C9 Air Elementalist Level 50 Skill Build Guide

C9 Air Elementalist Level 50 Skill Build Guide by ShateA

Hey, guys, I’m playing Air(Blue) Elementalist, I’m going to build my skill as the following(Lv.50 Skill Build), now share it with you, if you skill build is different from mine, welcome to share your ideas.

– The difference between Air Elementalist and Earth Elementalist
Air Elementalist: Open Circle Shine, exchanges personal attributes to shine(air) attribute, can use floating skills, she is good at ranged attacking, has advantage in group pvp and pve, but she is lack of melee skills.
Earth Elementalist: Open Circle Shade, exchanges personal attributes to shade(earth) attribute, can’t jump, she has some melee skills, has advantages in 1v1.

Circle Shine is the basic magic circle for Air Elementalist, and Circle Shade is the basic magic circle for Earth Elementalist.
Our sp is not enough to learn both, so we only need to learn one of them.

– Air Elementalist Skill Build

Action skills:

The important attack skills of Air Elementalist are(which usually need to level to max):

Ice Spear: an instant skill, it can change attack direction according to mouse, there is rigidity effect too.

Fireball: fire damage skill, it can be both group attack and single attack skill, it’s suggested used in close or moderate distance, you also can use it when enemies are on the ground.

Dark Emotion: throw nearby enemies in the air, its level is higher, the effect scope is wider. If you are surrounded by enemies, you can use the skill, then you can use Exceed Flare to distance enemies, or you also can use Lightning Blot to attack enemies immediately.

Soul Chaser: it also is an instant skill, it can lock enemies in a certain scope, it has chance to reduce the movement speed of enemies. You can cast a Lightning Blot or Fireball to the location where the enemies will step back to after being hit by Soul Chaser.

Exceed Flare: create a violent explosion of flame, it’s very useful when enemies are close to you.

Illusion Flame: this skill also can attack the enemies on the ground, CD time is short. You can use it together with Exceed Flare and Dark Emotion.

Circle Shine: Air Elem’s specialized skill, creates a magic circles of air energy, it will increase air damage when you level it.

Lightning Blot: an air damage skill, so it’s powerful when you open Circle Shine, high damge, wide damage scope, unlimited attack distance is the advantage of this skill. No matter in pvp or pve, it’s very useful.

Meteor: summon a gigantic meteor at the target location, CD time is long, but it’s verry powerful, group attack, need to consume skill stone while using.

Speed Star, Ifrit, Glacier, Circle Lightning – Level 1 is enough:
It will not have much effect if you level Speed Star to high; Ifrit, fire damage pet, high damage and HP, the best pet for elem, it knows three skills, it can fight against normal lv.master bosses;
Glacier, use water magic at range and also can fight in melee, but damage is not high.
Circel Lightning, level 1 is enough.

Command Skills

Giga Bolt: can be used when Circle Shine is active, additional bolts arc form the victim of your Lightning Blot. So if you like the effect and use Lightning Bolt frequently, you can consider to add this skill to max, or level 1 is enough.
Other command skills, I will not explain, because there is nothing special, lol.

Passive skills

Fast Casting, Max HP, Critical Increase, Mentalism are necessary, I think Fast Casting and Max HP is most important at the beginning, you can decide to learn which skill first and to which level by yourself :)

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    Feeliing down, i just saw this guide im already level 36 and learned both circles.. bad start :( if only i can reset skills for free :]

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