C9 Shaman Leveling Guide

C9 Shaman Leveling Guide by ShateA

The fastest leveling up way is doing storyline quests from low level to high level.

Press M to open the map, then you can see some ! marks, go there and accept the quests from NPC. If you can’t see any exclamation mark, finish the quests which you have accepted first, then submit it to NPC, sometimes the NPC will ask you to do next quest.

It’s no problem to solo, when go to dungeons, you can choose as difficult as you could, although maybe it takes a little long time, you can gain more exp. (I don’t suggest team up)

Lv.1 to Lv.20 quests, most of them are easy, but you need to notice some:
1. When you’re level 9, NPC will ask you to do a quest to be Elite Shaman. You need to defeat a monster within a specified time limit, if you attack power is not high enough, it’s difficult for some guys. The solution is teaming up with a fighter, it’s time to cooperate now.
2. When you’re level 14, you need to do a quest, there are monsters which can restore HP when they’re nearly die. The solution is using high attack skills, it’s better to attack by combo hit, don’t give time to the monsters to restore HP, if suddenly combo attack stops, press F button, then go on using skills. Please confirm it has died, then you can stop. You need to defeat 3 monsters in this quest.
3. When you’re level 18, you need to defeat a goblin monster, if your HP is less than 30%, the quest will fail. I suggest you prepare big HP potions. You can kill the monsters one by one, attract some first then kill them, don’t just rush all the way, there are a lot of goblins somewhere, if you go to their place, you must will die if every goblin hit you once. When you start to kill boss, remember to use HP potions now and then, the boss has high attack, the quest is easy to fail here. When the boss is nearly die, stones will fall from the sky, you will lose many HP by the stones too.

About skill build, you can add the skills which has high attack, and remember to learn skills when you has SP. You even can add any skills that you like, when class advancement, the SP will be reset.

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