C9 PvP Arena System Guide

C9 PvP Arena System Guide by HeartlessOne

Continent of the ninth is a strong PVP based mmorpg, therefore you might wanna know abit about the PVP system before you enter the battlefield.

1. PVP match types.

C9 have currently 4 types of game;

Relay Match – Players divided into two team, players from each team will fight against each other 1 vs 1. In this mode you will not regain full HP even if you defeated a player from the other team, you will get only about 20% of your own HP each time you win.
The last standing team wins the game.

Death Match – Players divided into two team, fight to death and respawn after 10 seconds. This game have limited time, team that have most kills wins.

Team Match – This mode can be played as 1vs1 aswell, players divided into two team, and fight each other. Last survived players in the team wins. This game can be set to rounds of 2,3 or 5.

Ranking Match – Once you apply for Ranking game you will be automatically assigned to a enemy that is close to your rank/grade who also applied the game. Battlefield will be randomized. Three rounds in this game, first that win 3 times wins, your Ranking point will increase/decrease depending on who you fighting and what rank/grade you/enemy are.

2. The Ranking system.

As soon as you become lvl 45 or higher, you will be allowed to enter Ranking PVP.

First phase:
Player will start with 0 Ranking points (Grade 14) and advance toward 1000 Ranking points (Grade 1/Rank 1), in this phase you will gain Ranking points not matter you win or lose.

Second phase:
Player will continue as ranked player with 1000 points (Rank 1) and fight other Ranked players; wich means you will not longer be able to fight anyone that is Graded. In this phase you will gain ranking points if you win, lose points if you lose and the amount of points you win or lose depends on your rank and enemy’s rank.

Here’s the ranking and titles given by Rank points:

Rank 1: 1000 – 1029  Rank 2: 1030 – 1069
Rank 3: 1070 – 1099  Rank 4: 1100 – 1199
Rank 5: 1200 – 1299  Rank 6: 1300 – 1399
Rank 7: 1400 – 1599  Rank 8: 1600 – 1799
Rank 9: 1800 – 2049

Warrior: 2050 – 2299  Master: 2300 – 2599
Hero: 2600 – 2899      Lord: 2900 – 3199
Conqueror: 3200 – 3499  Majesty: 3500 – higher

3.Equipment & Basic stats.

Equipments does matter in PVP, but somehow balanced.

Weapon – Base stats such as Crit/Casting time/Hit rate/Attack speed/Str/Wis and Physical/Magical dmg will count in PVP, however upgrade your weapon will not increase dmg in pvp. Basically a +15 weapon is as good as +0.
Armor – Base stats matters, upgrade doesnt affect.
Accessory – Same as armor, but MP/HP-regen and max MP/HP will count.
Elemental/Elemental Resist – Zero effect in PVP.legends and auspices – works in pvp
Guild buff – works in pvp

Basic stats that counts in pvp are: HP/MP, Wis/Str/Vit/Int, Phys/Mag base dmg(exclude upgrade),Phys/Mag defence(exclude upgrade), MP/HP regen, Crit/Evasion/HitRate/Casting time/AttackSpeed/Moving speed.

4.Skill reduction&effectivity.

Many skills are nerfed in PVP in order to maintain balance. You should be able to see that in skill description.

The first 7 chain hits will mostly have the biggest impact on your enemy, and dmg will be reduced dramatically once you keep the combo going, so keep this in mind if you want to maximize your combos effectivity.

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