C9 Berserker Skills Comprehensive Guide

C9 Berserker Skills Comprehensive Guide by Tartarus

Hello, I am finally putting together all i have learned about Berserkers in this Guide. I am still testing the class, but since a lot of people were asking about berserker Guides. So i am putting up This Comprehensive Guide as something to work on.

It is not a build guid but one which explains and helps you understand the berserker skills. You may or maynot agree with some of the facts in this guide, but this is what i came up with till now. I would realy apretiate constuctive feedback though.

Class Analysis

Berserker is a subclass of Fighter who wields a greatsword and boasts the highest attack power within the Fighter classes. The core feature of Berserker is switching different battle stance while using different skills. It has good defense and HP but lacks speed. Like every other fighter class, Berserker can also block-counter but it never carries a shield which makes this class most stand-out class among all Fighter classes.


High damage: Berserkers have highest Damage per Hit among all Fighter Classes.

Flexible: Berserkers can be used almost against every class in PvP. However they are kinda weak against ranged classes.

AOE Damage: A lot of berserker skills do AOE (Area of effect) Damage making this class very effective for PvE and Group PvP.

Blood Points: Berserkers have a blood point system which can use with Blood Impact to deal massive damage.


Slow Speed: Berserkers are the slowest class of all in the game, so you will have to adapt yourself to it by using charge attacks.

No Buffs: Berserkers do not have any positive buffs for them. Although some skills have a HP regen effect but it seems negligible in practice.

Building Blood Points: Building blood points is a crucial thing for berserker play style or the damage of berserker is very low.

Attack Stances

Hack Stance – Carry greatsword on the shoulder and most skills are launched in this stance.

Slash Stance – Drag greatsword on the ground. Obviously, specific skills will be available only in designated stance. The normal attack in this stance has 2 slashes, first one stunns the opponent and the second knocks them to ground .

Berserker Skills

Action Skills

Giant Bash I: Put anger over the greatsword and then cut the enemy. Hits grounded enemies. Has Super armor and stun.

PvP: [Utility] Most easy and basic skill to quickly stun your opponent and it has a low Cooldown. Leave at level 1 for utility.

PvE: Not much useful in PvE unless you are against a single heavy target that you need to stun quickly.

[Blood Impact]: Adds another bash that deals high damage and grounds the opponent.

Desemblowing Kick: The Berserker dashes to the opponent into 3 hit combo. Has semi-super armor and stun.

PvP: [Max] One of the most rapidly used skill in PvP. It can be used for closing gap, as a combo starter, connector and finisher. With blood impact, it becomes your primary damaging skill. Definitely Max it!!

PvE: [Utility] Good to catch annoying ranged or running mobs. Level 1 is enough for PvE.

[Blood Impact]: Adds a rolling bash that deals huge damage. Hits both air and ground enemies.

Ground Swing: Swing the sword 360 2 times to send opponents flying. The first hit ignores opponent’s defense, and you can unleash attack while they are grounded. The second hit will bash enemies in the way.

PvP: [Preference] Good for using as a combo finisher as it hits grounded opponents. However, this skill has no blood impact and it can be replaced with other skills, so i leave it as a personal preference skill.

PvE: [Max] One of the Best PvE skills of Berserker. Deals Good Damage and hits both ground and air mobs. Has 360 AOE damage. Max it of PvE

[Blood Impact]: This skill has no Blood Impact.

Backstep Breaker: A rapid evade enemies’ attack followed a powerful sword dash, slow down the enemies’ movement speed. This attack can hit grounded enemies and reduces their mvement speed on successful hit.

PvP: [Preference] Good skill for hitting ground enemies can be used as a combo Finisher. Average gap closing skill due to short range. Good for canceling opponent skills and the slow effect is also very useful specialy against hunter classes. The blood impact deals good damage, at higher levels though. You can either leave it at lvl1 for utility, or level it a bit if you use it rapidly.

PvE: [Utility] can be used to approach running mobs and cancel mob/boss moves. Level 1 for utility.

[Blood Impact]: Adds an additional horizontal slash that deals moderate damage and has frontal AOE.

Mighty Stroke: Swings back and smashes the blade on ground. Deals average damage. Changes the stance.

