C9 Gameplay Tips Guide

C9 Gameplay Tips Guide by ShateA

1. How to send equipment info to chat channel? Most of you must know it, but there are still many guys ask it, shift+right click the item, the item’s info will in the input box then.

2. How to split items, it’s a common sense too, press shift+right click the item which need to split, then drag it to any empty slot in your bag.

3. What if your MP is used up while doing dungeons? Unpack your weapon and stand there to wait for MP recovering.

4. We can use crystals   which gain from quests to exchange holy water from Magic Supplies Merchant. Holy water can increase corresponding stat points.

5. Many guys often shout in the world and want to team up, sometimes it not only waste much time but also no one ask you to join a team. In fact, there is a button above the exp bar, ‘Team Match’ , click it, you can find many teams’ information in it, then you can choose to join one of them, or publish your team info, if someone want to join your team, he will apply for it.

6. There is a special feature in C9, it’s Disorderly Entry system(only translate it), you can enter other players’ dungeons if you choose it. Everytime when a player start his dungeon, there is an option ask him to allow Disorderly Entry or not, if he choose yes, he maybe will see other players while doing the dungeon, if he choose no, others can’t enter his dungeons.
For newbies, they don’t want to fight against other players and only want to do the quest as soon as possible in dungeons, so he will choose no. But we can get 25% more exp if we choose yes, and for example, if we need 4 fatigue points to enter a dungeon, when we choose allow Disorderly Entry, it only needs 3 fatigue points.

7. Many players will sell their low level enhancement equipments when they reach level 30. Actually, they can abstract low level enhancement components, magic enhancement stones, unknown crystals and gemstone pieces from the equipments. Then talk with blacksmith and use the low level items to compound high-level items by the Magic Square.

8. You maybe know that many players wtb Craftsman Soul Crystal but don’t know what are they used for. Here is the answer, we can exchange Craftsman Soul Crystal to materials of Life Skills.

9. Then what’s Incomplete Craftsman Soul Crystal? We can use it to compose Craftsman Soul Crystal by some life skills and tools with some materials.

10. When you learn a skill, the skill description will tell you the shortcut keys of using the skill, for example,  Taoist’s skill Frozen Gun and Impale’s shortcut keys all are W+F, if you press W+F, the two skills will cast in turns. What if you don’t want to use Frozen Gun(Frozen Gun is a default skill, we can’t unlearn it)? Okay, simply press K and open Skill Interface, lock the skill Frozen Gun, then when we press W+F, this skill will not cast. Even it’s locked, we can use the skill when it puts in Quick Bar.

Newbie Fast Leveling Tips

1. It’s better to join a guild, a legion or look for some friends playing together.
2. Follow quests, doing quests first, don’t need to pay attention to equipment selection at the beginning.
3. It’s better to team up with others then go to dungeons, exp is not that much less, and it needs less fatigue points.
4. Remember to pay attention to the events in official site, you will gain some good rewards from it.
5. Join a good team and do the dungeons which can make money.
6. While leveling up during the initial period, pay attention to items’ price in auction, speculative buying and selling maybe will make you rich.
7. Share your experience with other guys in the forum, or check others’ experience. So that all of us can learn more.
8. About skill build, reference maybe is easier for us to add sp, but you also can go to arena and find out the most suitable skill combo for yourself.
9. About class, it’s the same, choose the one you like best, then train it in a right way, you’ll be powerful.

How to get Excellent in Dungeons

There four parts of dungeons scores: Kill Shot, Style, Skill and Technique.
If three of them all are evaluated as S, the last evaluation almost is Excellent.
1. Use more combo skills(which are introduced in newbie guide in the game) to attack monsters, use as many combo skills as you could.
2. It’s better to attack monsters from the rear, it can improve your Technique.
3. Use more aerostation skills.
4. When you enter boss’s room, kill other monsters first then kill the boss, improve the Style.
5. Don’t be knocked off on the ground by monsters, it’s better to be unscathed.
6. Use normal attack and skills together, don’t attack without a target, let every attack hit monsters.
7. Solo has high opportunity to get Excellent.

What can I get if I obtain Excellent?
First, we can get more exp if obtain Excellent, and we can open three boxes then.

Newbie Tips

After checking the tips, you will know more info of C9 clearly, for example, you must know pressing Space button means jump, but is there other ways to jump? If I want to pick up items, which button should I use? You’ll get all answers from this thread.

1. How to move in the game?
Press W A S D to move forward, left, backward and right. Press Space button to Jump.
Right click mouse, character will move forward.
You can change viewing angle by moving mouse.
When the character move by using mouse, click left button of mouse, the character can jump.

2. Press Insert button, the character will enter Spurt status, press Insert button again, the status will become normal.
You can put Spurt status to quick bar, it only can be used in dungeons. Players not only can move quickly in Spurt status, but also MP will recover 1% in every 3 seconds.

Left click mouse: normal attack
Left click mouse and hold on: use normal attack continuously
Right click mouse: assistant attack
Right click mouse and hold on: use assistant attack continuously
Press F button to attack the enemies who has been knocked on the ground.

4. Press R button to pick up items.

5. When players attack monsters or be attacked, Rage will increase, Rage bar is under the HP bar. Right click mouse while Rage bar reach Max, you can release the effect of Rage, if you don’t release it in time after it reaching max, Rage will be emptied after blinking a few times.
When you use Rage System, you can obtain superarmor, increase move speed and attack etc. buff effect. Rage can be obtained by food and ‘Nimbus of Rage’ too. Rage System need to gain by promotion. Because the powerful buff, it’s forbidden to use in Arena.

6. Press P button to check character info, or you can press ctrl button and get basic menu, then click Character info icon and check the info.

7. Press I button to open your bag, or you can click Bag icon in basic menu and open it. The red color items in the bag aren’t availble to use. When you don’t have enough slots in your bag, you can buy Backpack Extension Document in item mall. You can obtain 6 slots when use the document.

8. There are 7 level of items:
Old, Normal, Magic, Rare, Perfect Rare, Unique, Master.
When move mouse to the item in your bag, you can see the item’s description.

9. An equipment has fixed attribute and random attribute, in the item description, the attribute in gray is fixed attribute, and white is random attribute. We can buy Stone of Kars in item mall to change equipment’s attribute, but only random attribute can be changed. The equipments above Magic level will be bound when you equip them, then they can’t be sold or kept in warehouse.

10. If you want to trade with in-game merchant, talk with him, right click the item you want to sell/buy.

11. Refine/Make Equipment:
In order to make high level item, we have to make equipment, we have chance to make +7 item, and it is possible to make Perfect Rare level item.
Refine is one of the function in Blenheim Magic Cube, when refine the items which are available to refine in the Magic Cube, we can get ores, ores are the main material of making equipment.

If you have other tips, welcome to share!

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