C9 Taoist Shaman Guide

C9 Taoist Shaman Guide by Alyx89

Hello everyone, this is a general guide for the Taoist class that will include skill builds PVE and PVP tactics and mostly everything there is to know about Taoist.* I’m kind of new to guide making so if there are anything I missed, got wrong or you would like to add feel free to do so. Also, this guide isn’t made to be followed by the letter but rather to help newcomers to the class to get started and to inspire the more experienced players.

*this guide is not complete yet my character is still in the 30’s it will mostly be done in a week or two when I cap my character. Also this guide is subject to constant change as this is my first time playing the game. And also due to the game being in VIP testing stage prior to closed beta things might change by the developer.

First I’ll give an introduction about the shaman class and other subclasses.

Shaman is a magic-based class with a lot of skills up her sleeves and less dependent on normal attack combos with high range skills. it provides safe and insane damage output but also its low HP and Defense makes it hard to survive in close combat.

Elementalist: In short words ele is the usual mage class of any MMORPG big bad-***** spells withinsane damage and low defense and HP nothing new except an ele can summon creatures to help with the fight and she can fly too unlimitedly.

Illusionist: Basically it’s a class with the tricks up her sleeves something like the Scout class but magical instead of physical.

Taoist: Here where it gets weird a little bit, because Taoist is a high DPS class both magical and physical at the same time (you ask yourselves WTF is it doing under shaman main class). Taoist is still a shaman yes low hp low defense low physical but that changes when you become a Taoist. A Taoist can make 3 builds pure magical, pure physical, or a hybrid build. Each build has its pros and cons and has its moments where it shines. It’s also up to you as a player how good you character turns out to be.

Now, if you love magical damage, flashy spells, and flying around, then you better be an Elementalist.

If you like tricks and running around pissing people off more pvp tricks and moves to choose from then you should go Illusionist. King (Veteran Player) Illusionist Skill Build/guide by kimsteparu

If you love beating people up and having it all choices, versatility and making other melee classes jealous then you have come to the right place. Welcome to Doom Dancer – Guide to Taoist.

Table of contents:

1- Builds.
2- Skills.
3- Equipment’s.
4- Titles system.
5- Jobs.
6- Crafting.
7- PVE.

1- Builds:

First off as a shaman you in the early levels you need some skills to get by until level 20 when you get your subclass and at this stage you must focus on magical damage and related stuff like having high amount of wiz and mp and also keeping your distance in the fight. Once you’re level 20 you will get a skill reset so don’t worry if you messed things up you get a chance to fix it. At this point you must decide what kind of Taoist you’re going to be physical magical or a bit of both?

Physical Taoist Build:

Pros: high amount of str, physical damage output, and insane range makes warriors ashamed of themselves also some speed I mean not assassin-fast but still faster than other shaman’s subclasses. Good magical defense to withstand some magical hits.

Cons: medium wiz and low mp makes magical skills not very effective lacking long range skills makes you vulnerable to rangers as our physical defense isn’t that good, also the hp isn’t very high compared to other melee classes but it’s compensated in damage and range.

Magical Taoist Build:

Pros: high wiz, mp, magical damage, medium range, and decent mount of magical defense to take some beating from other magical classes. Not vulnerable to ranged attacks (more mp more shielding + phantom wall)

Cons: Lame HP, low str makes physical skills useless literally, and very low physical defense that if someone gets close to you it’s over.

Hybrid Taoist

I do not recommend doing this build unless you absolutely know what you’re doing because it’s very tricky and frustrating at first. In this build everything is going to be in the middle hp str wiz mp physical and magical damage defense and it will require a player who thinks on hisher feet never loses it even for a second because that is all what it takes to screw you over. Also the SP needed is high and you might have to reset more than once and buy expensive gear to compensate for the downsides that you might face.

2- Skills

As a Taoist you have a boat load of skills both magical and physical to choose from. I’ll put all skills here and point out why and why not it should be added to your build but ultimately its up to you to decide what you want to use.

Shaman pre-subclass:

Elec swing: so not worth it low damage and is single move

Ice Spear: this is one heck of a skill a must have must max best single and multi-target skill out there, decent damage output, and low CD. You also get to keep it if you going to be any subclass except physical Taoist.

FireBall: same as ice spear this is like a grenade with high damage and low CD.

Lightning Bolt: This is an awesome DOT long range AOE but it’s tricky to control if you can handle it then sure get it

Dark Emotion: close range AOE raise and slam them down then fall back good skill not that good on the damage but nice to have when u get cornered and u have no way out.

Physical Taoist:

Choke Flat: medium damage 2 hits if you have spare SP and want it then go ahead but it’s not needed so much

Soul Chaser: good for pvp nothing more nothing less

Vera Step: good damage but hard to aim could be used as run baby run or chasing skill -edit- it’s better to have this skill or Tao Stinger since one chargeable is enough 2 is a waste of sp. Also I’d recommend Tao Stinger over Vera Step because it’s easier to control and does more damage and of course the low cool down time.

