C9 Slayer Complete Guide

C9 Slayer Complete Guide by PoeM

Character Creation

-So before you start the game, IF you are considering becoming a PVP SLAYER you >> SHOULD <<create your character with the height bar halfway past middle & max. You want it at or PAST the X in the illustration ~
-Illustration of Character Height: |————–[MID]—–xxX——-|

-Reasoning: Slayer is the only class where their combos are affected by character height. You might not be able to do some tricky stuff unless you have this character height! On TOP of that, having higher character height will make comboing a bit easier and less timing dependant.
(Thank you Milkyway for reminding me you messed this up xD) 

-When you create a Slayer, you want to know the ratings of how it will turn out right?
(1-10 scale : 10 being the best)
-Farming: 7~8 (without skill books) / 9~10 (with skill books)
-Hell Mode: 8 (without skill books) / 9~10 (with skill books)
-Survival Mode: 2~4 (without skill books) / 5~6 (with skill books)
-Overall: 4~6 (starting out new) / 8~10 (full potential of the class)

0. Accessories

-0a. PvP
-0b. PvE

1. Armor

-1a. PvP
-1b. PvE
-1c. Q&A

2. Weapons

-2a. PvP
-2b. PvE
-2c. Q&A

3. Artisan Information

4. Skill Builds

-4a. PvP Build
-4b. PvP Skill Explanations
-4c. PvE Build
-4d. PvE Skill Explanations

5. Souls! 

6. Specific Skill Breakdown (Includes information about it that you may not know)

-6a. Actions
-6b. Commands
-6c. Passives

7. Comboing

-7a. Commands
-7b. PvP Combos
-7c. PvE Combos

8. Counters for SPECIFIC Classes/Sub Classes in PvP!

-8a. Hunter
–8a1. Assassin

0. Accessories

-Stats on accessories vary, but are completely different PvE and PvP. These will cost a fortune to buy, so please try to craft them (they will require 5 rare ores each). Even crafting, these are the MOST EXPENSIVE pieces of gear…. but can be game changing. (Prices are through the f**k’n roof right now since… if you look at our economy, a perfect ‘phrase’ that fits it is, “Da FUQ?”)

-0a. PvP accessories:

Now, I recommend going for whatever you can afford. Get rare if you can, otherwise, do whatever until max level at the moment, 63. Then, you want to try to go for perfects. It may be really hard on the US server though..

-Ring: Legendary Sarad Wonderous Ring [Hth][Int][Anything] – HP 800+ MP 750+

-Ring: Legendary Sarad Wonderous Ring [Hth][Int][Anything] – HP 750+ MP 800+

-Bracelet: Legendary Sarad Smooth Bracelet [Hth][Int][Anything] – HP 800+ MP 750+

-Earrings: Legendary Sarad Earrings of Vigor [Crit][Str] – Crit 8.5%+

-Belt: Legendary Sarad Plate Belt [Crit][Str] – Crit 8.5%+

-Necklace: Legendary Sarad Holy Necklace [Crit][Str] – Crit 8.5%+

-Note: Elemental doesn’t matter but for the 5th continent you want water.

-Note: You also want the perfect for Int. Int raises your magic def AND gives you mana. Necessary for PvP vs magic damage classes.

-0b. PvE accessories:

Now, I recommend going for whatever you can afford. Get rare if you can, otherwise, do whatever until max level at the moment, 63. Then, you want to try to go for perfects. It may be really hard on the US server though..

Anyway, I will post the FINAL accessories you should obtain. BEFORE GETTING THESE, USE HP REGEN RINGS FOR DUNGEON DESTROYING! It will make everything easy, and you want FLAT HP for survival as a Slayer.


-Ring: Legendary Sarad Wonderous Ring [Hth][Int][Air/Water] – HP 800+ MP 750+

-Ring: Legendary Sarad Wonderous Ring [Hth][Int][Air/Water] – HP 750+ MP 800+

-Bracelet: Legendary Sarad Smooth Bracelet [Hth][Int][Air/Water] – HP 800+ MP 750+

-Earrings: Legendary Sarad Earrings of Vigor [Crit][Str] – Crit 8.5%+

-Belt: Legendary Sarad Plate Belt [Crit][Str] – Crit 8.5%+

-Necklace: Legendary Sarad Holy Necklace [Crit][Str] – Crit 8.5%+

-Note: IF YOU DON’T PLAN TO DO SURVIVAL MODE -> You want the HP REGEN so you don’t have to rely on pots and towers. It’s extremely efficient for dungeon crawling. Otherwise, PLEASE use Flat HP.

-Note: Survival Mobs are weak to Air, the 5th contient mobs are weak to Water. Choose wisely.

My Accessories (I am a PvP ‘only’ Slayer):

1. Armor

-Well, first thing is TRY to craft your own perfects and farm hell sets with friends. The hell sets are the biggest pain in the a$s to get… and everything always costs a crap-ton of gold… Armor is Wayyyyyyy cheeper than the ***** accessories. Those things are rigged to be high priced while armor is more common and only requires 3 ores to craft!

-1a. PvP armor:

In the end, you want the perfect grade set. The INT and STR it offers is incredible… and a must for PvP. However, get what you can afford up to that point. Times are tough right now…

-All STR

-Head: Legendary Sarad Soul Headband – 30%+ Concentration

-Shoulders: Legendary Sarad Soul Epaulets – 16.0%+ Crit 7%+ Crit Damage

-Top: Legendary Sarad Soul Cheastpiece – Base Stats

-Gloves: Legendary Sarad Soul Gloves – Base Stats

-Bottom: Legendary Sarad Soul Leggings – Base Stats

-Shoes: Legendary Sarad Soul Gloves – 4.5%+ Movement

(Amazing armor names, right?)

-Note: Elemental doesn’t matter but for the 5th continent you want fire defense.

