C9 Entering Hidden Instances Guide

C9 Entering Hidden Instances Guide by ShateA

Hidden instance map is a necessary thing to enter hidden warehouses or dungeons. If you have this ‘map’, you can enter the hidden instance from Instance Selection window.

How to get the map:
After stage clear, we can get pearls drop from boss, open pearls, we can get gold, map pieces and so on. Such as the below picture:

These are the items which get from the pearl. What we need is the Hidden Map Pieces, different maps have different name. Use the pieces to redeem a full hidden map from Adventurer Introducer. In first continent, we can exchange a hidden map by three map pieces and 5000 gold.

This map’s name is Orcs’ Warehouse Map, when we talk with NPC Adventurer Introducer, we can see the map description, it will tell us what materials we need have to redeem the map. So if we want to get this map, we need to have 3*Orcs’ Warehouse Map Pieces and 5,000 gold.

How to enter hidden instance:

Open instance selection window, we only can choose normal difficulty in this case. We can get a lot of materials and gold from monsters in this instance(Orcs’ Warehouse is an instance), although we can not get exp by killing monsters.

If we save the NPC in the instance, the rewards of the instance will be increased, if we don’t save the NPC, we can not get the treasure box next to NPC.

After Stage Clear, we can open the treasure box, we will get gears from it. Go out of instance, find Blacksmith, decompose the gear to get some materials, higher price the gear s have, better quality materials will get.

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