C9 Slayer Sample Build Guide

C9 Slayer Sample Build Guide by Fraktelicious

Hey all, so here’s a build that I put together after looking at some vids of KR slayers and some posts on  other sites. Please comment and rate, and any questions and pointers will be much appreciated. I have not tested this build out but I believe that this would be a good start in arranging a build.


http://c9.duowan.com/simulator/icon/228.jpgHelldive Burst LvL 1

http://c9.duowan.com/simulator/icon/229.jpgTurning Kick LvL 1

http://c9.duowan.com/simulator/icon/230.jpgCross Combination LvL 10

http://c9.duowan.com/simulator/icon/232.jpgTwisted Flip Kick LvL 1

http://c9.duowan.com/simulator/icon/236.jpgHorizon Jack LvL 1

http://c9.duowan.com/simulator/icon/279.jpgRingshear Kick LvL 11

http://c9.duowan.com/simulator/icon/280.jpgRout Point LvL 1

http://c9.duowan.com/simulator/icon/281.jpgDelpha Slasher LvL 1

http://c9.duowan.com/simulator/icon/282.jpgHeartbreaker LvL 11

http://c9.duowan.com/simulator/icon/283.jpgWind Rave LvL 9

Vice LvL 11

http://c9.duowan.com/simulator/icon/285.jpgSmash Chase LvL 3

http://c9.duowan.com/simulator/icon/286.jpgLiving Shadow LvL 4

http://c9.duowan.com/simulator/icon/288.jpgChain Scissor Slash LvL 1

http://c9.duowan.com/simulator/icon/289.jpgDeadfall LvL 6

http://c9.duowan.com/simulator/icon/290.jpgMortal Chain Cut LvL 11


http://c9.duowan.com/simulator/icon/4.jpgEvasive Dash LvL 1

http://c9.duowan.com/simulator/icon/238.jpgRiddle Kick LvL 1

http://c9.duowan.com/simulator/icon/239.jpgViper Knee Kick LvL 15

http://c9.duowan.com/simulator/icon/240.jpgBlaring Silhoutte LvL 10

http://c9.duowan.com/simulator/icon/291.jpgSub Slash LvL 1

http://c9.duowan.com/simulator/icon/292.jpgJump Chain Attack LvL 1

http://c9.duowan.com/simulator/icon/293.jpgKiller Bee LvL 2

http://c9.duowan.com/simulator/icon/294.jpgFalling Angel LvL 4

http://c9.duowan.com/simulator/icon/295.jpgCross Combination Edge LvL 3

http://c9.duowan.com/simulator/icon/296.jpgDarkness Chase LvL 4

http://c9.duowan.com/simulator/icon/297.jpgSpiral Clash LvL 1


http://c9.duowan.com/simulator/icon/1.jpgMax HP Increase LvL 9

Max MP Increase Lvl 9

http://c9.duowan.com/simulator/icon/247.jpgAttack Mastery I LvL 10

http://c9.duowan.com/simulator/icon/298.jpgAttack Mastery II LvL 8

http://c9.duowan.com/simulator/icon/243.jpgAgile Blood I LvL 10

http://c9.duowan.com/simulator/icon/244.jpgAgile Blood II LvL 8

http://c9.duowan.com/simulator/icon/300.jpgDagger Slinger LvL 1

http://c9.duowan.com/simulator/icon/301.jpgDark Chain LvL 1

Total: 1062 SP, 0 SP left over.

I was lacking a few points to finish some of the skills, but most of them didn’t benefit too greatly with additional points. Skills like living shadow and “range closers” only take 1 point as they’ll let you close in on ranged classes and then pound them with the rest of your arsenal (along with filler damage while waiting for cd on your mains)

I hope this helps, and again, please comment and yell tips/improvements.

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