-Feizalex DID do some number crunching in a post below where you might be slightly tankier IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO GO EVASION (physical defensively). Miss Rate is low and possible unreliable, but it DOES force your opponent to go Accuracy. 

I decided to go with NON EVA because it is more reliable for our class vs anyone familiar with the game… I can truthfully say, I’ve won rounds, (not by luck/chance of miss rate), but because I’ve had about 100~900 hp remaining.

-1b. PvE armor:

-For PvE, you want all perfect gear. The perfect 60 set gives you bonus region damage AND elemental bonus damage. These are musts for the best PvE damage you can get in dungeons AND in survival!

-All STR

-Head: Legendary Sarad Soul Headband – 30%+ Concentration

-Shoulders: Legendary Sarad Soul Epaulets – 16.0%+ Crit 7%+ Crit Damage

-Top: Legendary Sarad Soul Cheastpiece – Base Stats

-Gloves: Legendary Sarad Soul Gloves – Base Stats

-Bottom: Legendary Sarad Soul Leggings – Base Stats

-Shoes: Legendary Sarad Soul Gloves – 4.5%+ Movement

(Amazing armor names, right?)

-Note: Evasion is unnecessary for PvE since you will generally be taking few hits and you want the bigger stat boosts.

-For elemental enchants you want fire defense for the 5th region.

-1c. Q&A (Question and Answer):
-Q: So, even though you had a note about it, why not use the hell set for PvP?
-A: Since slayer is a combo class, you want higher base damage vs 2~4 skills. Therefore, everything will be hitting slightly more compared to a few skills hitting slightly more. You can get it if you don’t want to pay for perfect gear, but I’d take perfect over that any day.

-Q: Do enhancements work in PvP?
-A: No.

-Q: Do elementals work in PvP?
-A: No.

-Q: Do spellstones work in PvP?
-A: Only permanants.

-Q: I’m too poor to farm/buy my gear, how can I get it?
-A: …..Run dungeons with friends and craft..? Truthfully, the (non-cap) gear is probably dirt cheap (OH HOW WRONG I AM ABOUT THIS, LOL). Get whatever you can afford and play & enjoy the game to try to obtain everything to eventually get full perfect.

-Q: Why don’t you have the 60 gear up and only recommend the 54?

-A: I do now bi***es~

My Armor (I am a PvP ‘only’ Slayer):

2. Weapons

-Weapons range from a variety of grade, and stats. First and foremost, CRAFT YOUR OWN PERFECTS. If you plan to change the stats, Re-Roll them with chaos stones BEFORE YOU ENHANCE. Enhancing them increases the amount of chaos stones you need to spend.
-Rare Grade goes to +9 without breaking, Perfect Grade goes to +11 without breaking, Unique Grade goes to +13 w/o       breaking.

-Generally, your goal for stats is 60%+ Crit Rate and whatever you prefer.

-Note: The Crit cap is 70%. If you go above this, it doesn’t f*cking matter. You still crit 70% of the time.

-2a. PvP weapons:

-Weapon Hierarchy: 60 master > 54master/57unique > 60 rare/p rare/42 unique > 54 rare/p rare
For PvP, you do not want to care about unique daggers. If you want to use a unique blade, go for the Spirit Capture. It’s the most beneficial for Slayer. Even still, master weapon have the best stats overall.

-Blade: Sarad War Arc Blade [Crit][Str] – Rare Grade with 14.0%+ Crit

-Dagger: Legendary Sarad Arc Dagger [Dex][Str] – Perfect Grade with 5%+ Atk Speed (Perfect Grade goes to 6% atk speed – Rare Grade only goes to 5%)


-Dagger: Sarad War Arc Dagger [Str] – Rare Grade with 4.5%+ Accuracy

-Note: Maybe put water elemental on these to help with Dungeons in the 5th continent.

-2b. PvE weapons:
-Weapon Hierarchy: 60 master > 60 p rare > 57 unique > 54 master > 60 rare > 54 p rare > 54 rare
Uniques don’t really matter ‘much’ for PvE -> for our class at least~

-Blade: Legendary Sarad Arc Blade [Crit][Str] – Perfect Grade with 14.0%+ Crit

-Dagger: Legendary Sarad Arc Dagger [Dex][Str] – Perfect Grade with 5%+ Atk Speed (Perfect Grade goes to 6% atk speed – Rare Grade only goes to 5%)


-Dagger: Legendary Sarad Arc Dagger [Str] – Perfect Grade with base stats..

-Elemental Enhancing

-After obtaining these, you want to put the highest Water Elemental Damage you can find on these. The 5th continent is weak to Water, since they are Fire. And you will currently deal more.

-Note: Price has changed due to migration..

-2c. Q&A (Question and Answer):

-Q: What If I don’t have people/not in a guild/some excuse to help me craft?

-A: Find ANYONE. Most people are willing to help if you’re friendly. You can make friends this way too. If you are not in a guild, get in one. You get stat boosts (enough said).

-Q: For PvP, Why not perfect on both? Why only perfect on the Dex Str Dagger?

-A: Honestly, If u wanna pay the price for aesthetics, be my guest. I’m informing you on the cheepest and best way to get geared. Now, rare grade and perfect grade are the same damage (since base damage and stats are all that are used in PvP.) Elemental power only will affect PvE so it doesn’t matter. The stats on the items are then the same. HOWEVER, perfect grade atk speed daggers [Dex][Str] Can apparently go Higher than the rare. Rare – 5%? Perfect – 6%. I personally went for 5.8% and stuck with it on my dagger.

-Q: For PvP, Why do we want Atk Speed, and not Accuracy?

-A: Well, if you do not have over 120 atk speed, I suggest you get the atk speed. You really need it since it affects skill animations and will help you during comboing & reacting faster to things. If you have enough atk speed, get the accuracy! Always good to hit more since all the pubs are using EVA gear~

-Q: For PvP, Why don’t we need to enhance our weapon?