PvP: [Utility] Hits behind enemies and this feature is quite a life saver especially if u or your opponent is lagging. Then it is good for changing the stance and dealing an average damage at the same time. Level 1 for utility.

PvE: Not much of a use in PvE other than changing Stance: /

[Blood Impact]: Adds another downward sroke that hits twice, knowking the enemy to ground. Tha stance does not change if Blood Impact is used.

Stance Change: As the name says, changes the stance from Hack stance to slash stance and vice versa.

PvP:[Utility] Nothing much to say level 1 for utility

PvE:[Utility] Nothing much to say level 1 for utility

[Blood Impact]: N/A

Press Kick: Dash forward to kick the enemy. Changes stance, Stuns.

PvP:[Utility] Combo starter, good stun and quickly change stance.

PvE:[Utility] Good for catching running mobs.

[Blood Impact]: N/A

Keiser Sword: Spinning sword to attack enemies, then upspring and perform a powerful cut towards the ground, the impacted enemies will be knocked into the air. One of the best skills of berserker deals massive damage and the blood impact is godly. A must Max Skill for both PvP and PvE.

PvP: [Max] Do i need to say anything more? Great combo Finisher and punishing skill MAX IT!!!

PvE: [Max] Just Max it!! You won’t be disappointed.

[Blood Impact]: Adds another swing that creates a tornado which hits multiple times.

Rising Giant I: Slashes up to launch the enemy in air and changes stance. Left click after skill initiation adds a downward slash knocking the enemy down on ground and it does not change stance.

PvP: [Max] Great combo connector, starter and finisher. The blood impact is also superb. Max this skill

PvE: [Preference] Gr8 to launch enemies in air has various usefulness in different situations and blood impact is great. Level as much as you can.

[Blood Impact]: Adds a rolling bash attack. Hits both air and ground enemies.

Giant Swing (Slash Stance): Spin twice and throw nearby enemies in a large range.

PvP: [Preference] The damage is Moderate to high at max level with blood impact. However, there are lot other options in place of this skill. If you want to use it Max it or Skip this skill. There is no point on investing SP on this skill if you are not Maxing it.

PvE: [Utility] Another AOE skill for slash Stance. Level 1 for Utility

[Blood Impact]: Adds another 2 swings.

Bloody Wave (Slash Stance): Wave your greatsword forward, launching out powerful swordkee to cut down opponents. Ranged skill, hits both air and grounded enemies.

PvP: [Preference] I am actually confused whether to max it or not. It has numerous uses and its one of the two skills that hits the opponent from distance, Deals gr8 damage at higher levels. Level 1 is a must, Max it if you like this skill.

PvE: [Utility] Good ranged skill. Level 1 for Utility

[Blood Impact]: Adds a second wave which is mirror of the first one.

Rage Control: Berserker cuts himself to gain Blood points and causing him bleeding damage. Adds 10 Blood points at level 1.

PvP: [Utility] Get this skill at level 1 if you have problems making blood points. But DO NOT LEVEL THIS SKILL

PvE: [Utility] Get this skill at level 1 if you have problems making blood points. But DO NOT LEVEL THIS SKILL

[Blood Impact]: N/A

Immortal Breaker: Hmm what can i say about this skill?? Turns you in Berserker ModeSealed. Super armor, attack speed increased, movement speed increased. Need 70 Blood Point to activate.

PvP: [Utility] you won’t be using this skill in most of the PvP matches due to its Blood Point requirements. Good skill for ring outs and the Blood Impact is Superb.

PvE: [Utility] Good skill for taking down big grps of mobs and the Blood Impact is Superb.

[Blood impact]: Performs a Gigantic Bash that deals godly damage.

Rage Drain: Outbreak rage to shock nearby enemies can absorb enemies’ HP.

PvP: [Utility] A must have skill. Great combo starter, impressive stun Level 1 is recommended but u can level it a bit for increased damage

PvE: [Preference] Great Crowd Control skill level it a bit, if you can, for added damage.

[Blood Impact]: N/A

Force wave (Slash Stance): Erupt rage immediately and dash to knock enemies’ head with shoulder, and then swing the sword 360 sending them flying. The skill can be canceled after the shoulder charge by using dash or press Kick (Recommended for PvP).

