C9 Beginner’s Crafting Guide

C9 Beginner’s Crafting Guide by reddevilnb1

The artisans that are available for you to choose:

Tailoring or crafting leather(for this artisan you use Cloth Patch & Leather Scrap for crafting)

Woodworking or crafting with wood(for this artisan you use Wood Logs for crafting)

Metalworking or crafting metal(for this artisan you use Iron Scrap for crafting)

Alchemy or crafting potions(for this artisan you use Recovery Herb & Stimulant Herb for crafting)

Cooking or crafting food(for this artisan you use Wheat & Meat for crafting)

What are the most useful & what are the most profitable artisans?
Most profitable artisans are: Metalworking and Tailoring!

Why Tailoring? because with this artisan you can craft not only remodelling armor but also Perfect and Master armor and the materials needed to craft them.You can also craft Perfect & Master Belts.What buffs are available with tailoring?Well you can craft at lvl 60 16% Attack Speed & 30% Cast Speed.You can also craft Cushions(Water Resist),Rugs(Water Attack  and Curtains(Attack speed) for the Guild House(guild buffs).

Why Metalworking? because this artisan can craft not only remodelling weapons & Perfect and Master Weapons(this does not include Bows and Shields) but also Perfect and Master grade accessories(rings,necklaces,bracelets).Another useful thing that this artisan can make is the materials required to craft the weapons and accessories but also Arrows(so i guess its good if you have a Ranger).What buffs are available with metalworking?Well you can craft at lvl 60 20% Physical Defense(1800 sec) & 16% Critical Damage(30 sec).You can also craft Candlesticks(STR buff),Swords(Earth Attack),Cabinets(Earth Resist) for the Guild House(guild buffs).

What are the most useful artisans?The most useful artisans are:Alchemy & Cooking.
Why are this artisans considered useful and not really that profitable?Because these 2 classes can craft all sorts of potions and no matter how many you make the Perfect & Master Weapons/Armors are still more profitable.

Why Alchemy? Well you choose this class because you want to make potions that will aid you in your journey to greatness!With this artisan class you can craft Health/Mana pots(instantly applied) & Health/Mana regen potions(regens over a period of time).One of the strengths of alchemy is the big variety of buffs(STR,WIS,Air att,Water att,Fire att,Earth att,crit chance, immunity,accuracy,increased damage),but also a big amount of tonics(you will notice you need this stuff a lot of times when you want to craft armors or weapons) & also the damage versus area items that you usually get from Beads when you finish an instance.One of the unique things about Alchemy and Cooking is that you cannot craft any buffs for the guild house.Instead with alchemy you can trade materials(for example 1xGrade A craft item=2xB Grade craft item) and also you can change Level 1 Elemental Gems between them(like Sky to Ocean) & Level 5 Gems.(keep in mind you can only exchange grade I and V and no in between).

Why Cooking? Well you choose this class because you are hungry and want some food! Im joking
The reason you chose this class is because you want to craft Oils(like alchemy you need this stuff to craft weapons and armors).
Cooking is divided by 2 categories:meats & grains.On both of these categories you craft all sorts of buffs and regenerative items.
On meats:mana cost -,fury gauge regen(1 of the most powerful crafted items on this artisan class!you can notice this has the same effect as Rakhdan’s Madness),guard limit +,cooldown -,invincible,guard recovery +,super armor ,concentration +,guard limit & guard recovery,cooldown – &
concentration + & fury gauge regen.
On grains:int & MP regen,hth & HP regen,physical def +,magic def +,move speed +,fire resist +,air resist +,water resist +,earth resist +,earth resist + & physical def +,water resist + & magic def +,air resist + & physical def,air resist + & HTH & INT,fire resist + & physical def,fire resist & HTH & INT,magic def & move speed,physical def & move speed,water resist & HTH & INT,fire resist & magic def,earth resist & magic def,air resist & magic def,water resist & physical def,earth resist & HTH & INT.Like Alchemy this class has no guild buffs available for crafting.

And the last artisan that I recommend Woodworking!!!
Why do I consider this class to be so useless?because it actually is
With woodworking you can craft Wood Laminate(to craft shields) and Bow Limb(to craft bows).So with this class you can craft Perfect & Master grade Shields,Bucklers,Bulwarks.But what other things can this artisan do???You can also craft at lvl 35 artisans two different lvl 27 magic necklaces with STR & WIS. But by far the best thing you can craft with this class is Firewood.With Firewood if you use it while in an instance you can make a camp fire that regens HP & MP of all party members that stand near the fire(60 seconds duration).The main reason for why you would choose this class is that you can craft alot of Guild House items:chair(WIS),table(HTH),dining table(INT),rocking chair(att power),dining chair(magic att),bureau(crit chance),bed(fire att),sword(magic def),barrel(concentration),deposit chest(max MP),dish(max HP),window(fire resist),doll(air att),picture frame(air resist),boomerang(mov speed),shield(physical def).There really is no reason for you to choose this unless you are either a Guild Master and want to craft stuff for your guild or you are in need of a perfect bow.This class is not useful with its aoe buff) or profitable(as if you choose Metalworking you can make weapons for more classes=more profit opportunity).

Now that I told you what every artisan class has specific now its time to tell you what they all have in common!They all have in common the final tab called Universal Crafting.This type of crafting transforms Vacant Artisan Crystals + some materials into Artisan Crystals.What is the use of these Artisan Crystals? Well if you go into the crafting area of the town you are in then you can exchange at any of the artisans there the Artisan Crystals for CHESTS with the name of your current Artisan.Almost all the artisans have different exchange rates for these chests,while Alchemy & Cooking having the best ratio(3x Artisan Crystals= 1 D Grade chest) and that’s why these 2 artisans are considered so useful. The other 3 artisans have the same exchange rate(10 X Artisan Crystals=1 D Grade Chest).
While browsing through the Exchange window you might notice that Alchemy has 2 more chests on the bottom row (D grade and B grade).Within these chests you will gain elemental powders and elemental fragments(useful for alchemy craft).
The best advice I can give to fast advancement in crafting is to have at least 500-1000 Vacant Artisan Crystals and materials to exchange them into Artisan Crystals before you begin. Don’t forget that at lvl 10(5000 gold) and at lvl 25(45000) you will have to increase the level of the artisan by paying the guy that gave you that artisan.Please keep in mind that crafting in this game is very costly for a first time player and the best advice I can give is to have a high level before crafting as usually high levels got high amounts of gold.

Have fun crafting.

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