-A: PvP doesn’t count enhanced stats. In the future there will be an enhanced stat arena but not right now. In any case, It’s the cheapest not to enhance, but you probably still should for PvE

-Q: For PvE, Do we HAVE to get perfects?

-A: You might as well try to get ’em. They are low budget if you just get the materials while farming. But really the answer is no. If you’re a die-hard PvE fan, then yes. It’s necessary.

-Q: How to obtain more enhance stones cheap?

-A: All i can say for this is run dungeons and get everything from gold boxes.. 10 Magic Enhance = (1)(3)(10) Ancient Enhance. 10 Ancient Enhance = (1)(3)(10) Divine Enhance. Last case scenario; buy from the Auction House or friends.

-Q: Why doesn’t PvP need elemental enhancing?

-A: Elemental enhance doesn’t count, just like + enhancing. Neither matter for PvP.

-Q: Do spell stones work in PvP?

-A: The permanent ones, yes.

-Q: Why not use Heaven’s Glare Unique?!

-A: Too much downside effects and doesn’t give as much damage as Spirit Capture. In fact, you have to be hit to get the cooldown proc whihc you don’t even need bcuz Slayer’s Cooldowns are so low! Definitely not worth it~

My Weapons (I am a PVP ‘only’ Slayer):

3. Artisan Information

-If you’re up for a story, here; The reason I chose chef artisan is because nobody wanted to do it. On top of that, I lucked out and most of the items for witchblade require oils. Funny enough, I never have to find or ask people or buy oil, even though they are ***** cheap because SOMEBODY ruined the market… Anyway, metal working is good, but was extremely expensive while starting out. Now, it doesn’t really matter what you do. You should definitely have friends available to help craft anything xD
– Personally, I would re-roll tailor or metalworker if I could. You get to make some nice outfits and remodels and stuff, so this really comes down to preference. I also wouldn’t have to constantly ask ppl what materials I need for my master/perfect weapons…

 4. Skill Builds

-4a. PvP Build:

-4b. PvP Skill Explanations:

Twisting Flip Kick or Ringshear Kick?

Twisting goes up to lvl 20(104 POINTS) and uses a LOT of points. It’s end damage is 195%+325 x3 (base damage 100% + 93) whereas ringshear is 210% + 481. It says x2, but it really does x3 in game. I assure you. I’ve done it multiple times training and in games and can easily tell it’s 3 because it has 2 parts to it.

Conclusion: Get ringshear and start with that as your first lift! you can do a heavy hitting 13+ combo before having to rely on twisting! Not to mention people can rising atk out of twisting more easily than ringshear!

Why bother with Turning Kick?

If you even SMELL a spec of terribleness in this skill, I will… take you out for dinner and have you change your mind. This skill is a super armor kick that lifts standing opponents into the air (they can’t be on the ground). You can use it to tank single shot projectiles, skills that might knock you down, or disrupt opponents giving you an INSTANT air combo (as long as they don’t have super or semi super armor on). This skill immediately chains into viper>cross and can be used in combos for an extra hit/safety frames. On top of that, you can use this to tank certain ‘quick hit’ skills, and surprise your opponent that you are still standing.

Conclusion: It’s damage isn’t too good, but its utility is INSANE for slayers. It starts combos, keeps you up, and disrupts other players into an instant infinite combo for you =)

Heartbreaker or Smash Chase+Darkness Chase?

So you think this one is debatable? Nah. xD Both do exceptionally good damage, however, you want heartbreaker leveled because it increases the lunging distance, whereas smash chases distance is static (the same value). Heartbreaker is an invinci frame lunge (not during activation). Unlike Smash Chase, Heartbreaker can go through A LOT, and can be used frequently in combos because of its short cooldown. Smash chase can be used in combos… but it’s pretty hard to play off of. It’s merely just a chase and destroy skill that makes opponents want to evasive because it’s base damage is SO good, along with the add on’s bleed effect.

Conclusion: Heartbreaker can do way more bang for your buck and can be safely canceled. It helps in and out of combos, whereas smash chace is just a rabid, blood hungry-killer, gap closing skill.

Iceball or Horizon Jack? (And what about Ice Crystal!!)

Not much to say here, max both and 1 in ice crystal. Iceball is aoe with freeze proc, and dagger is an aoe with huge damage!~ Ice crystal can be used to interrupt some initiates and has a 30% slow :3

WtF is Fear Throw?

Another extremely important projectile, fear throw is a kamehameha dagger throw that PENETRATES THROUGH GUARD. This skill will go through ice wall, summons, blocks, and even a few charges to knock down opponents. DO NOT downplay this at all and it is a MUST HAVE SKILL. It doesn’t scale well and the distance is static, so don’t level it xD

Conclusion: Kamehameha drill shot for slayer…. yeah I’m definitely recommending this. If you don’t get it… May god help your soul vs blocks and charges…

Delpha Slasher… What the hell is it?

Single handedly one of your MOST important skills vs ranged characters, this nifty skill can deflect projectiles back at the enemy as 3 black smoke balls, AND it gives you some invinci frames for a bit when successful. So the main questions are, should I level it? and how do I use it for-fk-sake!? No you shouldn’t pump points into it, but definitely have 1. It’s damage got recently buffed so it hits pretty well at base, and it increases % wise at an okay rate… but the only real thing that increases is the track distance (or how far it can reflect to). It’s pretty important but not important enough to level when there are more important skills in your build since it’s just a counter skill. How to use it? Well the first key hint is its command. Q+Shift. This indicates you MUST be blocking to have a better rate at deflecting. Personally, I like to keep it on a hotkey because walking backwards + Q + shift doesn’t cut it for me. When you are blocking, right before you are about to get hit… keep holding block (move backwards or hold q) and then delpha slasher. Voila, there is your deflected skill.

