C9 Assassin PvP Build Guide

C9 Assassin PvP Build Guide by HeartlessOne

Class analysis.
Versatile, which means this class doesn’t have archenemy, there’s nothing too strong or too weak for an assassin.
Various combos, assassins rely heavily on close range combo, and there’s countless way of combo for a well trained assassin.
Air superiority, many assassin skills can be performed while in air and double jump is one of their expertise.
Unlimited potential, you will always find something new about this class.

Hard to start, means this class is definity not suitable for new players unless you really want to live up as an assassin. This class requires huge deal of control, aim and timing.2
Hard to master, just because you can combo that doesn’t make you a decent assassin, you need to learn about how to approach various enemies in various classes.
Lag affected, yes, do not play an assassin if your computer or internet can’t handle it, you will find it pain in the arse when you can’t chain your combo or grab.
Lack super armor skill & charge skill, this class is no doubt one of most squeezy character, without any super armor skill or charge skill you will need to know how to protect yourself and counter attack.
Mental preparation, you will lose a lot once you start this character as your first character, and win once you figure out how other classes work. In fact that many new players; those assassin creed fanclub boys tried this class and quit after few days. So take my advice, don’t play this class if you can’t take a beat.

Overall: Highest potential, hard to play, require large portion of time, patience and practice.

Skills build:

Preliminary uses: PU
Secondary uses: SU

Active skills.
1 Lift kick.
PU: connect combo (Lift kick + Grab throw + … Down heel kick + lift kick + Swallow + … etc.)

2 Multi-shot
PU: combo starter (Multi-shot + Shadow Dash (grab) + space F (eagle kick) +…)
SU: Damage impact, after enemy on the ground and you just want to finish off ASAP with this skill (Poison enchants required, each arrow is now base dmg + 190 fixed poison dmg)

3 Shatter kick
PU: combo starter (use this in air, require air shatter kick , turn your camera 180 degree and F (eagle kick) )
SU: Escape (will allow to kick a bit away from your enemy), Push effect (Shatter kick +charged arrow will launch your enemy quite a bit away from you, perhaps into water.)

4 Vital thrust
PU: Dmg output (Grab throw + turn slash + Vital thrust + …)

5. Turn slash
PU: Charge retaliation, right moment of this skill will break Taoist/warrior/guardian/blade masters charge.
SU: Dmg output (combine with grab throw )

6 Bomber shot
PU: Disable casters, combo starter. Hit your enemy at long range if he doesn’t get up use Shadow wire to pull your enemy to you (Bomber sho t + shadow wire +…)
SU: This can be an awesome skill if you max it in intrude dungeon, max burn effect is around 5000 hp.

7 Hide
PU: Because assassins are cool c: (Cloak + bomber shot or cloak + shadow dash )
SU: Hide yourself and restore cool down.

8 Poison Enchant
PU: Part of main dmg source, max it gives you 190 extra fixed dmg upon each hit in PVP. Ignore defense of your enemy, this skill makes assassin combo deadly.

9 Ankle Cutter
PU: Pickup move, works well when enemy is on the floor (Ankle Cutter 1hit + Half-moon Kick +… or Ankle cutter 2hit + Shadow Dash grab +…)

10 Shadow Decoy
PU: Defensive, allow you to block once and move fast while invisible wasd-directions. Your position will be relocated. Note; after this skill is successful activate you will have 0.5 second invincible frames, allow you to launch useful skills such as Half-moon kick & Shadow Dash & Wire web .
SU:  Push forward, useful against Rangers, use this skill to get close your target.

11 Down Heel Kick
PU: Dmg output in a combo. (Grab throw + turn slash + Vital Thrust + Down Heel Kick + Lift kick + …)
SU: Combo starter, however if you miss with this you will mostlikaly be counter attacked since this skill have long animation.

12 Justice Wave
PU: AI destruction; useful against Scout’s traps and Elementalist’s minor.
SU: Panic saver & decoy attack. When your enemy is on the floor and you are out of pick up skills(wire/cutter) or you don’t know what to do after you failed to chain your combo due lag, you might use this skill.

13 Shadow Wire
PU: Most useful pick up skill, can pull your enemy close you and deliver a kick and then use whatever combo you have on the target. (Bomber shot + shadow wire + … Force Bomb + wire + … Shadow Bomber + wire +… Cutter x2 + wire+ … etc, there are a lot of uses)
SU: Combine with Wire Web , this works the same way, just for enemy that aren’t on the floor.

