C9 Berserker Skill Build Guide

C9 Berserker Skill Build Guide by KALUHS

Im currently the highest ranking zerker in NA, with over 300+ matches in rank pvp and heres a guide I’ve constantly been working on to perfect my zerk with data collected from my own tests and community input.

Skill Build

Skills with colored outlines during cast describe their defensive status
Blue Frames=semi super armor, Red Frames=Super Armor, White Frames= Invincible


Giant Bash I, II, III (all lvl.1 for utility)
Bash I, II has semi-super armor
hits grounded enemies
I, II stuns

Press Kick (lvl.1 utility)
stance change
% guard break

Disembowling Kick (lvl.Max)
stuns on hit
super armor

Kaiser Sword (lvl.Max)
MASSIVE DAMAGE! Main dmg skill
full super armor

Ground Swing (lvl.Max)
Super armor 1st hit
hits grounded enemies
maxed to kill traps and pets

Rising Giant I(MAX), II(lvl.1 utility)
hits grounded enemies
excellent blood impact
Semi-Super Armor

Backstep Breaker (lvl.MAX)
Hits grounded enemies
invincibile to super armor on recovery

Giant Swing (lvl.MAX)
super armor
1st hit stuns
breaks guard, BMs counter, and Sins shadow decoy

Mighty Stroke (lvl.MAX)
Gap Closer
Hits grounded enemies
hits behind enemies, good for guard breaks
semi-super armor on blood impact

Bloody Wave (lvl.Max)
semi super armor
breaks guard if passes through target
hits grounded enemies

Rage Control (lvl.1)
10 blood points, best to use b4 start/end of rounds to avoid bleed

Immortal Breaker (lvl.0/Preference)
Super armor
Fast sprinting gap closer
fast basic attks
mostly and best used for ring outs
70Bp is alot to build up and combo decay kinda kills the dmg output, takes too much SP to make it affective, imo dont bother, maybe some1 can put it to good use? ur choice

Rage Drain (lvl.Max)
Guard Break
super armor

Force Wave (lvl.MAX)
Gap Closer
super armor on 1st hit and stun
semi super armor on 2nd hit and guard break


Greatsword Expertise (lvl.1)
unless u focus on immortal breaker leave at 1

Dash Attack (lvl.1)
Best Dash Attk in the Game
Hits grounded enemies and bounces
invincible (from natural dash)
Semi-Super Armor (from attack)

Ankle Kick (lvl.3 to get titan step)
I suggest locking this skill in the skill menu to easily perform titan step

Titan Step (lvl.1)
Brief Semi-Super Armor
Hits grounded enemies and throws up
note-dont level it past 1 since it increases the animation and u cant cancel the attack, if ur enemy escapes, it will cost u, best to keep it at 1.

Blood Lust (lvl.1/Preference)
Limitless Blood Impact
this skill can either kill you or save u, ur choice, its 100 bp to use, u wont be using it every round, ur choice

Thrust Step (lvl.Max)
gap close

Stone Breaker (lvl.1/5 for change upper)
semi super armor on 1st hit
stuns on 1st and 2nd hit
mostly used for for the blood point gain

Giant Spin (lvl.1 utility)
360 side step attk
gap closer

Grab Smash (lvl.1 utility)
great for BP
stop super armor attacks with grabs

Piledriver (lvl.1 utility)
invisable frame
great for BP
use this as if it was a counter attack

Blade Charge (lvl.Max)
Gap Closer
guard breaks
invincible at start

Change Upper (lvl.0/1 for preference)
i dont find the skill worth investing all the points of stonebreaker for this just to get a knock up and stance change, only good for charging bp, if u use stonebreaker as part of ur combo, go for it.

Flame Smash (lvl.Max)
Super armor on each hit

Sword Reflex (lvl.1)
a good block and u got a chance at a combo with this

Blaze Flame (lvl.Max)
hits grounded enemies
semi-super armor at start of attk


Attk Mastery I, II, III (MAX)
Defense Mastery I (MAX)
Max Hp Increase (MAX)

U can get crit from gear, ull also get all the mana u need from crystals


Semi-Super Armor
Rising Giant I, II
BP Mighty Stroke
Bloody Wave
Force Wave on 2nd hit
Stone Breaker on 1st & 2nd hit same with it held
Blaze Flame
Dash Attack
Titan Step
Rise attack

Super Armor
Kaiser Sword
Ground Swing on 1st hit
Giant Swing
Rage Drain
Force Wave
Flame Smash
Back Step Breaker end of attk
Immortal Breaker

Dash Attks
Back Step Breaker
Sword Reflex
Grab Smash
Thrust Step?
evasive attack


Please watch my vid before u read further down

The objective is to get the opponent on the ground using an opener as shown in the video and follow up with the “ground starter” combo, once u finish ur ground starter u can then repeat using another opener and goin back into the ground starter

Move List
[Ground Starter]
LMB–Dis Kick–LMB–Mighty Stroke–LMB–Bash I, II, III–Titan Step–LMB–Back step Breaker–Bloody Charge–Dash attack–LMB

*Gap Closers*
`-Force Wave–fw 2nd hit–dash attack 1–dash attacks 2nd hit–Ground Starter
`-Force Wave–dash 1–flame smash
`-Thrust Step–Giant spin–Ground Starter
`-Blade Charge–dash attk–Ground Starter
`-Mighty Stroke–MS Blood Impact

*Pressure* (keep the pressure with super armor and follow with combo)
`-Kaiser Sword + Blood Impact–Ground Starter
`-Ground Swing–Blade Charge–dash attack–ground starter
`-Rage Drain–LMB–press kick–giant swing–ground starter

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5 Responses

  1. Rolfest says:

    well the “Super Armor” of berserker has it’s limits as it isn’t a real super armor since certain classes can break it best example is ranger. i love berserker, it’s awesome deals awesome damage but the ranger can shoot from afar with some skills that can break the super armor of zerker. on another attempt it’s possible your opponent timed the attack right since zerker also leaves openings.

  2. Zerker Fan says:

    This guide really helps. At first i cant understand this cuz im just starting berserker. Now im level 55 and doing pvp’s, i can now clearly see the meaning of this and i appreciate it. This really helps.

    I just have a question: I notice most of the time that my SUPER ARMOR skills like ground swing or kaiser sword are usually cancelled. Why is it? I Cant understand. Thanks in advance

  3. Wall says:

    yes to both and thanks a lot for ypur great Build gonna help me out for sure

  4. anonymouse says:

    I don’t see Mighty Stroke, Only Mighty slam, Are they the same?

  5. anonymous says:

    hey, just a minor question, i noticed you left out evasive dash, it should be learned right?

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