Conclusion: Definitely have a point in it for countering and make sure you know how to use it! It’s one of the best counters for ranged attacks to knock people down!! There isn’t much room in the build to level this, but the track distance increase sounds good.

Killer bee/Falling Angel or Wind Rave?

First of all, falling angel and wind rave are the two skills that are up for discussion. Killer bee only needs the minimum requirements, since it doesn’t do much damage or even hit if you activate falling angel immediately.

Second, fa + wind rave both have 20% PvP Damage reduct… but both scale pretty well in damage.

This leaves one crucial argument left, which is used more? I’d have to say FA is used more, in and out of combos, because wind rave has such a big cooldown (18 seconds). Honestly, I can max deadfall, falling angel, AND wind rave, but I am thinking about keeping wind rave at 1 now, until I know I have enough points (after the new level cap) to max this skill again. It does great damage, but I used falling angle way more in combos and I had to max deadfall.

Killer bee is just a pre-requisite, so don’t max it. I’ve come to like falling angel and it seems top KR players like it as well.

Conclusion: KB bl0ws. FA is used more in and out of combos over wind rave.

 Deadfall (Skill that is great to do before KB/FA)? 

Alright. This skill is a MUST. It is a 40% scaling skill that has 0% reduction in PvP and LIFTS enemies off the ground into an air combo. It does great damage and is used throughout your/my infinite combo and should be greatly considered. It’s one of the skills that catches players the most, even over wind rave.

Conclusion: A must have. 40% scaling. Used at the beginning of combos and throughout them. No PvP damage reduct.

Living Shadow…?

Another MUST HAVE skill. This lets you warp into the air and go into semi-invinci frame mode. Note: You can get hit while going up and grabbed, but nothing will hit you once you are a shadow!! This is why you pump points into it!! By leveling this, your teleport speed and movement speed increase going into and during this skill (Yep, you can move as a shadow). It’s one of the best skills for juking people and confusing the hell out of them ON TOP OF THE FACT you can cancel it anytime with (Shift).

Conclusion: A Must have dodging/counter skill, with semi-invinci frames, that should be increased for the movement and every aspect of it. I abuse this skill all the time to help confuse and outplay opponents then go into a deadfall initiating combo =)

Note: This skill isn’t really complete invinci frames since you can be grabbed out of it, however, you do not take ANY type of damage.. so I’m referring it as semi-invinci frames.

Blaring Silhouette, Sub Slash, and Viper Knee Kick – Max, 1, Max?

I cannot stress enough how important Blaring Silhouette is. It’s your evasive maneuver with a .5 sec invinci frame that can flinch enemies out of charges or whatever. The more points pumped into it the more it can be spammed close range or far range to dodge single skill projectiles and flinch charges. Sub slash is an add-on to blaring that can LIFT enemies into the air, allowing you to infinite combo, whether they are standing OR lying on the ground. Idk why the EU slayer did not get it, because it’s simply amazing. Not just for looks… Viper, Fk’n Knee Kick. This skill scales EXTREMELY high (in damage) when leveled and it appears frequently throughout your combo since it’s on such a low Cooldown (8 seconds). You can get this off at the beginning, middle, close to end, and at the very end of your combo for 4 times in 25 seconds. It’s a x2 Knee to the Face of damage and one of the greatest damage skills you have as a slayer. Try to learn to combo with this and your enemies will be dropping a lot faster.

Conclusion: Blaring’s cooldown is a MUST for slayer. Sub slash, being another lift off the ground, is too good to ignore. Hell, if it’s flashy and does an amazing purpose, I’m getting it. Viper Knee Kicks damage and usage throughout a combo are WAYY too important to ignore (AND DOES DO x2 HITS EVEN THOUGH THE GAME DOESN’T SAY SO). Slayer isn’t all about slashes but grabs as well. =)

Cross Combination & Cross Combo Edge?

Hi, let me introduce one of your Highest Damaging Skill, CC+CCE. This skill is not just a single X slash with black and purple lightning but with its add on, a double X slash that rips your enemy apart. This can be used FREQUENTLY at the beginning, mid, and even end of your combo since it only has a 8 or 10 second cooldown (too lazy to check) and hits like a Truck for damage. Most of the time, it comes right after ANOTHER huge damage skill, Viper Knee Kick, or even Wind Rave>Rout Point> Cross Combo+Edge. This is a MUST since it does so much damage and can be used frequently in every time of combo… Air + Infinite Ground.

Conclusion: One of the Highest damaging skill used in multiple parts of your combo cannot be overlooked.

Why Vice Sword? Why not Blood Dance or Vampiric Touch?

Vice sword lasts 3 minutes, Blood Dance and Vampiric Touch last 30 seconds. All with the same CD – pretty much. Vice sword gives phys. damage and bleed. The phys. damage is True damage. It cannot be blocked by defense. Every hit that you do will add extra damage and melt the person hp away With additional chance of bleeding for a few seconds. This buff destroys any class in 1 combo. and lasts 1 round, entirely. Blood dance is really cool, in my opinion, and I might add one point into it later with the new cap. But right now, 30 seconds of a buff isn’t much of a game/ round changer. The 10% atk speed is very nice as well as the 100% bleed. So I will look out for it in the future and tell you about it. Vampiric Touch….. each hit life steals. Cool. Your Physical Damage down 20%? Forget about it. We already hit low as slayers, I don’t want to hit lower for regen >.>

Conclusion: Vice’s bleed and true damage is insane, and it’s one of the best buffs in the game! Don’t bypass it =D

What’s up with Chain Scissor Slash, Spiral Crasher, and Mortal Chain Cut?