14 Shadow Bomber
PU: Defensive retaliation, this skill will break charge and enemy close range skills, you can relocate wasd-directions after used of this skill, also gives you 0.5 second of invincibility/invisibility; great skill, use with caution. (1.use when enemy charged at you. 2. Use when enemy used evasive dash and come back to you for a strike back, this skill will send them flying.  Easiest way to use this skill is Shadow Bomber + pressing S to move back + wire + … another way is Shadow bomber + do not click any direction will let you jump up + Eagle kick + …)
SU: Escape skill, if you are stuck in scouts traps etc, use this skill to maintain distance if you must.

15 Poison Dart
PU: Disabler, can be used while in air. This skill delivers a linear long range dmg that paralyze your enemy for about 0.5 seconds, very useful as well. (Double Jump + Dart + Shadow Dash grab + … Shatter kick + Dart + Wire + …)
SU: Combo, if enemy is out of escape and counter and you somehow managed to hit lock him, this skill can be used to extent your combo.

16 Force Bomb
PU: Defensive retaliation, similar to Shadow Bomber, however a long cool down makes it less effective and expensive to invest sp on this skill. You will not relocate your position, however this skill will launch target a bit away from you. (Force Bomb + wire + …)

Command skills.

17 Crouch
PU: Dodge range skills 3second, invincible frames 0.5second.
Most inexperienced players don’t use this skill much and never discover the uber-ness within this skill.
This will be your best tactical skill vs. long range classes. And the skill itself have invincible frame which allow you to use useful launch skills. (Crouch + Half Moon Kick + 3xNormal attack + eagle kick +… Crouch + normal attack x1 (cancel crouch) + Shadow Dash + …)
SU: Dodge close range skill with invincible frames.

18 Eagle Kick
PU: Combo, Combo starter. Great skill with low cool down. (Grab throw + jump while turning your camera 45degree to left/right and then turn immediately back on your enemy+ Eagle kick while in air + … Shadow Dash Grab + jump while pressing W + Eagle kick while in air + … Air Shatter kick + turn camera 180 degree at the start of Shatter kick+ Eagle kick while in air, this moment you should be behind your target+ … Shadow Bomber don’t move + eagle kick while in air + … Half Moon kick + 3x normal attack + eagle kick while in air + … jump/double jump+ 1x normal attack + eagle kick +…)
SU: Dodge skill, allow you to stay in air a bit longer while jumping.

19 Grab Throw
PU: Retaliation, break guard, combo starter, combo extent. This skill should be one of the first skills you should know about (How to use it, see next phase).

20 Evasive Maneuvers + Attack
PU: Retaliation, dodge. Useful as well, this skill also contain very short time of invincible frame, use this attack on charging targets flank will cause them to stop (Double usage; pressing A or D and left mouse, hold it and then immediately click S + left mouse, this move will allow you to dodge twice)
SU: Combo Starter, combo extent (Press S + left click and then press W at targets direction, quite useful when you don’t know or lack combo skill due cool down).

21 Should be Charge Arrow, lal buggy skill sim.
PU: Combo (Lift kick + charge arrow x 1 + Swallow’s touch + …)
SU:  Long range disables. (Just like FPS game)

22 Swallow’s Touch
PU: Break guard, combo extent, combo starter. (Cutter + Swallow + … lift kick + swallow + … and many more)

23 Air Shatter kick
PU: Air approach. Allow you to stay in air and dash forward to your targets position (Double Jump + Air shatter kick + Eagle kick while in air + …)

24 Half moon kick
PU: Combo starter, combo extent. One of your best way to launch enemy into sky ( Crouch + Half moon kick + normal attack x 2 , turn your camera 45 degree normal attack x 1 + eagle kick while in air + …)
SU: Push & Distance maintain, useful to knock your enemy to water (Half moon kick + normal attack x 2 + right click release charge shot )

25 Wire web
PU: Pull target. This skill works like Shadow wire, but instead of hook your enemy on floor it will pull your enemy while standing

26 Turn Slash x 2
PU: Dodge, invisible frame. (This allow you to perform Turn slash twice, same effect as turn slash)

27 Shadow Dash
PU: Long range approach, Combo starter, Combo extent. How you use this skill and precision of this skill will show how experienced you are as an assassin, absolute most important skill for assassin, yet one of the most hard to use skill in C9. If you use it right, you will be able to connect every single move with this skill. (See next phase)
SU: Escape skill (Dash away).

28 Shadow Buster (landmine).
PU: Advance combo, Panic saver (This skill can be used in combo, but very hard to time. However this skill can be used once your combo stopped due lag or whatsoever and detonate immediately, it will launch enemy to air if you are lucky)
SU: Protective skill (plant a few around you, your target will need to be extra careful)

Do not add Chain Strike , Force Bomb enchant , Vital Point , those are useless in PVP.
Force Bomb has long CD and there’s no reason to invest a lot of SP on it, enough with lvl 1, unless you want a build more suitable for pve.
Screw Flasher , aka Rock Lee move from narutard, the grab spin 360 while in air and slam targets head on the floor… BAM awesome, unfortunately this skill is not that useful when it comes to combo, only works as finish move for the looks. Add this if you like flashy move.

