C9 Shaman Taoist Basic Guide

C9 Shaman Taoist Basic Guide by xxtysonxx

My 2nd introduction for my 2nd favorite class, the Taoist

The way of the Tao was discovered by one of the legendary shaman who discovered that by combining magic and melee, they could enhance their physical and mental part of their body. Taoist focus on fast hitting, graceful attacks using a combination of their polearm and fists. The way of the Tao also allows one to switch between whacking people with a pole and creating spheres of magic to throw at the opponent.

Polearm (more physical damage)
Magic Staff (more magic damage)

Base Stats (Increase per level, based on a scale of 10):
Str: 26 (high)
Wis: 10 (low)
Sta: 14 (med)
Int: 10 (med)

Fighting Style:
DPS/Hard hitter
DPS/Hybrid of melee and magic
Support/Magic with defensive melee skills

Quick,short combos,”wall slams”*, super armor**

*Wall slam is a combination of stagger and stun, the moment it hits the opponent they become staggered and frozen in place for almost a full second

**Super Armor is the ability to take damage without falling to the effects of stagger, launch, freeze, stun and other cancels

Key Skills:
-Spin smash: The Taoist creates a 360degree vortex around herself by rapidly spinning her polearm, this can be upgraded for wider radius and more hit, slight vacuum effect
-Diamond Palm: An extremely powerful set of charged punches that give the Taoist super armor, can hit 1- 3 times
-Vera Step: Superman dash to the opponent to wall slam them and flow in a diamond palm for an additional 2 hits
-Hard body: Gives the Taoist gains super armor, an increase in attack power, and increase in defense
-Spirit Charge: Get into a Kamehameha pose and creates a ball of magic surrounding the taoist that hits
18 times while charging and shoots 4 magic balls when released, has a vacuum effect

Ultimate Skills:
-Spirit Arts: The Taoist focuses all her energy, dashes into an opponent, and sets off a chain reaction of wall slams. If you have the lv45 passive upgrade, the skill will add additional hits and adds a DBZ spirit bomb to the end of the combo*.
The Taoist will be invincible AFTER hitting the opponent and until the skill finishes. If you miss the skill will not take effect and will continue the cool down timer regardless. If you miss while hitting them the skill will simply speed up it usage until you hit again or the sped up version finishes.

*Level 45 passive upgrades are DISABLED in PvP

Dragon Hammer (level 50, only used during with max fury): The Taoist turns her polearm into a giant dragon hammer the size of a building and starts hitting enemies up into the air and then pound them into the ground

PvE Video:

PvP Video:

Why I Should be a Taoist:
-Very high damage
-wide variety of builds due to combination of magic and melee***

Why I shouldn’t be a Taoist:
-Only melee class with Cloth Armor
-Drawbacks of your build***

***Please be aware I made a short list of pros/cons because of the fact Taoist can be full melee, hybrid, or full magic. Each build has it’s own perks and drawbacks but its highly dependent on the user’s build.
For Example
-Melee Taoist have the most hit stuns, but are limited to very close combat
-Hybrids can utilize the best of melee and magic, but spreads your stats if you do not have proper clothing
-Magic can mage while having defensive melee moves, but significantly weaker then going melee or hybrid (in terms of power)

I can make a list that goes on forever, but just keep in mind Taoist is very focused on how you build it and its strengths and weakness will be dependent on that (I myself play a hybrid)

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