C9 Bosses List

Continent of the Ninth Seal (C9) Bosses List by BraveHeart

In this introduction im gonna be showing you guys some of the Bosses that C9 (continent of the ninth) has.

Goblin Shakhi:

The headman of Goblin Forest. The first boss that players will come across, kinda easy, main skills are fireball, leaps and staff strike, summon Goblin entourage. Entourages have low HP, can be ignored, going on attacking boss is ok.

Goblin Patriarch:

The leader of Underground Altar, skills are similar to Goblin Shaikh’s.

Gillies Commander:

The commander of Demon Imp Forest, good at closely slash. Usually jump at front then rotate and chop, has wide movement range and far attack range, don’t step back to dodge when the boss use the skill, but move to left or right.

Atrocious Kruger:

A huge monster of Demon Imp Goaf, the main skills are the powerful closely attack and fire breath. It will put the shield in front when it want to dash, and when it use fire breath, it is the same, the boss will put the shield in front then breath fire with 180°, use tumble to elude the skill.


The leader of Mermaid gens who invade The Sea Waste Village, the main skill is jumpily attack.


The Great beast which live in Mysulian Gighland, skills are assault while sprinting forward, roar attack after gathering.


Dryad queen who live in Enchantment Forest, main skills are closely stab and large-scale magic missile.

Skeleton King:

The duce who settle in Deader Temple and his past is tragic, his skills are far distance stab attack and large-scale magic missile.


A great beast who live in the north Exclusionary Area of Dellpast, main skills are large-scale rockfall attack and fire breath.


Imps’ learder of the Dellpast Frontline between Goblin and Imps’ war, main skills are closely slash and far instance charged attack.

Hope i helped you guys with this introduction, good playing to all!

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