Well, chain scissor is a counter skill, not really a damage skill. It scales decently.. but only helps start combos. It’s not really useful during/in them. Same story with spiral crasher. It’s a good counter grab for situations and does a lot, but if you are using it at the end of your combo… all the damage is gone. Stick with it’s tremendous base damage and be happy with the 2k~3k hits =)

Mortal Chain Cut. This demonic skill destroys players and summons, PvE and PvP. It’s hard not to go without it and one of the best damage skills out there. I’m sure everyone would hate to give it up because I know I would. That’s why I maxed it.

Conclusion: Counter skills NOT used frequently in combos don’t really need your skill points.. OP Chain Cut of Death deserves some credit =P

Blaring Burst and Rout Point?

Okay. blaring burst isn’t really necessary. But I loved how it looked in the video and I love using it in combos. In addition to 3 other skills that lift off the ground.. this is a 4th. It can be used to continue aerial combos and give a little extra flash. When you learn how to use it right, it’s deadly and pretty sexy to watch.

Why didn’t I level rout point? Simply because of the same reason as scissor and spiral… It isn’t really used throughout a combo, but once at the beginning. This skill is CRAZY good with damage PvE and PvP and can stack up to 10x for MORE damage…

How can you use Rout Point? WELL I kinda did a 3 part video explanation for this one because it takes 36 minutes (sorta longer than necessary, but has visual demonstrations) to explain this monstrous skill. These videos are done with GREAT detail, length, and in-depth mechanic explanation so I REALLY suggest watching them for a better understand AND how to use them in game vs just reading a simplified text version w/o examples. Unfortunately you will have to hear me ramble on for half an hour.. x.x

In text (this is the TLDW:too long didn’t watch version of the videos, but you will be missing out on a LOT of info):
[Video 1 Material]
-Fundamentals of Rout Point
-How do I control Single Rout Point Swing?
-What will allow me to Single Rout Point Swing?
-What is a 0 stack swing?
-0 Stacks have normal properties and can cause a bounce on standing/airborne enemies
-0 Stacks will not allow you to use this skill as a 5th pick up
-What is a 10 stack swing?
-10 Stacks give the same properties as a 0 stack BUT it allows you to pick up off ground with the exception of a few skills (please see the end of Video 1 & beginning of Video 2)
-[Video 2 Material]
-How does double rout point work (activation)?
-How can I control double rout point?
-Double rout point can occur between 1~9 Stacks and exceptionally 5% (ill-timely manner) on 10 stacks
-What are the uses of double rout point?
-How do I control double rout point on my skills?
-How do I cancel the double rout point when it’s in the 80% “chance of happening” zone?
[Video 3 Material] 
-How should I be using double rout in combat controlably?
-Benefits of using rout point?
-Futuristically, what do you do after rout point?
-How does rout point works in combination with your evasive attack?





Conclusion: This skill has become slightly less viable with the recent changes due to faster get ups, but there is DEFINITELY a safe way to combo with this ^^. Extremely optional, but I wanted to get at least 1 of every skill (that was DECENT) as a Slayer~
-Rout Points conclusion is it is an AMAZING skill for utility. 14 seconds of cooldown really hurts this skills rating but I’d give it a 9/10 for complexity, mechanics, utility, and EVEN damage. Please watch my videos to learn so many things about the skill and to use it properly!

What’s up with max Horizon Jack and 10 Mana Passive?

Since the 63 patch, everything has been nice. Jack was able to become maxed, like I said, as well as iceball and the HP/MP passives. We got it all done and it’s all worth it! With iceball freeze every-so-often, Dagger doing 1.5k base hits, and hardly ever running into mana issues. Life is good~

-4c. PvE Build:

-4d. PvE Skill Explanations:
-Sorry for some of the lazy explanations… I don’t like PvE too much but you’ll get this gist of the main skills from this.

Twisting Flip Kick or Ringshear Kick?

Twisting goes up to lvl 17 and uses a LOT of points. It’s end damage is 180%+286 x3 (base damage 100% + 93) where as ringshear is 210% + 481. It says x2, but it really does x3 in game. I assure you. I’ve done it multiple times training and in games and can easily tell it’s 3 because it has 2 parts to it.

Conclusion: Ringshear does more damage. Lol..

Heart Breaker and Smash Chase + Darkness Chase?

Heart breaker can be used on Mobs after pulling them in with CSS and keep them all in place still. Smash chase + darkness are huge nukes on bosses. Usually all the lightning moves are.

Cross Combo and Cross Combo Edge?

High Damage Mob hitting skills. Use after CSS to keep in place and combine with other skills.

Rout Point?

One of the highest single hitting AOE skills you have. Easily helps takes out bosses.

Vice Sword and Blood Dance?

Vice causes true damage and bleed while blood dance gives you more Atk speed and causes Bleed. Both are a win-win for PvP, but not PvE. The mobs do not even last long enough with all your other damage skills to make this skill effective. Vice for PvP, Blood Dance for Nothing! Head my warning!~

Why get Living Shadow??

It helps dodge a bunch of attacks and allows you to move your position. Mainly for big boss fights.


Good for PvP, not so much for PvE as it lifts mobs away and such… The damage is, without question, amazing… and it makes this good for boss fights.

Chain Scissor Slash?

Probably the best skill for PvE. Hits 6 times with super armor AND pulls Mobs at a semi-close range into this attack. Best Skill for grouping, obviously.

Blaring Silhouette 10?

It’s like evasive maneuver for hunters. You want it on a low cooldown for mobility and slight i-frames during activation to dodge some boss power slashes. Also has some nice damage.

Other Skills (Blaring Burst, Sub Slash, Viper Knee Kick, Spiral Crasher, Dagger Slinger)?

