C9 Gunslinger Sample Builds Guide

C9 Gunslinger Sample Builds Guide by The92Ghost

So, we all expect the Gunner to come out soon, so I decide to upload a builds for PvP and PvE which I found online, in another forum all rights goes to his proper publisher and C9 Webzen or JP so no copyright intend here! Just helping the people which intend to play as gunner and have no clue what kind of skills they have to use!

First I will go with the PvP Build Because there is a lot of PvP players in this game and they are the majority!

Active Skills



And now the PvE Build, for the PvE Maniacs!

Actions PvE

Commands PvE

Passives PvE

BS Hybrid LvL. 57:

Information for the skills on English:

gunslinger skills list

And last, but not least! One awesome Pro-playing of Gunner from our neighborhood Japan:


I guess you all ask what Craft I will need to craft my weapons for BS, what materials, and so on well here is your info!

translated japanese wiki

By the translation so far, I understand that you will need woodworking, metalworking, magical/rare/perfect ores and 2 x Rare Materials which drops from the Blue Mobs in Dungeons! To Craft Gunslinger gear you will need tailoring! (I think this was pretty clear!)

Gunner Getting to Round 18 solo in Survival!


Vids for gunner:

youtube japanese search

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