C9 Reaperess Skills Guide

C9 Reaperess Skills Guide by Okapia

Hello! Welcome to my starter guide. I want to share to you my Skill Guide in c9. First of all I want u guys to know that this Guide is not perfect, it is only my opinion and I hope u guys will find it very useful in making a reaperess. Feel free to comment and suggest whatever you want. I accept comments good or bad but I wont accept bad words. Good Luck!

So Here it is! Let’s Start with the Pros and Cons of this class.
Note:This class may be and may not be considered as a melee one since Reaper has semi-range attacks/skills.

Pros – High Damage Output, Decent Stat Gain, Awesome and strong skills, High in Vitality and Defense, Good at PvP and in PvE, Easy to handle, and this is the class that best deals with melee characters. Epic Skill Effects/Debuffs/Ailments. Very Much Versatile, since reaperess can handle an enemy in air in mid range and as well as in ground :3.

Cons – For the success and effectiveness of some skills, Reaper must maintain a fixed distance against the enemy. Some skills may provide you a *super armor* but it is not enough when dealing with ranged classes. Moreover, this class has no Shield/Any Protective Barrier against attacks so you will always be vulnerable to combos and lethal skills.Lacks mana after a combo/ after spamming skills.


Hell Scythe Burst
This skill flinches your target and makes it vulnerable to your attacks, However i prefer leveling this skill to 4 just to get the prerequisite skill that needs lvl 4 of this. This is just a Utility skill meaning this skill in not your nuke, it is mostly use to screw and enemy at guard.

Hell Breach
To distribute your skill points wisely I prefer to lvl this skill to 3 so u will be able to learn skills that u might need when u reached 40. This skill may send the enemy up to the air with condemning assault.

Velvet Crasher
This skill is one of your bread and butter skill, and it deals massive amount of damage when succesfuly performed. This is a nuke skill that is common to shamans. Max it!

Max this skill for higher debuff effect. But if u suck using this skill u may not max this skill anymore. So its up to your preference, But i Maxed this skill for amplification of your skills.

Bladed Wing
Some players may found this skill as utility, but the damage dealt by this on pvp as well as in pve is sufficient meaning the higher u lvl up this skill the more chance u can do effective combos on ur enemy, this skill palsy the enemy at 2nd hit and 3rd hit. Lvl 1 or max? for me Max!.

Dismembering Slash
I found this skill so useless since my enemy is always on the ground, secondly this skill is complicated and too weak to deal damage, SP is only limited and should be distributed properly so lvl this skill just 1. This skill is not always a necessity.

Venom Strike
This skill is up to u i cant say that this skill is epic, this skill is anti charge, anti invisible , and combo breaker so its up to you, Lvl 1 or max? mineee is max.

Life Buster
This skill is only for interrupting Channeling skills, to break combo, but quite useless to be invested by skill points. Just Lvl 1 or if u want skip this skill anymore

This is the main reason why I prefer you to wear Death Dragon Set The higher physical defense u have the higher your defense will increase, The Strength given by this skill is enough for u to reach the amount that S- Royal gives.

Death Charge
This skill will make you slightly fragile and vulnerable so use this skill wisely. Lvl 1 only this skill.

Death Tide
Lvl 1 too since the movement speed debuff is enough to combo him. this skill is useful against shadows and assasins.

Bone Shatter
Max this trust me, u will need this skill when u reach 50. This skill can hit a target that is lying on the ground so this is an additional damage and may be your great final move:)

Soul Storm
Epic skill? or Epic Fail Skill? this skill user dependent, this skill is not 100 percent effective since you should maintain a longer distance between you and your target.

Jagged Wound
Max this, this skill deals massive amount of damage. This skill is commonly used after Hell Scythe Burst.

The Reaping
Alright, this skill is not a dash!. A successful hit for this skill ensures you a good game. Use it after Bladed Wing and it will be an instant success.

Green= Unquestionable skill no if’s and but’s.   Red= Questionable,Preference, and your own choice. Blue = Optional

Rushing Bite and Double Rushing Bite – Delays your combo and is useless in pvp also at pve.
Dash Attack – Lvl 1 (m)
Ground Burst – Auto Acquired (so dont lvl it anymore)
Spin Smash – Lvl 1 is enough for vera crasher
Vera Crasher – Max this skill.
Air Vera Crasher – Zero for this useless skill. You are not an assassin.
Grim Crash – Max
Death Vortex – Zero, this skill is not so useful and when lvled, leads to shortage of SP.
Reaping Lunge – Max (this skill is the best for chasing enemies)
Death Scythe – Max
Blade Cyclone – lvl 1
Condemning assault – Max
Reaping Lunge Assault – lvl 1 , up to your preference
Viper Landing – lvl 1 since the phy def down wont increase when this skill is lvled
Some skill were not mentioned so don’t mind them.

Death Squeeze – this skill is debatable but i prefer not to lvl this skill anymore, the percentage of damage in your skill is enough to kill an enemy, this skill gives a low chance to deal a debuff to an enemy and that is bleed. Bleed is an ailment applied to the status of an enemy that deals him additional damage/s for a given period of time. Reaper skills already have bleeds and this is a waste of SP to lvl up.
Hell Spirit – Useful but needs SP, u may distribute some for this if u still have extra SP.
Mentalism – useless
Max MP – Can be replaced by pots and also Crystal of Magic. Zero for this.
Critical Increase – zero since u can have the maximum critical percentage without this passive skill.
Focus – Zero
Heart of Cerberus – Max
Attack Mastery – Max
Hp- Max
Zephyr- Max for mobility

(Newbie Combo) –> Reaping Lunge + jump > Blade Cyclone> Death Charge > Hell Scythe Burst >Bladed Wing >Jagged Wound >Grim Crash > Blade Cyclone.

(Expert Combo)Infinite
w+q left click when near at the enemy> +E when in air >Hell bound> Venom Strike > Spin Smash + Velvet Crasher> Blade Cyclone> Bone Shatter > Grim Crash (Charged) w+q and E when in air>Death Tide > Shift+f > Viper Landing > Death Charge > Hell Scythe Burst> Finishing move >Jagged Wound. Continue > Fairy Rose > Spin Smash + Velver Crasher> Grim Crash……………..

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