C9 Reaperess Guide

C9 Reaperess Guide by Ispanik

Welcome to my comprehensive guide about reaperess. To introduce myself, I’m Ripper, playing on the EU server. This guide won’t provide you with my build, but with:

– Info on skills, how they can be used;

– Nine “popular” choices for builds;

– Stats info and help to choose your own way into the game;

– Two of the six so-called “infinite combos”;

– PVP strategies versus each of the classes.

SKILLS – What are they:

1.1.: Popular choices -> Action

– Hell Scythe Burst: Amazing 1-hit skill, applies also good movement slow effect. Also nice range effect. Most of the time maxed out.;

– Hell Breach: Perfect skill, part of most reaper combos, useful to stop most charges, also needed as attack counter for shadows/slayers/assassin, to control them in air. No need to be maxed !;

– Scythe Hook: Also can be aprt of combos, pretty nice skill, if you decide to use it, it’s lvl 1 is perfect.;

– The Reaping: Hardly part of combo, but if u time it right it may end the combat for your opponent. Immunity + Stun + Dmg + Bleeding + Crit = Max it….;

– Velvet Crasher: The big benefit of this attack is while making combos, it’s your choice at what lvl to keep it, tho lvl 1 is enough for me;

– Hellbound: Armor reduce, also useful as jump as part of combos. Max it or leave it at 1, depending how u plan to use it;

– Bladed Wing: AOE with perfect range, max it, you will use it atleast in PVE if not in PVP;

– Venom Strike: Must have, volcano effect from ground, may be used so many ways, also is charge stopper if nice timed and aimed – max it;

– Blood Orb: Max or leave at 1, useful as it is range ;

– Empower: Your buff, max it for PVE, or 1 for PVP, don’t get me wrong “Super Armor” can help you win, but most players will just wait couple of seconds till it’s off ;

– Death Charge: Must have in my opinion, we are melee class, so any extra charge will be put in use. Also can be always combined nicely with Hell Scythe Burst.;

– Soul Pairing: I love it for the fact it may block other classes infinite combos if u time it right before they launch them. Keep at 1 or max – your choice.;

– Death Tide: Opponent destruction or mana waste – depends how you aim it, which isn’t easy. Also can be used as part of combos, but beware, to “operate” this skill It’s hard;

– Bone Shatter: Not really the best skill, depends on your playing style. Some ppl decide to use it’s points into more useful skills, others level it above lvl 1;

– Soul Storm: lvl1 or more, as part of the finishing move of Condeming Assault;

1.2.: Popular choices -> Commands:

– All dash/evasions: As you know reapers are hard to escape, evade and dash. Evasive attack does some pretty nice animation when used,not ugly like the one of the Taoist or the one from the video ingame; Umbral Retreat is a MUST HAVE SKILL too…;

– Viper Landing: 1 or maxed – depending on your style, part of most combos, nice debuff on target, also can catch most targets in the air. That includes taking them from Venom Strike;

– Reaping Lunge and Reaping Lunge Assault: Bothe needed as 1 extra charge, also can be “fast casted” and you don’t have to run around just to make the strike;

– Death Scythe: ground attack, part of combos + can stop couple of charges if timed right. Extremely close range attack;

– Blade Cyclone: Lvl 1 or maxed, can be opening attack, finishing hit or part of combo, good damage output, easy to be implemented into your playing style;

Must have: Spin Smash, Death Vortex, Vera Crasher and Air Vera Crasher – you will use them very often, further In the guide will explain the best way to use and time them during combat;

– Grim Crash: Part of most combos, easy execute skill, also can be awesome ground attack;

Combos you may learn to use, and most likely will be helpful to know

Simple combos:

I. Death Charge -> Venom Strike -> Bladed Wing -> Velvet Crasher;

II. Dismembering Slash -> Death Vortex -> Blood Orb;

Hard combos: (Above 110 speed att. not advisable)

I. Viper Landing -> Velvet Crasher -> Normal Hit -> Hell Breach/Fairy Rose -> Grimm Crash -> Hellbound -> (normal hit if too fast attack 110+) Viper landing -> -> ->



Comment by Kevin Sau: In this combo. Im very sure that after viper landing, enemy will use rolling or raising atk, and miss the combo. U can try to use fairy rose or normal atk to connect when the body hit up. But i think it shoulf be advanced lv, it is hard to practise 100% sucess, and in real pvp, sucess rate should be. Less than 50% because the body would not be hit up all times like in trainning (because of lagg and delay)

II. Hell Breach -> Condeming Assault -> Normal Attack -> Venom Strike -> Spin Smash -> Viper Landing -> Grim Crash x3 -> Air vera crash -> Velvet -> Fairy Rose -> Bone Shatter;

III. Viper Landing -> Velvet Crasher -> B.Att. -> Normal Attack -> Death Charge -> Death Scythe -> Soul Storm -> Death Tide -> Hellbound -> Normal attack -> Viper Landing -> RLA -> Air Vera Crusher ->  Velvet Crasher -> B.Att. -> The Reaping -> RLA -> Venom Strike -> Viper Landing -> Velvet Crasher ->  B.Att. -> Fairy Rose -> Normal attack -> Grim Crash x3 -> Hellbound -> Normal attack -> Viper Landing -> RL -> Air Vera Crusher -> Velvet Crasher -> B.Att.  -> Normal Attack -> Death Charge -> Death Scythe -> Soul Storm -> Death Tide -> Hellbound -> Normal attack -> Viper Landing; (ty korean duuuude)


 *Normal att. – if too high att. speed.
Builds listed below are popular lvl57 builds.
Skill NamePVP1PVP2PVP3
Soul Pairing105
Hell Scythe Burst15415
Bladed Wing111111
Hell Breach3143
Venom Strike91111
Death Tide880
Soul Storm106
Scythe Hook105
Blood Orb141
Bone Shatter677
Death Charge997
Jagged Wound066
Grimm Crash555
The Reaping13513
Velvet Crasher1013(community advised MAX)
Dismemberign Slash001
Viper Landing13131
Condeming Assault10121
Death Fairy001
Spin Smash181818
Vera Crasher555
Blade Cyclone10100
Rushign Bite1001
Double Rushign Bite100
Air Vera Crusher100
Death Vortex91010
Reaping Lunge515
Reapign Lunge Assault101
Ground Burst101
Death Scythe101
Hearth of Cerberus999
Death Squeeze009

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