C9 Illusionist Skill Build Guide

Continent of the Ninth Seal (C9) Illusionist Skill Build Guide by kimsteparu

Hello. This is King, leader of Forever.

On many people request, I have decided to make a skill build/guide for my fellow illusionist.

I was a ranked illusionist and assassin on the Korean Server so every skill  I recommend on this guide, I have a reason to recommend it.

Please keep all hate comments to yourself. I really don’t care if you think my guide is bad or whatnot. This is my personal opinion and if you don’t want to follow it, I am fine by it.

Is this the best guide?
No. It is something I made highlighting important skills players SHOULD get and what I would recommend.

Illusionist Skills


Elec Swing
Rating: 2

Honestly, This move is pratically useless. While it might be useful in PvP with DarkEmotion Combo, this skill has a VERY short range. It is a waste of SP and I would NOT recommend players to add to this skill. There are better skills out there for players to invest their skill points in.

Phantom Wall
Rating: 1

I give it a 1 mainly because it has totally useless. In PvP, players who touch it wont even get stunned. In PvE, its totally useless. It doesnt even have the aggro feature, which Alluring Illusion does. Useless.

Ice Spear
Rating: 10

Ok. This is probably your BEST single target Move. It covers a LONG freaking range. Plus Damage is awesome. Three Hits followed by an explosive on fourth which does x2 the damage. Add water elements on your staff and basically in PvP, you’ll be dragging down at least 1/5 of your opponents hp if it directly hits. PvE wise, it is very useful for finishing a monster. It is VERY effective against bosses since they just stand there most of the time.

Lighting Bolt
Rating: 7

This skill is a bit funky.  Number 1, in PvP, there is a nerf right there already. 10% decrease damage. This is to prevent the massive DoT following it. The drawback is, the range will NEVER increase for this skill. Secondly, it is a casting time and it will take a bit of time to cast in PvP. PvE wise, it is an awesome skill and does massive DoT. This is probably the AoE youll be relying on frequently.

Rating: 20/10

This skill is hacks. Its monster hacks. For a single target intended purpose skill, if it explodes, it has a freaking huge range. And to top it off, the damage is Above average. What else? The DoT is ridiculous. PvP, you dont even have to directly aim it at the person. As long as the explosion range touches the player, THEY WILL GET DAMAGED. PvE wise, it is  effective against both mobs and boss. Also has a low CD rate so it is spammable. EVERY shaman should max this.

Dark Emotion
Rating:  7/10

Great Move. Knocks people off the ground. Awesome in PvP and many follow up moves can follow this skill. Pve Wise, its pretty useless but can serve as a combo linker.

Illusion Flame
Rating PvE : 1/10
Rating PvP: 9/10

This skill is pratically USELESS in PvE. Stamina cost is pratically ridiculous for such a short ranged move. PvP wise, it is awesome. It WILL hit players on the ground and it WILL do massive damage. Choose this if you want to PvP

Soul Chaser
Rating: 20/10

Another awesome skill. First lets talk about the most unique ability about this skill. Its a honing skill. Meaning, yes it will follow you. And yes it will hit you five times if it hits. Also has a debuff which will reduce enemy / player if they get hit. It has tracking , player speed reduction, and high damage. GET THIS. Awesome in PvP and PvE.

Phantom Cry
PvE: 5/10
PvP: 8/10

PvE, its pretty meh. You would only take it if you are soloing or just love rushing. Using this has a very high chance of stun. If you dont plan on PvPing, I recommend putting at least one point in this skill. Range doesnt increase that much and stun level is the same throughout. You only want this for the stuff. PvP wise, this is a good skill for rushing blademasters and assassins. This will save your butt a lot of time given that you can time this skill correctly.

Mana Protect
Rating: 10/10

Get level one. Absorb 30 % is already good enough. Increases by like 2% each level which is pretty worthless IMO. And the effectiveness is also decreased by 50% in PvP so Just put lv one for this.

Phantom Upper
Rating: 8/10

AWESOME IN PvP. YOU WILL NEED THIS SKILL IN PvP. The range is mediocre and serves as a HUGE combo linker. PvE wise it also serves as a combo linker. One point.

Phantom Blade
Rating: ????

Now this is a funky skill. Depending on how you use it, it will be on of your BEST skills in PvP. It will cast an invisible blade to everyone, including you. By detonating phantom crash at the right time, you will be able to use that instant to combo your enemy and basically kill them. It is honestly pretty useless in PvE and I’ve never used it as much. However you should get a minimum of 5 at least for a prerequisite

Alluring Illusion
PvE: 5/10
PvP: 8/10

PvE. Honestly I havent seen many ***** monsters fall for this. However, this thing does aggro monsters to one spot, allowing you to spam your skill on them. PvP wise, this serves as a nice shield. You can also hide behind it and time the explosion.

Soul Aura
Rating: 10/10

INVINCIBLE? YES. ONLY GET ONE ON THIS. Having a one second extra duration during level up is pretty useless. Level one is sufficient.

Phantom Scrape
Rating: ????

Phantom Blade with more damage. Again this can be an awesome skill if you can use it correctly. At higher level, it will do massive damage if hit.

Phantom Tornado.

Max. Even though it requires skill stones to cast, at max level, range is ridiculous. its so big idk what to say at all LOL. and this skill is glitchable. In PvP if players get hit, expect them to lose at least half their hp.


Fast Casting.

GET. MUST GET. GET GET GET . Decrease Casting time? Hell yes. Will allow you to cast phantom storm and other skills faster.

Furious Storm
One point. Increase Phantom storm ability.

Mentalism I
Get. Mg regen and Wisdom. Why not? MP regen is a huge bonus for PvE as we will be spamming a lot of skills. Wisdom = free magical damage. why not again?

Mentalism II

Up to you. Honestly, with mentalism increasing your mp regen like crazy, mana cost decrease is pretty insignificant. Get if you have skill points I guess.

Max HP
GET GET GET GET GET. More hp = survive longer in PvP. Understand?

Max MP
GET GET GET GET. More mp= more skills. Understand?

I honestly never put any on critical. Most of my critical came from my armor and I believe am doing enough damage. It is a waste of skill points imo but you can put if you want.

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  1. Paweł says:

    so awful build i hope nobody used it totally wrong even noob knows illu better…

  2. Anonymous says:

    This leaves a lot of skills out when you hit 50 due to the shortage of points. What about phantom hand and the rest of the skills you can pick up at later levels?

  3. Anonymous says:

    so what does Soul Aura really does??? Healing myself or my partymembers?? or damage my enemies ??
    >.< nice guide :P

  4. Telmarael says:

    Skillnames are a bit different from what u can see in game, could u chage them a bit?? though u can understand which skill are u discribing by the text below, it's still hard to differ spells like phantom blades from each other :

  5. how about the commands skill?

  6. Anonymous says:

    which elemental enchantmen should i put on my weapon as illusionist?

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