C9 Controls List

C9 Controls List by ShateA

The same as other games, ASWD are direction keys.
Left Mouse button: basic attack, characters and NPCs’ selection
Hold down left mouse button: continuous basic attack
Move mouse: change direction
Mouse wheel: scroll to zoom in and out
Right mouse button: assistant attack(e.g. warrior’s shield bash, huntsman’s Shooting)
Hold down right mouse button: Charge

C9 shortcut keys

Q: Defense
R: Pick Up
F: Kick Attack
Space: Jump
1~0, Z, X, C, T, G, V: Quick Bar

I: Backpack
P: Character information
U: Guild
K: Skill
L: Quest
M: Mini map

F1~F12: Help
Ctrl: Call out mouse
Enter: Chat
ESC: System menu

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