C9 God’s Calling Hell Mode Guide

C9 God’s Calling Hell Mode Guide by Daniexus

Here’s what I compiled so far. As you can see, with the presense of “pewpew”, it needs serious work. I typed it while in hell mode. Please excuse me. It needs monster naming, actual mechanics of each boss, boss names… feel free to edit.

20 Hell pieces = 1 ticket


Monsters to fight:

– 2 ginglings

– 1 Knatos




– 1 Knatos

– 1 Statue

– 9 Summoned Ginglings upon death of Knatos

Ginglings must not touch the statue or the statue will do a shout/sneeze that will throw your whole party away from the statue, often throws you off the bridge or causing massive damage. Assign one player to focus on the ginglings to get their aggro and lead them away from the statue, the ginglings respawn.


Two rooms. Crystal serves as a teleporter for the ginglings. If you can take 2 rooms, do so. If not, pewpew in 1 room. The more the ginglings are left alone, the bigger they grow and will soon be powerful enough to vacumm you and eat (grab) you alive. When they are about to die, they will touch the crystal to teleport and heal on the other room.


– 1 Knatos

– 1 Statue Invulnerable

Damage the Knatos enough and he will activate the statue. When the statue is active, fire will be dropped by monsters from above, destroy these moving fire and lure the statue to it. The statue will be then vulnerable to attack. Recommend kill the Knatos Statue Master first.


When the boss is “mad”, 3 activation circles will appear. ALL 3 circles must be occupied at the same time (if you’re on a 2-man party, you will not be able to activate it). This will stun the boss for a short time and end it’s fury. You can combo this boss when he is not mad, watch out for his charge.

BOSS 2/3/4 (lol)

Phase 1 – Do not touch the lasers to the side, stay away from it if possible. These laser fence will damage you and will not let you up to move out of the way. Fight the beetle while the queen is mounted on it’s back. It will fly around, drop on you, charge you, and impale you, like it’s regular dungeon counterpart.

Phase 2 – The queen will unmount the beetle, save your cooldowns because she will be invulnerable until she completes the scene. You will then fight her for a short time until she summons the bettle again. Making you fight 2 bosses at the same time. She will be giving her power to the bettle, so the bettle will be resistant to damage. Attack the queen instead, give her enough damage and she will take back her power from the bettle (killing the bettle). Watch out when the queen runs after you, this is a high damage attack from her.

Phase 3 – She will then summon the Dragon. This is the time to use your Ultimate Fury Skills on the queen, because the dragon will be flying and will be throwing single, massive, or a barrage of fireballs that deals out massive damage on every attack. Damage the queen enough and she will command the dragon to let go of it’s wings. Damage the queen some more and she will try and take dragon’s power. The dragon will resist and kill the queen to be independent. You will not be fighting the dragon, you may now relax because he’s a cake walk. But dash out of the way when he runs to you for a side-sweep-kick. The dragon Boss will also summon stone looking things that I have no idea what it does.

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