you can use existing materials to transform the gem, attribute material, etc.

Recommend Class: melee classes.

3. Chef

Chef NPC Apperance

Overview: make all kinds of food which use to increase abilities’ buff, different food’s increased degree is different. The food has level limits, and the cooldown time is longer.

Materials: edible materials, such as spicy rye, barley, kiwi of cave.

Usage: different foods have different usage level, there are three kinds: food, drink and snack. They are used to improve different abilities. Food – increase physical strength and power, Drink – increase intelligence and wisdom, snack – improve some special attributes. Usually the buff time is about 10 to 20 minutes.

Recommend Class: no value.

4. Woodworking

Woodworking NPC Apperance

Overview: the woodworker can make based materials of equipments(bow, shield for example), all kinds of attribute/quality necklace, different function of furniture for Guild Room. Besides, the matchstick they produced can group recovery HP and MP when fight in dungeons.

Materials: all kinds of wood and wood shavings.

Usage: accessories, group recovery matchstick, fire attributes compound wood(which is needments for compound fire attributes Advanced Enhancement Stone.)

Recommend Class: Hunter, Fighter.

5. Tailor

Tailor NPC Apperance

Overview: use fabric, fur and string to make leather armors, make armor enhancement components, make textiles products of Guild Room.

Materials: the materials are focused on small ranges. There are Fibre, fur fragments, armor enhancement component fragments.

Gear: make fabric and leather armors.
Enhancement: make fabric and leather enhancement components.
Guild Room: make textiles decorations of Guild Room.

Recommend Class: Shaman, Female players.

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