Blaring Burst is a x3 huge AOE stomper that picks up. AOE is always good for PvE.
Sub Slash has a book bonus and the damage is actually pretty crazy when maxed. Picks up a huge AOE around you and that’s how Slayers playstyle for PvE killing is: Mob and 2 shot or knockdown AOE ~ pickups
Viper Does amazing Damage with a low cooldown and gives I frames. Can grab bosses with it so I definitely recommend it for the damage.
Spiral Can’t grab bosses, but has insane AOE damage at 400%+2001. An awesome skill to use for AOE. Dagger slinger gives you 5 daggers instead of 3. Cool feature if you ever plan to PvP and an icon thing you should get as Slayer ^^

HP Passive and No MP Passive?

HP is ALWAYS good to have. You should be using HP rings and such for PvE or PvP and having a higher base is always nice for error. I have MP regen rings for myself and NEVER lose any mana… lol… with that said, you don’t even need the passive. (My passive is 0 cuz I’m still level 54 when writing this). Mp regen is well worth it for PvE.

5. Souls!

-There isn’t much too this, just the best fit soul I think for Slayer as a whole.

-Head: Two types:

–PvP you want INT

–PvE you want Mpr

-Shoulders: Attack Speed

-Top: Cooldowns

-Gloves: Attack Speed

-Bottom: Physical Defense

-Shoes: Damage Resistance

-Note: Same applies for the bonuses. It’s really hard to get some of the bonuses so I’m not gonna force them on you since they are a P2W (pay to win) aspect..

6. Specific Skill Breakdown (Includes information about it that you may not know)

-Note: You may want to use the find command (CTRL+F) to search for specific skills since it’s a long list.

-6a. Actions: “(i-frames stand for invincibility frames = white glow) (super armor = red glow) (semi-super = blue glow)

-Helldive Burst: You get a free point in this. It’s Multi-projectile (close-mid ranged) skill that has a command.

-Useful when you and enemy hit at the same time to stall and KB them.

-Dagger Stack: Honestly one of the 3 most important skills for Slayer. It allows you to carry more daggers to throw.

-Useful 24/7.

-Twisting Flip Kick: Tripple Lift Kick off the ground and allows you to air combo. Can be easily evasive attacked.

-Useful in combos and lifting, not for starting them unless things are on cooldown.

-Turning Kick: Half of the animation is super armor (until the kick reaches 90 degrees). Lifts enemies into the air only if they are standing.

-Useful starting and during combos.

-Cross Combination: High damage 2 slash skill. Has a command and additional add on for 2 more slashes.

-Useful mainly in combos.

-Skulljape: Summons a Goat wh0re to help get you h0rny.

-Usefulness: -10.

-Ice Ball: Mid Ranged projectile with huge AOE (the more you level it) and has a chance to freeze the enemy.

-Useful for unexpected hits, combo starting, flinching guard wh0res, and freezing (best proc IN the game).

-Ice Crystal: Slow, and I mean SLOW moving gaint ice ball.

-Useful for stoping some initiates on melee classes as well as blocking your animations from the enemy). Not the greatest skill for slayers though..

-Vamperic Touch: Buff that causes you to lose damage for hp regen hits.


-Horizon Jack: Part of the 3 most important skills. It’s goes hand in hand with dagger stack. This allows you to actually throw the daggers you store and can be done in three different ways – delayed, quick, or air throw. Has a command.

-Usefulness: 1/3 KEY skills to Slayer.

-Blood Dance: Gain attack speed and Bleed for 30 seconds.

-Useless for PvE since you can’t even spam it.Your damage will kill the mobs before it’s even useful. For PvP and PvE… it has too high of a cooldown to matter.

-Ringshear Kick: (Hits x3 times) 2 Part backflip kick into the air. Has a short ground line wave and the kick. Hard Impossible to evasive attack as it’s extremely quick.

-Useful for starting combos, damage, and throughout combos.

-Rout Point: One of the coolest skills Slayers get. Lighting, overhand, a$s slap….. Just Kidding, but it is a lightning overhand slash.

-Useful for closing a small gap for that extra BAM. It bounces enemies that are standing or in air (when hit at the proper height) and is extremely unexpected.

-There are a few skills that are tricky for opponents to judge, and this is one they hardly expect, ever.

-Delpha Slasher: Projectile deflector shield. Allows you to return projectiles as a fast tripple black ball thing. Successful deflection gives invincibility frames for a second or so.

-Useful for anyone ranged to deflect their ***** back to them.

-Heart Breaker: Long dash with a double strike at the end. It has NO invincibility frames when activating, however, has semi?  i-frames during the lunge. When you hit the opponent, the first hit is NOT i-frames. The second uppercut, on the other hand, has i-frames AND stuns your opponent. This is why you fall sometimes to laggy rangers.

-Useful in combos, and out of combo trickery. note that you can also cancel this skill by hitting S (or backwards movement) and you do a roll. This roll has i-frames for the first half of it.

-Wind Rave: Ranged Grab that has i-frames until you reach about 60degrees. o/ (= a person waving which is about 60 degrees).

-Useful outside of combos all the time to out play opponents. It’s almost a sure grab when done correctly at the right times. Don’t use this in combos (too often) as it has a high cooldown.
-Can change direction of throw with middle mouse button as soon as grab connects.

-Vice Sword: Best buff for Slayers. Causes true damage and bleed for 3minutes, 79.2 in PvP?

-Allows you to r@pe anything and everything for one round in PvP and *****s for PvE. xD.

-Smash Chase: Gap closer that allows you to stab 4 times if you hit. First hit is a stun and is CURRENTLY unblock-able in most cases except vs guard.
-Breaks guard easily, does a lot of damage, and has a fking stun as the first hit.

-Living Shadow: Teleport into the air, giving you semi-iframes to dodge anything except grabs. Can be canceled with shift.
-One of the best skills The BEST skill that slayers have. Allows you to juke almost anything and punish the other class.