PvP: [Preference] Excellent skill for closing gaps. I recommend to cancel the skill every time with press Kick, this leads you to initiate combo. Level it as much as you like/can.

PvE: [Utility] Good skill to catch ranged and running mobs.

[Blood Impact]: N/A

Command Skills

Note: The commands which i left are to be gotten at level 1 for utility.

Greatsword Expertise: Improve the ability of using greatsword. Increase the damage dealt with normal attacks and attacks in Immortal Breaker.

PvP: [Preference] Only level this skill if you do a lot of normal attacks (Slash stance normal attack exploit.) or fond of Immortal Breaker.

PvE: [Preference] Level this skill to increase damage during immortal breaker.

[Blood Impact]: N/A

Ankle Kick: Leave at level 1 or level it for Titan Step.

Titan Step: Trample an enemy with great force and throw it into the air. The height increases with the skill’s level, then spinning sword to attack enemies Enemy Armor is active while using this skill.

PvP: [Skip] Useless skill for PvP. Just use normal attack to lift the enemy.

PvE: [Preference] You can lift multiple mobs using this skill.

[Blood Impact]: N/A

Blood Lust: Consume lots of blood point to get into bloodlust state. This state means continuous bleeding damage to self, limitless blood Impact, more powerful attack and persistently recover HP after normal attack hit the enemy. Bloodlust state can active only when reach 100 blood point.

PvP: [Skip] Not much to say, you won’t be using this skill in PvP. Skip if you can or leave at level 1.

PvE: [Utility] This skill can either save you or Kill you. Level it at your own risk.

[Blood Impact]: provides Limitless Blood Impact to all skills.

Trust Step: An added short distance dash after Dash or Blade Charge. The skill provides invincibility from ranged attacks/skills.

PvP: [Preference] Thrust step, provides an invincibility frame from ranged attacks/skills which might be usefull if you can time it right. I personaly didnt get thrust step. I would sugest either get at lvl 1 for utility or skip it.

PvE: [Skip] It is useless in PvE so far in my experience the best use is to cover the gaps in terrain in some dungeons.

[Blood Impact]: N/A

Piledriver: As the name says, deliver a piledriver.

PvP: [Utility] Useful for guard break if Grab Strike is on Cooldown or you missed it.

PvE: [Utility] Use it to deal a behind aoe damage.

[Blood Impact]: N/A

Giant Bash II: A rapid and powerful attack addition to Giant Bash I

Giant Bash III: A rapid and powerful attack addition to Giant Bash II. Left at the end will lift the enemy in air.

Both Giant Bash II, III are Utility Skills for PvP/PvE so leave them at Level 1.

[Blood Impact]: Same as Giant Bash I.

Stone Breaker: left hand rapid attack skill

PvP: [Preference] leave at level 1 or level 3 for Stone Breaker

PvE: [Preference] leave at level 1 or level 3 for Stone Breaker

[Blood Impact]: N/A

Change Upper: Uppercut to change the stance into slash stance by pressing left click after second attack of stone breaker.

PvP: [Preference] I use this skill in my combos as a combo connector but it’s on you whether u want it or not. Level 1 or skip.

PvP: [Skip] Useless in PvE.

[Blood Impact]: N/A

Grab Smash: [Utility] Berserker grab skill.

[Blood Impact]: N/A

Blade Charge: Again one of the best skills of berserker. Charge forward with your greatsword, bashing enemies in the way, ignoring opponent’s defense. The distance increases with level of the skill.

PvP: [Max] Do I need to say anything? No, just max it!! end of story.

PvE: [Max] Nothing to say just max it.

[Blood Impact]: N/A

Rising Giant II: Extension of Rising Giant I, don’t change stance. Left click after skill initiation adds a downward slash knocking the enemy down on ground and changing the stance.

PvP: [Preference] Level 1 is recommended. Level it if you have spare skill points.

PvE: [Preference] Level it if you have spare skill points.

[Blood Impact]: Same as Rising Giant I

Flame Smash (Slash Stance): Unleashes a wheel of flame followed by a 360 swing. Causes burning state that does DoT.

PvP: [Preference] I don’t use this skill. However, it has really high damage during the first 6 Hits and a DoT (Damage over Time) when maxed. But the damage curve is not so much steap. So, either Max it or Skip it.

