C9 Special Dungeon Money Making Guide

C9 Special Dungeon Money Making Guide by RamsdenX

Hey Guys i am new here and would like to just try help people like me get into the game a little faster, as when i first joined it felt like everything was moving so fast i couldn’t keep up. but that’s another topic, In this Topic i hope to inform you of a method to make a fair bit of gold as a lower to moderate level. I am Level 29 and this has been working very well for me and wish i found it sooner, this should work at low levels but may decrease in profits :)

Special Dungeon Money Making

Right so anyone reading this that doesn’t know what a “Special Dungeon” is well its a dungeon that can only be accessed through a “Dungeon Map” these can be obtained from the Adventure Agent He is in every city I’m sure if you go looking you can find him :) So in order to get one from him you must bring him 3 pieces of the Map you want For example if i wanted the Goblin Hoard Dungeon Map i need 3 Map pieces, the pieces can be obtained through certain quests but i don’t really recommend searching for these quests as it may be long and take longer than the profits worth. So i suggest using your already well Earned money and taking it to the trade market, these are found in every city and allow players to trade a wide variety of products to other players without being with them, Simple open your trade Market and search For the map you would like, remember the trade market is case sensitive which can be very annoying but just remember to make sure you type it perfectly for example “Goblin Hoard Map Fragment” then click on the map, then a list of maps that players are selling should come up, it is vital for you to do this part right as if you do it wrong it may mess your profits up. Remember that each dungeon has a rough amount of gold you can Farm from it so you need to take that into account before spending your gold. Here i put the 3 Map Pieces prices That i used keep in mind the higher the map costs the lower the profit

Goblin Hoard Map Fragment- Buy for price around 5K-10K per 3 pieces.
Orc Warehouse Map Fragment- Buy for price around 5K-12K per 3 pieces
Northern Border Map Fragment-Buy for price around 6k-14k per 3 pieces

After buying your specific map you need to take them to the Adventure Agent, He will charge you a fee for changing the Fragments into maps, This varies as the map differs:
Goblin Hoard Map- 2500 gold
Orc Warehouse Map- 5000 gold
Northern Border Map- 5000 Gold

So once you have your Map then simply Go to your gate in the specific town you are in and teleport to the location, once in there these dungeons are special and have targets, for example in goblin hoard and orc warehouse the target is to rescue the two people/creatures from Goblins or Orcs if you do this they reward you with a treasure chest which appears next to them and in the northern border you have to get to the end and kill the boss for a chest at the end. Here i did a trip to each to show you profit margins, difficulty levels and time takes in each one And a little overview to show my opinions.

All this information such as time/Difficulty is based on my stats i am Level 29 Assassin

Goblin Hoard- The goblin hoard is a low level Special dungeon and the objective is to kill all of the goblins inside the cave and rescue the two creatures that cannot fight back(They Are Scared) If you successfully complete this objective they both reward you with a chest that appears on the ground if you loot the chest you are rewarded with 1 Armor Piece or Weapon and some gold so off both of the Creatures chests you are awarded with 2x Armor/Weapon And gold, the items you get from the chest are Green Text which i believe shows rarity I am not sure about that but hopefully someone can tell me. And after that the middle (BIG) chest is available for looting this gives the player 2X Armor/Weapon and gold also green Items. All of the goblins inside the cave give 2 piles of gold per kill some may give 700-900 per pile and others 100-300 per pile so Roughly i figured out that i was getting 16k per trip PROFIT after buying map and paying the 2.5k fee and this dungeon Plunder took me 2-3minutes In order to Make this Even more efficient i recommend emptying your inventory as much as possible this allowed me to do 4/5 constant trips without leaving. after my invent was full i exited and went to blacksmith who then dismantled my weapons/armor for some useful materials which made the profits even more but i cant put a figure on it as the materials given are random. sorry.

Overall the goblin Hoard was very easy and made me a healthy sum of money i would rate 8/10

Orc Warehouse- The Orc warehouse is a low/medium level dungeon which has an objective to rescue the 2 creatures if you do this correctly they will reward you with a treasure chest in this case the treasure chest consists of 1x Armor/Weapon(Blue) and gold once you have saved both creatures the middle(BIG) chest will unlock allowing you to loot it, this consists of 2x Armor/Weapon(Blue) so each trip of this gives you 4x Armor/Weapon(Blue) and Gold all of the monsters within the cave drop gold also ranging from 300-1.1k per pile After you have done this i recommend just restarting straight after until full inventory then after taking to the blacksmith who will dismantle your Items for materials which adds to your profit i was getting about 12k per 1 map doing this not including materials from items which i can say add ALOT of money as he gives Armor Enhancements which sell for around 5k-10k each

Overall the orc Warehouse was a rather tough cave sometimes meaning i didn’t get all 3 chests and took about 5mins so i wouldn’t pick this method unless the map prices were lower i would rate 6/10

Northern Border-The Northern Border is  low/Medium level dungeon which has the objective to get to the end and defeat the boss, this is just like a regular dungeon but random monsters may come and just disappear half way through a fight i aren’t sure why but yeh haha once you have finished the dungeon and defeated the boss you are awarded with a big chest and it usually has roughly 17k gold 2 silver chunks and bellflowers and sometimes Remodeling Spellpages, This is a fairly straight forward dungeon as it take like 5mins and you gain around 5k exp from it where as the others you are getting 1/2k

Overall the northern border is fairly easy and fast but for me wasn’t as rewarding so i would rate at about 4/5 out of 10

So that’s it for my Money Making Please give me feedback i worked pretty hard on it and i know it might not all be right but i figured i would try give some of the newer players a chance to get richer, remember i am new i don’t know the game fully i have given pretty accurate information and i haven’t just guessed at things so please don’t say, if you are new then don’t post, but i am trying :) sorry for the little rant ;) but please tell me what you thought of it if you made money and maybe tell me what the green/blue text on items means :) thank you

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