C9 Enhancement System Guide

C9 Enhancement System Guide by videogameotaku

Blacksmith Function Overview –

Blacksmith can enhance weapons, armors, and accessories, but is also able to repair them. Moreover, he also has a magical tool – Nitro Cube, which can refine, combine, and dismantle equipment or other materials.

Enhancing Equipment –

By enhancement, your equipment can be upgraded to a higher enhancement level (weapons can be enhanced to +20 at most while armors and accessories can be enhanced up to +10). Every enhancement costs gold and the higher you go, the more gold you have to spend.
In addition to gold, as the enhancement level rises so does the risk.
P.S. The failure rate is different for different grades of equipment.
You can use some item (possibly cs) to protect the equipment from disappearing during the enhancement procedure.
1. To enhance a weapon, an Enhance Stone is required. It can be obtained by decomposing equipment in the Nitro Cube, Treasure Chests or purchase at a Magic Merchant.
2. To enhance armor, an Armor Enhancer is required. It can be obtained from Treasure Chests.
3. To enhance accessories, Crystals are required. It can be obtained from Treasure Chests and Champion mob drops.

Enhance Weapon –

There are 3 kinds of weapon enhancement stones. One is “Magic Enhance Stone”, which is used to enhance a weapon below level 30 (gear must say that it’s enhanceable). The other one is “Ancient Enhance Stone”, which can enhance a weapon below level 51 (once again gear must say that it’s enhanceable). Last one is “Divine Enhance Stone” which is for weapons below 70.
The latters can be created using 10 of the previous grade/lvl within the Nitro Cube. Most of the time you get 3 per 10 but on rare occasions you can get anywhere between 1 to 50 per 10.
Safety mark for enhancing a magic/rare weapon is +9, any higher and it may disappear upon failure or lock up and can’t be enhanced again. Perfect weapon can be safely enhanced to +11 but can have a chance of locking up past  +9. Any higher then 11 and you risk breaking.

Enhance Armor –

Armor enhancement components can be classified into three grades: Inferior, Superior and Exceptional. Inferior is used to enhance armor below level 30. Superior is used to enhance armor below level 51 and Exceptional is to enhance armor below level 70 (all armor must say enhanceable).
You can upgrade the components to the next grade by using the Nitro Cube and combining 10 of one grade to get anywhere between 1 to 50 of the next higher up.
Safety mark for enhancing a magic/rare armor piece is +4, any higher and it may disappear upon failure or lock up and can’t be enhanced again. Perfect gear is safe up to +5 but, once again, chance to lock up past +4. Any higher then 5, you risk breaking.

Enhance Accessory –

In order to enhance accessories, three kinds of items are needed: “Pure Crystals”, “Mysterious Crystals” and “Heavenly Crystals”. Pure Crystals is used to enhance level 30 and below accessories. Mysterious Crystals is for enhancing accessories below level 51 and Heavenly Crystals for accessories below 70 (once again needs to say enhanceable).
Latters can be created from combining 10 of the previos grade/lvl in the Nitro Cube and you will recieve any amount between 1 to 50 in return.
When an accessory of +3 or above is being enhanced, it may disappear upon failure or lock up and can’t be enhanced again.

(Locked items can be unlocked using a cash shop item called “Magic Primer”. The armor/weapon/accessory level determines the number of Magic Primers consumed. (Placed in the center slot when enhancing.))

Nitro Cube –

The Nitro Cube has three functions: Refine, Combine, and Dismantle.


Equipment, which is marked “Refinable”, can be refined into ores of different levels and types. These ores are nesessary materials for crafting new equipment.


You can combine different materials into low-grade stones, gems, enhancement stones, all kinds of fragments etc. Some advanced items may also be combined in the cube but it is not 100% successful. Once failed, you may get other items.


This is where you decompose equipment into different kinds of materials. The category and quantity of the product is uncertain, but in most cases, it will be your basic Crude Materials. Sometimes, you may get materials for enhancements or element powders.
You can use your soulless equipment for the decompostion.

Change Appearance of Equipment

The appearance of equipment can be changed by the use of two items: “Remodeling Spellbook” and “Remodeling Equipment”. (Tooltip: Changing the appearance of advanced gear will cost you quite a fortune; second, make sure you put the material in the right slot: The left bottom slot for your equipment, the right bottom slot for the remodeling spellbook and the up-middle slot is for the appearance you want. NEVER mix their places; otherwise you’ll lose your equipment.)
Remodeling Spellbook can be bought from Cash Shop, while Remodeling gear is crafted through Woodworking, Tailoring or Metalworking

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