PvE: [Preference] Good Crowd control skill that has DoT.

[Blood Impact]:N/A

Blaze Flame: Cast Blood Points as an Blaze Flame to attack enemies. The more Blood Points, the more attack times (no more than 3). Ranged, Hits grounded enemies.

PvP: [Preference] A ranged skill with very high damage (If all three Hits connect) and it hits grounded enemies. Level 1 is recommended, level it higher if you have skill points.

PvE: [Preference] A ranged skill with decent damage and it hits grounded enemies. Level 1 is recommended, level it higher if you have skill points.

[Blood Impact]: N/A

Sword Reflex: Counter attack enemy at the moment sword defensive action is attacked.

PvP: [Utility] Level 1 is a MUST!! To me, it is the best counter after blade master.

PvE: [Utility] God for countering.

[Blood Impact]: N/A

Passive Skills

Attack Mastery I, Attack Mastery II, Defense Mastery I and Max HP Increase should be Maxed out.

Critical and Max Manna Increase are Preference skills depending on your skill points and preferences.

Berserker PvP

Berserker Skills can be classified in the following categories for PvP:

Combo Starters:

Bash I: this skill has super armor and it stuns the opponent

Blade Charge: Do I need to tell about this skill? loll gr8 for closing distance, paralyze opponent, ignores Guard (even expert guard of guardian!!).

Press Kick: Good for closing, has guard break and stun.

Dash attack (Slash Stance): gr8 for closing distance and lifts the enemy up.

Force wave (Slash Stance): same as Dash attack (Slash Stance) but has a 360 swing instead of lift.

Block/Counter: I really love the counter of berserker it launches enemy up in air!!

Rage Drain: Stuns the opponent.

Combo Connectors:

Giant Rising I: Hits ground enemy and launches them back in air

Dash Attack (Hack Stance): Best Dash attack among all the classes i believe. Hits grounded target and juggles them up.

Normal Attack (Hack Stance): WTF!! hahaha yes, normal attack can be used as combo connector as it lifts the grounded enemy up.

Change Upper: Launches ur opponent and changes your Stance

Combo Finishers:

Keiser Sword: Gr8 Damage and the blood impact is also gr8. Try to use it when u have at least 20 Blood Point.

Ground Swing: Again huge damage, first attack hits grounded enemy.

Disembowling Kick: Huge damage, Hits grounded enemy, Sets your opponent flying in air.

You can mix and match the above skills to create your own combos. I am putting some of mine here.

[General Case:]

Bash I>Giant Rising I, II >Change Upper >Dash attack (Slash Stance)>Ground Swing

Blade Charge>Dash Attack (Hack Stance)> Normal Attack 1,2 > Giant Rising I+cancel >Disembowling Kick >Blade Charge/Dash Attack (Hack Stance)> Keiser Sword+Blood Impact

Rage Drain>Dash Attack (Hack Stance)>Normal Attack 1,2 > Giant Rising I+cancel>Disembowling Kick

[When Enemy is Guarding:]

Press Kick> Dash attack (Slash Stance)>Giant Rising I,II >      Disembowling Kick >Blade Charge/Dash Attack (Hack Stance)> Keiser Sword+Blood Impact

[For Ranged Classes:]

Force wave (Slash Stance)>DashCancel>Dash attack (Slash Stance)> Giant Rising I,II >Disembowling Kick+Blood Impact

Berserker PvE

Basically Berserker need to spam Aoe skills in PvE. These are the key skills that you will use in PvE.

Keiser Sword: Gr8 Damage, and the blood impact is also gr8. Try to use it when u have at least 20 Blood Point.

ground Swing: Again huge damage, first attack hits grounded enemy.

Force wave (Slash Stance): Good skill to catch ranged and running mobs.

Rage Drain: Great Crowd Control skill. Stuns the mobs, can be used on huge grps.

Last Words

Berserker Class is really fun to play class. Although it is new and is surrounded by myths and half-truths of being too OP, it is still a gr8 class to play. If you like do massive damage and charge to your enemies, taking the fight to them, then berserker is your class to play.

I hope this guide will help you. If you like it pls leave a comment

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