Tao evasion: go for max it’s a life saver in pvp and boss fights

Tao Stinger: Charging skill with good damage max it

Strong body: if you want it then get it but it’s not good now because it’s very long cd and short effect time especially in pvp maybe it will be fixed later -edit- after using it at higher level it turned out to be better than I expected you just have to make the most of the time you have on it

Vera Circle: high damage max it if you have the sp for it

Velvet Smasher: this is your high DPS spam-able skill max it max it max it!

Hunting Bomb: although it’s a magical skill it’s very useful to everyone with its high damage output and long medium range with a decent CD.

Soul Burn: again it’s a PVP skill useless in pve for both magical and physical Taoists mainly used to limit or push away your opponent

Velvet Dance: high DPS combo breaker low cd makes it spamable good choice for both pvp and pve maxing it would be wise choice

Velvet Crasher: high dps huge range AOE 2nd hit hits like HELL max max max

Velvet Spin: deflection skill useful against assassins and other melee classes not so much useful in pve tho -edit- deflection skill useful against everything except big mobs and bosses (hold down the down arrow because it doesn’t disrupt attacks but rather deflect them so if anything is get through to you the down arrow initiates guard saving your *****) , it also pulls mobs toward you (only small mobs tho) and deals decent amount of physical damage to close-by mobs.

Spirits Arts: this is your signature skill insane damage combo breaker it’s a must have for every Taoist

Now for commands:

Diamond Palm: good for combo-ing instead of left click all the time since we don’t use mana shots or piece due to its low damage either leave it at 0 or get it to level 5 to get the 3 hits

Vanish Step: good skill not for running but for closing in on ranged classes safely

Ground Vein: a must have must max ground attack with shockwave effect good for both pvp and pve

Spin Smash: nice for close range AOE but it doesn’t cover your back decent damage

Vera Crasher: Follow up attack after spin smash very powerful 100% knockdown with a finishing chance

Spin Maelstrom: longer and faster add-on for spin smash

Hunting Bomber I & II: more bombs to drop for hunting bomb skill making it throw 3 consecutive bombs making it more deadly than it already is.

Smash Extension: extension for velvet smasher making it 4x hits with more 200~% damage


Delight of power: max str defense and HP

Attack Mastery I & II: max more attack and II give you extra combo hits making a total of 5 hits

Heavy Breaker: will only be useful in pve as its disabled in pvp it adds more 5 hits to spirit arts making it mega powerful. When you try it you’ll understand why its ruled out in pvp.

Max HP Increase: increases your hp obviously max it

Critical Increase: if you feel that you need it then add some points in it but it’s not that big of a deal.

Magical Taoist:

Ice Spear: as I said before its nice skill max it

Phantom Wall: only if you’re not sure you can dodge fast enough keep it at level 5 or 10 tops more is just a waste

Lightning Bolt: you don’t have to get it if you want then go ahead

Dark Emotion: same as above

Soul Chaser: PVP skill only

Spirit Charge: its seriously powerful with long cast time and CD you should get it to max asap and count on CD and cast time passives to make it faster a bit

Tao Evasion: good buff max it

Tao flare: chargeable skill, go for max (like Tao Stinger in physical Taoist)

Strong Body: is a must it’s a good buff and as you’re low on str and defense this will help you even the odds a bit.

Energy Storm: good skill max it

Hunting Bomb: max asap

Vera Beat: max it works with spirit charge in a combo Vera Beat -> Spirit Charge for max damage output.

Velvet Spin: max it deflects attacks back to the caster very effective in close range.

Spirit Arts: yes its physical yes max it


Vanish Step: max it

Mana Shot: it’s simply lock and load then shoot!

Mana cipher: max it as it helps a lot deals damage and gives you mana!

Chain Edge: good pulling skill max it

Spin Smash: nice for close range AOE but it doesn’t cover your back, decent damage

Vera Crasher: Follow up attack after spin smash very powerful 100% knockdown with a finishing chance

Spin Maelstrom: longer and faster add-on for spin smash

Hunting Bomber I & II: more bombs to drop for hunting bomb skill making it throw 3 consecutive bombs making it more deadly than it already is.


Way of The Spirits: max it

Attack Mastery I & II: max them out more damage more fun

Mentalism I & II: max it (wis mp and casting speed)

Focus: max

Max HP and Max MP: max them

3- Equipment’s

First 20 level wear whatever you can get your hands on don’t buy anything from players or NPC’s just keep questing and you’ll get a good gear.

Physical Taoist:

It’s really very simple go for gear that gives str, evasion, and HP also magical defense. Also don’t bother much with the elemental attacks as it mostly works for Illusionists and Elementalists but for fun why not it doesn’t cost a lot. Also +9 weapons is a bless and its safe up until +9 after that careful because it can be broken

Magical Taoist:

Same, go for gear that gives wiz, MP, MP regen, critical resist if you can find one and physical defense. Also make sure that your staff have some water attack and from 30 and on a +9 makes a master level dungeon a walk in the park

Hybrid Taoist:

From level 20 and on you must have a rare weapon +7 at least. As a hybrid you going to focus on a side and have the other side supports you i.e. I use magical attacks with higher range but I lack close range attacks so I increase my hp or defense this Is basically how it would work tho im not sure yet as I haven’t tested the hybrid build yet.