-Blaring Burst: Double ground kick that lifts opponent into the air. Can be canceled by actions.
-Useful for aerial combo/infinites/pick up

-Chain Scissor Slash: 6 Slash super armor skill that cancels semi-super armors. 6th hit is a ranged (shot) that will knock back.
-Useful for countering many many dashes, warps, and other crap.

-Deadfall: Double uppercut while in air that lifts opponent into aerial combo.
-Extremely useful for catching players as well as highly used for damage throughout comboing. Can use horizon jack after this, unlike other aerial skills.

-Mortal Chain Cut: Extremely high powered 6 hit teleportation ***** r@pe skill for nuking anything. First 5 hits are stun, 6th is a non stun knockback (be careful if they counter you).
-Useful for counters, burst, dodges, and pet killing. Has I frames during usage.

-6b. Commands:

-Evasive Dash: Allows you to escape any kind of combo except when stunned.

-Evasive Attack: Allows you to escape ONLY ground combos while you are standing. Can’t escape stun.

-Rising Attack: Get up that allows you to strike your opponent with semi super armor. Knocks them down on last hit and can be used at any time on the ground when not being hit.

-Evasive Roll: Get upskill that allows you to get up a lot quicker when knocked down. Forward is the fastest get up, backwards is a slight delay, androlling to teh side is a long delay. You can chain rising attack off of this and Evasive roll must be used immediately when knocked down. You cannot stall this get up like rising attack.

-Dash (Dodge Roll): Dodging skill with I-frames that lets you do… well… dodge. Lol. Forward or sideways is a sommersault and backwards is a backflip (that you can control the direction of – sommersault is linear directional).

-Blade Curtain Cancel: Auto Attack Cancel. Better explanation? You can stop your autoattacks at any point so the enemy is not knocked up or knocked back from you. Can be sued to infinite combo with.

-Soft Landing: Double Jump in air, has Invincibility-frames.

-Riddle Kick: Ground Stomp.

-Viper Knee Kick: (x2 Hit)High damage grab used through combos in PvP.

-Blaring Silhouette: Extremely important manuever/dodge skill with a small fraction of a second of invincibility frames during activation.

-Beauty Spin Kick: Amazing air down kick that bounces the enemy and allows you to continue aerial combos.

-Fear Throw: Penetration projectile.
-Useful for breaking shields/guard and knocking down. Can stop some dashes as well.

-Sub Slash: Extremely important ground pickup for Slayer. A 4th pick-up that is used in high damage combos.

-Jump Attack: Allows you to double attack in air. Left and Right click, once for each.

-Killer Bee: Air Dive Kick that goes into a grab.

-Falling Angel: Grab follow up from killer bee. Used throughout combos.

-Cross Combination Edge: Add on to cross combination. It allows two more slashes
-Mainly used in combos.

-Darkness Chase: Add on for smash chase. Causes 2 extra high damage hits and bleed.
-Useful for catching with extra damage and guard breaking, in some cases.

-Spiral Crasher: Cool air initiator grab that allows you to combo right after pulling it off.
Does a high amount of base damage at level 1 and good to start with.

-6c. Passives:

-HP Passive: Gives 2900 extra HP.

-MP Passive: Gives 2900 extra MP.

-Critical Passive: Unnecessary but gives you 10% extra crit.

-Attack Mastery: Totals to 25%+50 extra physical attack at the current level cap (63).

-Agile Blood: Totals to 5.8% extra movement speed and attack speed at the current lvl cap (63).

-Magic Mastery: Useless for Slayers. Increases magic attack.

-Dagger Slinger: Allows you to stack 5 daggers instead of 3.
(Thank you to kmrbels of Ares for confirming this with me. I had it confused with Jacks properties, took another look and asked for a similar opinion)

7. Comboing
-You’re going to have to bear with me for this, as everything will be in strings of text.
Skills are semi-abbreviated so if you have questions, comment

-7a. Commands
-First, I want to introduce commands, because they are useful to know and get used to while playing.
-Some people may not have a gaming mouse, which leaves them with about 1~7 keys and Z~N.
This is also helpful for when you are silenced by Taoists. You can still use commands!

(S+Left Click) Helldive Burst
(S+Right Click) Cross Combo (Hold Right Click for Cross Combo Edge)
(S+F) Ringshear Kick

(Hold Q) Block
(Hold S) Also blocks
(Q+Shift) Delpha Slasher

(A or D + Right Click) Blaring Silhouette (Hold Right Click) Sub Slash
(E) Viper Knee Kick

(Shift+A,S,W,D) Evasive Roll
(Shift+E) Wind Rave
(Shift+F) Blaring Burst

(Space) Jump
(In Air)(Space) Soft Landing – a.k.a Double Jump
(In Air)(Q) Horizon Jack
(In Air)(Shift+Right Click) Deadfall (Hold Right Click for a second uppercut)
(In Air)(Left Click then Right Click) Jump Chain Attack
(In Air)(F) Beauty Spin Kick
(In Air)(S+F) Killer Bee (Hold F after Killer Bee hits) Falling Angel

-7b. PvP Combos
-Although you probably cheated, read hardly anything, or used CTRL+F to get here quicker, I’ve had to write all this crappy information before coming to this section. So let’s begin.
-I’m kinda making names up as I go so they aren’t really creative…

Fundamental parts of Combos (I don’t want to call it ‘basics’ because you might skip these, but they are very important)

Sub Slash Combo – Blaring Silhouette > Sub Slash > Viper Knee Kick > Cross Combo + Edge > [Blaring Burst, Twist Kick, Ringshear]

Ringshear Kick Combo A – Ringshear > Deadfall Combo
Ringshear Kick Combo B – Ringshear > Cross Combo + Edge > Twist Kick

Turning Kick Combo – Turning Kick > Viper Knee Kick > Cross Combo + Edge > [Blaring Burst, Twist Kick, Ringshear]