Combat Experience.
Phase 1 – Starters.
Assassins rely heavily on combo, so a good combo is the first thing you need. Doesn’t need to be infinity combo but at least 15-20 seconds should do. Assassins have a lot of skill which can put into a combo and big variation between each combo. There really isn’t any fixed combo, come up with your own; the one you come up with is probably the best. Just keep this in mind: first 7 hits will do most impact, and after that dmg will be reduced upon each hit.

No matter how good your combo is, you will fail if you don’t know how to approach your target.
Shadow Dash ; learn to use this skill, improve your precision. This will be your best skill in every situation.

Air shatter kick + Eagle kick ; approach while in air.
Q (Crouch) + SF(Half-Moon kick) ; Crouch gives you 0.5 seconds invincibility, another 0.5 for Half-Moon kick, learn to use this combo as frequent as possible. Invincible frames provide your safety, if you miss the kick you can always use air shatter kick to escape while in air. Start normal attack x2 after enemy is launched with half-moon kick, and then adjust your camera 45 degree to the left/right and then back to enemy before you deliver the 3th normal attack, and finally eagle kick to bring them down and bounce a bit. However this will only works when enemy is launched higher position than you while in air, if they are launched lower than you; use eagle kick immediately otherwise your combo will break.

Poison Dart ; learn to use while in air, improve your precision, and combine this skill with Shadow Dash.

Eagle Kick ; learn to use while in air, very essential combo connection skill.

Phase 2 – Average Players.
By the amount of time you learn your enemy’s weakness. You will be able to break enemy charges, dodge and counter attack.

Crouch ; you can dodge 90% of skills if you use it right.
Grabs ; breaks enemy guard, counter attack.
Turn slash ; counter charging enemy.
Shadow Decoy ; block, relocate behind target and use Wire Web .
Shadow Bomber ; close range retaliation/counter charge. Relocate backward, use Shadow wire to pull back your target after you successful launch them. Or you can… see next phase.
Force Bomb ; close range retaliation. Use shadow wire to pull back.

Shadow Dash , perfect timing;
–        When your target moving backward/forward in a straight line of moment.
–        When your target moves Left/Right repeatedly; sign of luring you to use Shadow Dash, use multi shot before you use Shadow Dash in this case.
–        Against Warrior/Guardian; when they use block, hit them with multi shot or single arrow, it will cause them to block, and that’s the best moment to use Shadow Dash.
–        Against Blademaster; absolute best time to use this is when they scream “WATCHOUT!” (Counter stance). Works well against ground cutter x 3 as well.
–        Shaman class; while they cast their skills, the moment they about to release it is the best moment to use Shadow Dash. While they block with magic shield.
–        Hunter class; Use shadow Dash while enemy pulling the bow and use Bomber shot/Multi shot.

Turn Slash ;
correct usage of this skill will provide you invincible frames which you can use to avoid or break enemy skills.
–        Can be used to break/avoid almost every fighter skills if used in right time. Exceptions: Back End Upper, Counter stance.
–        Taoist; cannot break/avoid Dark Emotion and Electric Swing.
–        Ranger; cannot break/avoid Arrow Rain.
–        Elementalist; cannot break/avoid ground casted skill, such as meteor, lighting strike.
–        Assassin; cannot break/avoid Shadow Bomber, Q+Halfmoon kick.
–        Scout; cannot break/avoid every traps.

Grab Throw, Turn slash and arrow break guard works for all hunter classes.

Phase 3 – Advance (incomplete).
Advance skill usages.

Secret move 1: Shadow Bomber Position relocates twice.
After you use Shadow Bomber, choose a direction to relocate (wasd), press immediately middle mouse button and the same time rotate your mouse at the exact opposite direction from your target, release middle mouse button 0.5 second before you release direction key (wasd). Hardest part should be rotating mouse at opposite direction from your target.
You can chain various skills after this. Normally just Shadow Bomber, move backward + Shadow wire. But yeah, only use this when your shadow wire is on cool down.

Secret move 2: Shadow Dash direction change.
1.        Press Shift + Space to activate Shadow Dash. While dashing press middle mouse button, adjust to targets direction.
2.        Release middle button after you adjust the right position.
3.        Double click left mouse. To cancel middle mouse effect and grab your target.
4.        Complete step 1 to 3 in less than 1 second. Done.
Secret move 3: Evasive Dash Rotation.
Works basically the same as Secret move 1, you need to adjust your camera before you use evasive dash while you stuck in a combo.

Credits to Tweh.

What makes an good assassin isn’t his death/win rate nor his PVP rank, but his experience and knowledge upon each class. –Heartless

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