C9 Beginner’s Leveling Guide

C9 Beginner’s Leveling Guide by XanthosMorphine

So Hi Guys!

I know it must be tiring for you grinding and grinding trying to reach max level. So i’m here to give an overview. Works for and its all up to you whether you want to follow or not. So I will make a guide on what to do every 10 levels

Level 1-10

– Well kinda easy at this points follow all the quests! If u can get a guild and get one u might need the extra guild skills or get a MENTOR for additional EXP Boost !

Level 11-20

Ok so people tend to get tired at this point but no worries! At lvl 15 the taskboard is available to you get all the quests there u might need th materials in those TASKBOARD chests. BTW its best you

SELL your weapon/armor/accessory ores to the trading office. Check the price there and try to make a price floor not too low and not too high. Trust me when I started C9 this was where my small fortune began. MENTORING WOULD HELP ALOT HERE! If u have a guild u can ask some guildmates to help you out!

Level 21-30

At lvl 21-25 MENTORING will be of great help to you! Finish all quests and TASKBOARD repeatables quests. BTW Taskboard quests are refresh Daily. By Lv.25 you should already have a GUILD. Well its not like im forcing you or anything. Its just BY Lv.25 there are 2 Methods of lvling

First is to TURN ON INTRUSION!!! If your confident in your equipment and skills to take on intruders you are welcome to try. Bonus EXP and Guild Points(IF U HAVE A GUILD). Dungeons also become more lively ahhahah with all the hostile players around. DEATH BY INTRUSION WILL STILL TAKE 1 RESU SCROLL IF YOU DIE!

Second Method is OBERON[HELL]. Requirements Lv.25. Get a guildmate to boost you thru this dungeon trust me the EXP is worth it. Though some of ur quests u might skip but if ur willing to sacrifice those rewards for lvl be my guest. I got from lvl 25-30 in 3 hrs of Oberons Hell! Plus U can ask the booster if u can get the SOUL SHARDS. Needed for ur PERFECT OBERON HELL SET Lv.35.

BTW weapon ores tend to sell a lot here. armors and accessory jst sell dem to NPC. YOU DON’T NEED A RARE WEAPON at there levels. A magic weapon will suffice since monsters at this level don’t hurt a lot UNLESS ur a hunter class.

Level 31-40

All i can tell is this is where grinding with a partner will be useful. Soloing stages is easy for classes with alot of AOE. Wardens, Berzerkers  and etc….. Oberon Hell still gives a decent amount of exp here so I suggest u keep turning on intrusion OR go with a high lvl doing Oberons Haven hell.

BUY A Hell Set & LvL 35 Rare Weapon(s) for ur class. The Hell set will help you in the future. BTW I know a lot of people like following guides and by this point most of the skills are usable by all classes. BUT I suggest you make ur own guide study from others but don’t copy it directly because sometimes you will regret it since u aren’t comfortable with it. Level skills you use a lot and that will help you a lot!

CONTINENT WEAKNESS: WATER ELEMENT (NOTE: Weapons can only have 1 element putting 2 will cancel the other element out)

Level 41-50

You should have a Hell Set and RARE weapon Lv. 35. You no longer need to buy any armors of weapons of this tier since elemental damage will help you get through this region.


Lunard Hell Lvling is OPTIONAL  unless you have a partner that can finish the dungeon in 10 mins might as well do master dungeons with a lot of quests.

MAX FURY QUEST NEEDED? Yes you will needed it in the Okapian region since that region is close to hardcore.

Ranked PvP: Well i suggest you don’t enter it yet unless your confident with your skills

Level 51-57

Continent Weakness: AIR

I suggest you buy rare S-RARE armors and a Rare weapon for this region. Normal to Hard you can solo easily for most classes. Doing Expert to Master however you might need an ally. I soloed these dungeons with Shadow and IT WAS HELL! The big range AOE classes however can solo these dungeons quite well. The reason why I suggested not buying perfect armors is because the new region is coming out soon. Might as well buy the Okapian Hell set for your classes rather than perfect armors which are kinda useless in the next region.

Level 58-60

Continent Weakness: WATER (Thnx Tyrr)

Many argue that the 5th continent have different elemental weakness but proceeded with my air type weapons anyways. By Master difficulty if your character is a shadow or an assassin you might need the backup unless you got some decent equips for survivability. There are several quests per difficulty and I suggest to do it with a party. It is much faster that way than the solo tedious runs. OP dmge classes like zerkers can easily solo these dungeons tho. I suggest u get at least a S–Royal Lv.51 Rare set for soft classes. For tanky classes reapress & zerkers a lvl 47 hell set will suffice. Lvling from 58-59 you can solo GC hell if you can. You will need a Lv.50 alchemist to craft potions for you u will need a lot. BTW im using a shadow it is a very good PVE classes many say no cause it soft but its very good due to the fact it has several AOE attacks.

Cash will be flowing fast here don’t worry about spending on skill stones or potions! HAPPY FARMING!

Level 60-63




– Don’t sell them use them to create boxes for their region. You might get lucky with a UNIQUE WEAPON. YES LADIES AND GENTLEMEN A UNIQUE WEAPON!!

2.) Rare Monsters

– They are called RARE for a reason. There no chance of them coming out in normal. There is a VERY VERY low chance in Hard. Very Low Chance in Expert. Low chance in Master

3.) Guilds

– Determine the guild’s inactivity. Check the number of members that are online and check the Guild Skill Level and the Guild Buffs. Make sure you enter a guild where people can understand you talking also true in vice versa.


– Never Give you acc or password to anyone NOT even GMS. When trading always verify the item he/she is giving you and never accept trades tht involve you paying an amount 1st. Trade everything at the same time or don’t trade at all. From what I read buying WCOINS from players is bannable don’t knw how tht works tho. But if u wanna buy WCOINS. Tell them the item you wanna buy with WCOINS then  u can make the deal.

– Be careful of trade scams. Many have been victimized by these types of scams where people trade only partial of agreed NEVER DO THAT. Always trade ALL OR NOTHING. Never accept trades which involve gifting the wcoins to you because they won’t gift it to you at all.

5.) Artisan Specialist

– I suggest you get ur artisan skill to 51.Craft some perfect items to get some easy cash. Keep an eye on the trading office always watch for items that are low on supply because those are the items that sell high.

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