Pentagram A (they have no evasive attack) – Chain Scissor Slash > (As soon as 6th blast goes off) Rout Point OR Wind Rave > [Twist Kick, Ringshear]
Pentagram B (expect evasive but isn’t used) -Chain Scissor Slash > (At 5th Hit) Turning Kick Combo
Pentagram C(they evasive attack) – Chain Scissor Slash >(As soon as 6th hit goes off) Turning Kick > Blaring Silhouette > Sub Slash Combo

Deadfall Combo – (While in Air) Deadfall x2 (just hold right click) > Killer Bee > Falling Angel
Deadfall Combo Continued – Deadfall Combo > Sub Slash Combo

Wind Rave Combo A (they have evasive dash and might burn it after WR)- Wind Rave > Jump > Jump Chain Atk > Beauty Spin Kick > Jump > Deadfall Combo
Wind Rave Combo B (they don’t have evasive dash = more damage) – Wind Rave > (Hold W and watch their height)  Rout Point (Let go of W during) > Cross Combo + Edge > [Blaring Burst, Twist Kick, Ringshear]
Wind Rave Combo C (you suspect evasive dash shortly after but you-think-they-think you will do the standard into KB/FA) – Wind Rave > Jump > Chain Attack > Beauty Spin Kick > Heart Breaker > Ringshear > Jump > Left Click Atk > Deadfall Combo
(You can do many other things, this is just an example to switch it up)

Mortal Chain Cut A (They have evasive attack up) – Mortal Chain Cut and hold back (to block)… not much you can do if you suspect them EA’ing

Moral Chain Cut B (evasive attack is down) – Mortal Chain Cut > Rout Point

Moral Chain Cut C (evasive attack is down) – Mortal Chain Cut > Wind Rave

Heartbreaker Combo A – Heartbreaker > Ringshear > Deadfall Combo

Heartbreaker Combo B – Heartbreaker > Mortal Chain Cut

Smash Chase Combo A – Smash Chase x1 > Ringshear > Deadfall Combo

Smash Chase Combo B – Smash Chase x1 > Mortal Chain Cut

NOTE: These are just some standard combo chains… there are WAY more unique things you can do if you think about it ^^
-I’m willing to show you in PvP if you give me a message anytime~

-Infinite Ground Combo

Left Click x3 > Blade Curtain Cancel (Q) > Left Click x3 > Cross Combo  + Cross Combo Edge > Left Click x3 > Blaring Silhouette (move camera and mose in same direction to stay close to enemy) > Left Click x3 > Black Curtain Cancel (Q) > Left Click x3 > Delpha Slasher > Left Click x3 > Blaring Silhouette > [Repeat]


-Left Click x3 > Blade Curtain Cancel (Q) > [Repeat]
-Infinite Aerial Combo

(Off of Wind Rave): Jump > Jump Chain Attack (Left Click, Right Click) > Beauty Spin Kick > Jump >  Deadfall Combo Continued >[ Twist Kick > Jump Chain Attack > Beauty Spin Kick > Heartbreaker > Ringshear > Jump Chain Attack > Deadfall x2 > Killer Bee > Falling Angel > Jump Chain Attack > Beauty Spin Kick > Blaring Silhouette > Sub Slash Combo] [Repeat the Brackets]

-Alternative Infinite Combo

(Off someone being down or getting caught): Ringshear > [Cross Combo + Edge Twist Kick or Ringshear (whatever off cooldown) > Jump Chain 1 (ONLY LMB) > Beauty Spin Kick > Blaring Burst > Heartbreaker > Viper Knee Kick > Ringshear > Cross Combo + Edge > Twist Kick > Deadfall x2 > Killer Bee > Falling Angel > Blaring Silhouette > Sub Slash > Viper Knee Kick > Cross Combo + Edge > Twist Kick or Ringshear (whatever off cooldown)]

-7c. PvE Combos

For Mobbing:
-Chain Scissor Slash > Blaring Silhouette > Cross Combo + Cross Combo Edge > Rout Point OR Ringshear OR Smash Chase

(Blaring Silhouette and Cross combo can be switched if one is on CD)
-Chain Scissor Slash > Mortal Chain Cut > Blaring Silhouette > Sub slash > Ringshear > Rout Point

For Bosses: (you generally just want to spam lightning skills) Heart Breaker > Smash Chase > Chain Scissor Slash > Mortal Chain Cut (If Up) > Cross Combo + Cross Combo Edge > Ringshear Kick > Deadfall x2 > Beauty Spin Kick > [Repeat]

8. Counters for SPECIFIC Classes/Sub Classes in PvP! (In Progress…..)

(So my idea for this section was to just tell you how to ‘beat’ some of the problematic skills of each class. NOT how to follow up, etc.

-8a. Hunter

–8a1. Assassin
Force Bomb (Purple Bomb #1) – “Dash” a.k.a dodge roll, Turning Kick, Chain Scissor Slash, Living Shadow
Blinking Shadow (Purple bomb #2) – “Dash” a.k.a dodge roll, Turning Kick, Chain Scissor Slash, Living Shadow
Shadow Dash – Ice Crystal, Blaring Silhouette, Dash forward, Living Shadow, Heart Breaker (Will beat if executed at the same time), Ice Ball, Dagger (Horizon Jack)
Decoy – Any Grab Skill, Fear Throw
Eagle Kick – Early Ice Crystal, Block, Turning Kick, Chain Scissor Slash
Double Jumping – Dagger/Iceball (at them or where they land), Smash Chase (their landing), Wind Rave, Killer Bee & Falling Angel, Rout Point
Shatter Kick (Slight Dash Kick) – Early Ice Crystal, Block, Turning Kick, Chain Scissor Slash, Mortal Chain Cut, Quick Dagger
Halfmoon Kick (Backflip kick into Air) – Block, Chain Scissor, Turning Kick

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