C9 Advanced Combat Mechanisms Guide

C9 Advanced Combat Mechanisms Guide by HeartlessOne

Last time we talked about Seven first hits will have most dmg. You need too understand this in order to inflict max dmg as quick as possible, dont go for a weak infinity combo, instead you preserve your mp and inflict as much dmg as possible. So build your character carefully, make sure you max few skills that have low cool down and easy to chain with.

Here’s the formula and tested by KR C9 veteran assassin; Joue.

However assassin/shadow have skill call Poison Enchant which adds extra dmg upon each hit that ignores armor and deals fixed dmg. Therefore these two classes still do good dmg with a weak infinity combo.

Skill attribute

As many of you noticed, each skill works differently and have their own attribut. There’s no such skill that is absolute not counter-able.

Floatlock- offensive attribute; once you launch enemy with a air combo, enemy will not be able to use evasive counter. Example: Moon kick(Assassin), raising slash(Fighter), pretty much any skill that launch your enemy.

Hitlock- offensive attribute; enemy will be able to use evasive dash, evasive counter when you attack enemy with normal attack and skills that have this effect.

Stunlock- offensive attribute; enemy will not be able to use evasive dash/counter for a short period of time, even though they are still standing. example: Shinny cutter(blademaster), Press kick(fighter), Lion’s Roar(Warrior), Arrow Rain(Ranger).

Blockbreak- offensive attribute; enemy that blocking will fail and recieve damage once you hit enemy with specific skills that breaks their shield. include most of the grabs. example: Flash strike(Blade master), Press kick, grabs, electric swing(Shaman).

Superarmor- defensive attribute; when you using certain skill you will feel that you are “harder”, and enemy cannot cancel your attack, however super armor skills are break able with grabs or counter with another super armor skill or dodged with invincible frames. Example: Moonlight cutter(BladeMaster), round swing(Fighter)…

Invincibleframe- defensive attribute; you will be invincible during skill animation, however invincible frames in C9 is short and you will need to time it right. Example: Turn slash(Hunter), Moonlight kick(Assassin), Impact buster(scout), shadow decoy(Assassin), Shadow Dash(Assassin) and much more.

Block- defensive attribute; block incoming attacks with your shield, this attribut also affects fighters shield charge. However block can be cancel by long range explose skills and many other skills, and shields do have a maximun amount of block-ability. Example: Shield block(Fighter/shaman/witchblade), Shield charge(Fighter), Parry(Blade master), Counter Stance(Blade master).

Crounch- devensive attribute; you will be invincible during first half second of the skill animation and then turn into “anti-range” state, which means range attacks will no longer have impact on you during animation. Example: Crounch(Hunters), Vera steps(Taoist).
Misc. attributs

Dot. damage- inflict fixed amount of dmg over time, it can be burn effect, poison, ice etc.

Freeze- frozen, unable to move for a short period of time. Example: Freezing shot(Ranger), Ice enchant(Scout), Warden skills etc.

Cancel- A few skills allow you to cancel during animation by using another skill, useful when you tricking your enemy to believe what you want them to see. Example: half turn slash->chain slash->shadow dash(Assassin), Thrust kick->shinning cutter(Blade master), Bomber shot(any arrow skills) ->Aim evade(Ranger) and much more.

Lag factor

Lag in C9 isnt unusual at all, player with low bandwidth or great distance will suffer or benefits from laggy gameplay. But keep it in mind; lag is a double edged factor which affects EVERY class more or less.

Phenomena when a player is laggy:
Scout – Invisible traps that still explodes.
Range class – Pull back effect after you dodged.
Taoist – Broken charge, yet still hits you.
All classes – Stuck in a grab even you/enemy uses evasive dash.
All classes – teleportation, when the player is REALLY laggy.
All classes – doing no damage, and shortly follow with disconnection lawl.

Here’s explanation for videos below:

Fighter Class:

Hunter Class:

Defensive counters for hunter class from my previous guides:

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