C9 Blade Master Fighter Build Guide

C9 Blade Master Fighter Build Guide by Xien

=Skills maxed as of lv50 cap=

Bash I + II + III

Round Swing + II

Rapid Attack I + II + III

Tachyon Smash

Tachyon Tactician

Attack Stance

Burning Spirit

Ground Cutter I + II + III

Shining Cutter

Moonlight Cutter

Storm Wheel Wind

Break Cancel

Attack Mastery I + II

Defense Mastery I

=Skills leveled for ultility=

Flash Strike 1 (Ground hitter + long ranged)

Target Guard

Deep Wind Step (For chasing)

Back End Thrust 1 (Extra attack)

Assault Smash 3 (Pre req)

I think thats everything xD Thats what im currently using and i do easy 5k-8k crits on fast skills

20-25k crit with fully charged moonlight

4k-8k(Depends on mob) x31 with Storm Wheel Wind

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