C9 Slayer Skills Guide

C9 Slayer Skills Guide by glixtcher

I. Introduction
Slayer is a sub-class of the Witchblade, which can be acquired after completing all the necessary Promotion quests and tests at level 20. This class is generally considered a PvP-oriented class. Its abilities do not hit far away enemies. Slayer is strictly a melee-oriented class, the opposite of a Warden. Slayer has quick melee combos that cover a small or medium radius, perfect for killing small groups of enemies in dungeons or in a 1v1 PvP match. Slayers are able to “juggle” enemies and perform longlasting air combos, as well as pick up enemies glued to the floor, because Slayers have a wide variety of versatile arsenal.

In this section I will be talking only about skills, and how useful and un-useful they are.

Skill name, Required level, Type (Passive, Command or Action skill) and Prerequisite skills.

Ringshear Kick, 20, Action, None.
This skill is very useful for starting a combo, or continuing one. It will kick enemies up into the air with 1-2 hits.
PvE Rating:5/10
PvP Rating:8/10
Essential? Yes
Chain Cut, 20, Action, None.
What this skill does is, after you grab an enemy, it inflicts damage 9 times very quickly and you are invincible during the skill. It deals a decent amount of damage in both PvE and PvP. A necessity. Later, at level 45, you get to upgrade this skill so that it hits seven more times… and without increasing its cooldown time. The CD time is only 20 seconds! Woo! :) Get this skill, and you’ll see why.
PvE: 10/10
PvP: 10/10

Heartbreaker, 20, Action, None.
All this skill really does is rush you forward a tiny bit and then grab and hit an enemy twice. You can’t even move directions after you use it; you go in a straight line. ONLY useful for mobility.
PvE Rating: 3/10
PvP Rating: 4/10
Essential? No

Rout Point, 20, Action, None.
This skill is incredibly useful. Sadly, it uses charges. Each hit you make with your dagger or arc blade will count as one charge. Up to 10 charges maximum. When this skill is used, it will hit in a nice radius. It’s a little more than a Shaman’s fireball, as a comparison. Very flashy and cool skill. Great damage with no casting time.
PvE: 10/10
PvP: 9/10
Essential? Yes

Dagger Slinger, 20, Passive, None.
Not useful at all since you won’t be using Dagger Stack, Fear Throw, or Horizon Jack. What it does it let you stack your daggers up to 5 times instead of 3.
Rating: 0/10Essential? No, it’s useless.

Soft Landing, 20, Command, None (automatically given after job advancing to Slayer).
VERY VERY USEFUL! Perhaps the most useful mobility skill you have as a Slayer. You will automatically have it after becoming a slayer. No SP required for it. :) It has a one second cooldown in Dungeons, but in PvP the cooldown is close to 5 seconds, unfortunately.
It’s like an air dash or a double jump that you can aim forwards, backwards, left, or right.
PvE: 10/10
PvP: 6/10
Essential? You’re stuck with it.

Jump Chain Attack, 23, Command, None.
Basically all it does is let you attack with your arc blade after you attack with your dagger whilst in the air. Very simple. It will also keep you in the air an extra half second or so. No cooldown.
PvE: 5/10
PvP: 10/10
Essential? YES! Only get it to level one though.

Delpha Slasher, 21, Action, None.I don’t even understand how this skill works. It is supposed to hit 3 times on one enemy and the video of it is of a Slayer using it to block a projectile. Considering when I use it it only hits once with VERY low damage, this skill is about useless. Never get it.
PvE: 0/10
PvP: 0/10
Essential? NO

Vice Sword, 25, Action, None.This skill adds extra physical damage to EACH individual hit of EVERY attack you do, physical or magical, including skills. When it’s maxed it will deal a hefty amount of extra damage!! Extremely useful in both PvE and PvP. The one and only downside is that it has a three-minute cooldown, and in PvP, if you die before the cooldown, good luck buffing yourself with this skill again.
PvE: 10/10
PvP: 10/10
Essential? YES

Smash Chase, 25, Action, None.
This skill sprints very fast into whatever direction you’re facing and you can execute a 4-hit combo by right-clicking the mouse button before the skill ends, but you must hit a target to continue the combo. This move will hit enemies slowly but strongly. I recommend using this skill on bosses and in PvP. It can still be used on mobs for sure, but it’s not as useful. Mostly a PvP move.
PvE: 8/10
PvP: 9/10
Essential? YES

Sub Slash, 25, Command, Blaring Silhouette Level 5.
This skill is one that you will be CONSTANTLY using. It’s extremely useful and a signature move to the Slayer, because Wardens can not use this additional attack after Blaring Silhouette. Basically what this skill does is create an additional attack after the Blaring Silhouette move. It hits a couple times, with decent damage. Mostly used as a move to get away from enemies or to just launch them into the air slightly. There is not enough good I can express about this skill. GET IT AND MAX IT (as well as Blaring Silhouette!).
PvE: 10/10
PvP: 10/10
Essential? YES
Wind Rave, 25, Action, None.
EXTREMELY useful in PvP. You NEED this skill. What it does is move your slayer so that she’s able to grab enemies while flipping over them. So, for example, you’re able to grab enemies by their heads instead of just charging into them. Perfect for PvP. It will not work as well in PvE considering a lot of monsters are too tall to be grabbed by their head. This is a great move to use at the start of a match to start a combo, when you charge into your enemy.
PvE: 8/10
PvP: 9/10
Essential? YES

Blood Dance, 26, Action, None.
What this skill does is give you a chance to inflict blood/poison damage, similar to Vice Sword. It will also increase your attack speed by 10% at lvl 1 and another 1% per level. But what sucks is that this skill only lasts 30 seconds and has a 100 second cooldown. It’s not worth it at all if you ask me, simply because of its short duration and punishing cooldown.
Essential? NO

Blaring Burst, 30, Action, Riddle Kick Lvl5.
Useful in both PvE and PvP. This skill will start out using the Riddle Kick move, and then will kick enemies on the ground and launch them in the air again. Good damage, and awesome for keeping enemies in a looping combo.
PvE: 9/10
PvP: 10/10

Living Shadow, 31, Action, None.
This skill is only useful if you truly know how to use it perfectly. What this skill will do is launch your slayer into the air and make her invincible for about one second, and then fall back down. The big downside for this skill is that when you’re rising into the air, you’re not invincible, and after using the skill when you fall down, you’re not invincible either. This skill is ONLY useful if you know how to use it. If you know how to use it, it is useful.
PvE: Depends on User
PvP: Depends on User
Essential? You can get it to levwel 1 just to try it. In my opinion, you don’t need it.

Killer Bee, 28, Command, None.
This skill will let you fly into your enemy in PvP or PvE, and then when you get the level 35 skill, Falling Angel, do an additional attack if you hit them right. Much needed in PvP. A nice escape move or launcher move in PvP. In PvE it’s not as essential but you still need it for PvP.
PvE: 5/10
PvP: 10/10

Chain Scissor Slash, 35, Action, None.
YOUR BEST SKILL EVER. Well maybe. It’s got a really short 12 second cooldown, and is extremely powerful in PvE and PvP. Max this skill!! It’s the purple star move if you’ve ever seen someone use it. This is the move that in my opinion makes you a slayer. No one else has a move that looks like this.
What this skill does is create a purple star while sucking enemies closer each hit. Incredibly useful, and a dungeon necessity. Just get this skill. You’ll know why later.
PvE: 11/10
PvP: 11/10

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