C9 Blademaster PvP Combos Guide

C9 Blademaster PvP Combos Guide by Ashvin

In here you can share your combo idea’s for different situations and help out the rest of the community.

So, as most of you should know by now, blademaster can do big stun combo’s and do plenty of damage with them. However since stun combo’s are escapable in 2 ways, you are better off juggling your opponent.

With this in mind, we should take a look at potential stun and jugglestarters.


Press Kick

I rarely use this to start a combo, because I feel it’s range is somewhat lacking. It does have invincibilty startup frames though, so if you’re feeling lucky, you can avoid an attack and combo right after. On hit, you get a huge stun. As a staple followup I usually go for Tachyon Smash for massive damage.

Round Swing I,II

This is another move I rarely use to start a combo. The reason behind it is the same as Press Kick, lacking range. It’s got superarmor frames during the attack. The stun is rather short, so you have to followup with a fast move.

Counter Smash

Now this is a move you want to max out, this is one of my favourite moves in pvp. You get huge damage from a succesful Counter Smash and a huge stun as well. You can do any followup to your liking.I prefer to launch my opponent after, or use Tachyon Smash and or Storm Wheel Wind if I’m feeling lucky.

Shining Cutter

You will want to max this move out as well. You get great range, invincible startup frames and a medium stun. This is my move is my prefered combo starter, be it stun combo or juggle combo.



Now I want to point out before I go into detail on this move, I that I never use this to start a combo. Though it’s possible, it’s just not a great move to use in pvp. I use this move during combo’s only, others might think differently about this move though.
So to start off, Bash I has the potential to pick up grounded opponents. Let’s say you knocked your opponent down, you will have a oppurtunity to use Bash I to launch from grounded and then continue a juggle.
Bash I,II,III, The last hit will give you a bound from the ground, and knock your opponent away a bit, this will give you a chance for a full combo, but then again, like I said I don’t use this move as a combo starter. But others can ofcourse.

Thrust Kick>Thrust Gain

Another move I don’t like as a jugglestarter, it’s there anyway. The thing about Thrust Kick is that it’s uncontrollable, it just goes straight forward. More experienced people will dodge that really easily. If you hit Thrust Kicks First hit, always followup with Thrust Gain for a full combo.

Rapid Attack I,II,III

I do like this move, however I prefer to use this move after a stun. The last hit of Rapid attack will like Bash III, bound the opponent a bit far, however this can lead to a full combo if your timing and spacing is correct.

Upper Swing I,II

This move is great, it’s one of the few vertical slashes you have. It’s great for catching people in midair. After the second upward swing you can choose to followup with a Bash or you can do the downward swing as well and get the same result like after Rapid Attacks final hit. This move doesn’t have superarmor though, so be careful when using this.

Back End Upper

Only use this after a stun, it does have invincibilty frames, but weird range. This moves launches very low, but gives an oppurtunity for a full juggle. Upper Swing I,II is way better, but use this when you’re not completely comfortable with Upper Swing.

Assault Smash

So there’s 2 versions of this move. A slow charged attack and a faster normal launch. I like to use the charged version of this move when my opponent is far away. On hit it will force your opponent on the ground, where you can pick them up with Bash.
The normal version is short ranged and launches quite high. You can get creative with this move.

Bound Crash

I really like this move, however it’s range is really really bad. It won’t give you a huge combo, but it will do pretty nice damage if you manage to launch someone with this. You can pick people of from the ground with this. I tend to use this to extend combo’s.

Now we’ve looked at all of those combostarters let’s look at some combo’s.

Staple Combo’s

(coming soon)

Advanced Combo’s

(coming soon)

For now have a look what blademasters can manage to do.

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