C9 Physical Taoist PvP Guide

C9 Physical Taoist PvP Guide by Velesty

Action Skills:

  1. Elec Swing-Lv 1 : Only for breaking enemy guard/block
  2. Phantom Wall-Max Lv : Very Useful for Tactical PVP with 7 seconds CT only. Especially facing Ranger and Bullet Shooter. And cause dazed or petrify in close range when summoned
  3. Ice Spear-Lv 1 : Useful to push enemy out of ring
  4. Dark Emotion-Lv 1 : to send enemy to air
  5. Soul Chaser-Lv 1 : use this to start encounter enemy
  6. Strong Body-Lv 1 or MAX Lv : Short Duration compare with CT, but very strong buff
  7. Velvet Crasher- MAX Lv : Attack ground, send to air, high damage, fast, spammable. Very handy, AOE.
  8. Choke Flat-MAX Lv : Fast, send to air, spammable.
  9. Vera Step-Lv1 or MAX Lv : Useful for Tactical PVP. Very good for PVP especially facing Ranger and Bullet Shooter. Press Space Bar at the end of skill for very high, far and fast jump
  10. Tao Stinger-MAX Lv : Suprise Attack, spammable.
  11. Tao Flare-Lv 1 : same as Tao Stinger, but this one is magical. Thats why only Lv 1. Even more spammable with Tao Flare+Stinger
  12. Tao Evasion-Lv1 or MAX Lv : Useful buff
  13. Vera Circle-Lv1 : Use only first hit for waking up enemy from ground. Second hit is kicking enemy far away. So Lv1 is enough
  14. Energy Storm-Lv1 : Throwing enemy to air, AOE. Invincible while casting
  15. Velvet Smash-MAX Lv : Fast, spammable, hard to encounter.
  16. Hunting Bomber I-Lv1 : for getting Hunting Bomber II. Useful in PVP situation although its magical. That’s why Lv1 is enough
  17. Soul Burn-Lv1 : Lock enemy movement by casting in the center when enemy in ground.
  18. Velvet Dance-MAX Lv : very high damage combo
  19. Velvet Spin-MAX Lv : high damage combo and can counter ranged attack
  20. Spirit Art-MAX Lv: quite useless when 1 vs 1, but useful in group PVP

Commands Skills:

  1. Air Vera Crahser-Lv1 highest : suprised attack
  2. Evasive Dash-Lv1 highest : a must for pvp
  3. Mana Clipper-Lv1 : a grab skill, break enemy guard/block, continue with combo
  4. Chain Edge-Lv1 or MAX Lv : its a ranged grab skill. Higher Lv, further range
  5. Spin Smash-MAX Lv : high damage and high speed combo
  6. Vera Crasher-MAX Lv : high damage and AOE ground attack
  7. Diamond Palm-Lv3 for Choke Flat or MAX Lv : Superb high damage. Tao Strongest technique. Unavoidable attack
  8. Spin Maelstrom-MAX Lv : Supporting Spin Smash
  9. Hunting Bomber II-Lv1
  10. Hunting Bomber III-Lv1
  11. Smash Extension-MAX Lv : Support Velvet Smash for additional attack. High damage

Passive Skills:

  1. Max Hp Increase-MAX Lv
  2. Critical Increase-Lv 0 : Quite useless since there are limit of critical % and can reached only from gears + weapon
  3. Attack Mastery I/II/III- MAX Lv
  4. Delight of Power-MAX Lv
  5. Heavy Breaker-Lv1 highest : only for PVE, PVP unusable

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