4- Title System

Here in the game we call it legends and auspices its achievement based the more you achieve the more titles you get (i.e. killing 200 wolves) each title gives bounces str hp mp wiz speed etc… and you can only use one legend and one auspices at the same time. Choose the titles that gives you the bounce you need for you play style.


There are total of 5 jobs in C9 Metalworker, Woodworker, Tailor, Alchemist and Chef you can only choose one and you can’t reset in by any means so choose carefully check the tools in the workshop to know exactly which job makes what before you choose.


It’s like any other craft system out there. Gather the necessary materials and make weapon armor or accessory. You can only craft Magic and Rare grades at the moment not sure if other grades will be added later crafted items has a chance to be crafted with a +1 or +2 i.e. I crafted a battlestaff level 27 there is a chance that it might turn out to be +1 or +2 the higher the grade the higher the plus and the lower the chance

Enchant, Elemental Enchant, Remodeling and spellstones:

Enchant: making weapons + it’s from +0 to +20 weapons glow effects activates at +9 +15 +20 Use enchantment stones on the weapon at the blacksmith up until +9 weapons won’t break but it still can fail and you will lose the stone and the gold used in the process but at least the weapon is safe and for armor it’s up until +4 after that there is a chance of breaking the item. Not sure about the accessory safe limit.

Elemental Enchanting: its adding elemental attack (to the weapon) or defense (for the armor/accessory) it’s the same items but when added to a weapon it adds elemental attack and when added to armor it adds elemental defense (resistance) you can do that by speaking with the jewel expert right next to the blacksmith.

Remodeling: by gathering 30 remodeling spellbook pieces and combining the (we’ll get to that later) you get a remodeling spellbook. And remodeling is basically changing the bounces that the armor/weapon/accessory gives you can also do that with chaos stones (Cash Shop item) (go to the black smith).

Spellstones: In each armor or weapon even some accessories have a blocked spellstone slot you can unblock it by using nether sand at the jewel expert NPC that gives you extra slot for the spellstone and adding it to the armor/weapon/accessory through the same NPC.

Nitro Cube Refine/Combine/Dismantle

Refine: simply turning unneeded weapons/armor/accessories into useful materials (only the refinable) that can be used later in crafting i.e. Ores.

Combining: Combine 2 or more materials to get a new one i.e. elemental shards (that adds elemental attack/defense) if you combine 2 of them you get 1 with higher stats i.e. base material adds 20 fire attack by combining 2 of them you get 1 that adds 30 fire attack and so on.

Dismantling: Souless and unwanted items can be dismantled to base materials used in all jobs i.e. iron plants and other materials.

7- PVE

In C9 PVE isn’t just pushing a couple of *****ons and bam dead monsters all around I mean it can be if u want it to be but you won’t benefit from extra bounces which will considerably slow you down.

Let’s start with simple stuff normal combo can be made to kick-***** with 2 other commands could be even more lethal than some skills:

L.click 4x then R.click+up arrow 3x then down arrow + constant l.click (normal combo + diamond palm + spin smash) is a mass murder combo. You can follow that with vera crasher IF any mob still alive.

Air vera crasher + ground vein + spin smash its good for fewer numbers with more focused damage

Also a good quick single target kill would be diamond palm + ground vein.

If you’re faced with a 1/2 approaching mobs with the rest of the mobs are behind do a dash attack then air vera crasher retreat then charge again max possible damage and safety.

Now to some commands + skills

A personal favorite to get rid of the small annoying mobs that always run around to flank you velvet spin + velvet crasher is an absolute goodbye to all your running around worrying about the mob behind you also make sure you’re holding the down arrow to deflect and if it fails it will initiate guard (only hold down key during velvet spin)

A charging combo for facing vertically lined up mobs would be vera circle + air vera crasher which will also give you space as it will double push back the mobs.

To avoid repeating combos you can use air vera crasher after any skill that pushes back the mobs.

Velvet dance and spirit arts are mostly single target skills for finishing useful with bosses also hunting bomber is cast aim and shoot nothing more to it except the on-spot shot. If there are some mobs closing in on you cast it then when they’re close enough shoot it. It will explode on spot.

Velvet smash might seem a little useless at first but when you get smash extension you going to love it. It covers 240 degree of area around you meaning only mob that is right behind you that would survive it.

Also some skills disrupt casting and ongoing combos in pve (not sure about pvp) which are: velvet crasher velvet smash velvet dance vira circle (sometimes) also spirit arts doesn’t disrupt combos/attacks it’s just very fast and hard to time your attack in the gap. Those skills are better used when the boss is charging for an attack that u can’t dodge or evade also they’re good to keep you combo going without having to dodge/block/run

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