C9 How to PvP Guide

C9 How to PvP Guide by nOcrEam

Hi guys in this guide I’ll explain something simple,some people may not know about it yet though(I’ve seen many gamers asking in ViP Test how to pvp)

So the first thing you have to do is press Ctrl then click on Enter Arena button,like in this picture:

Once you click it,you’ll have to choose the channel you wanna enter:

Ok now you enter the lobby where you can find:
1)Rooms to enter
2)Create your own room
3)Quick join-enter randomly a room,if a room with your level requirement range exists

More details you can see on this picture:

In order to join the room just double click on it,but remember,it must not be full and you must meet the entry requirements{level range}.Once you join it click on Game Ready and you are good to go

You need to be level 45 or higher in order to join Ranked Arena,where you can get points and rank up on PvP Rankings!

If you want to create your own room->Click on Create Room:

If you want you can name your room,select the battle type,number of players(this is the total number of players),the level range you want to allow in your room,map,number of rounds and how many minutes you want each round to last.If you wanna play private then you can set a password to your room.

As a host,you also got some priviledges on the room,by right clicking on the members of the room you can kick and arrange your room however you like…

Finally,select team balance if you want a balance in ranks(that doesn’t necessarily mean that the teams will be balanced though lol).The game will arrange teams on it’s own if you choose this option.

So that was my simple guide,my first guide tbh,i hope i helped 1 or 2 ppl lol

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