C9 Getting and Finishing Quests Guide

C9 Getting and Finishing Quests Guide by PacoCro

Hey now I’m about to make guide about quest’s since they are most important in the game in my opinion. From quest’s we get money and experience, but quests are importing a bit fun in this boring grinding dungeon time.

0. Types of Quests
Yellow Mark – Normal quest
Red Mark – Epic Quest
Blue Mark – Class Change Quest

1. Accepting Quest

Usually, you can receive quests from the NPC Yellow Mark and you cannot accept more than 20 quests at the same time.

You can check the quests by pressing (L) buttonthat you have accepted in the Quest List. Some quests are found from objects. Some quests are only available, when character reaches specific level, to meet the needs of some condition or in specific location.

2. Completing Quest

Once you fulfill all conditions to complete a quest, you can complete the quest. The NPC that offered the quest does not necessarilty complete the quest. If NPC or area is specially designated in the conditions to complete the quest, you can complete the quest only when you reach NPC or area. Once you complete the quest, you cannot accept the same quest again. Sometimes objects can complete quests.
Yellow question mark means quest was successfully completed.

3. Interface

1. Quest level – If you check this option you will see for witch level quest is in quest section.
2. Quest counter – This shows how many quests you have currently taken (max 20)
3. Quest list section – Shows the quest taken upon and is organized accordingly with color
4. Quest description – Contains story of quest and info where to do the quest and what to do.

Quests can be:

N – Normal
E – Epic
D – Daily
P – Party
E – Event
C – Class
T – Tutorial

Red quest symbolize current level quests.
Yellow quests symbolize slightly lower level quests.
Green symbolizes low level quests.

5. Quest difficult
Normal (1st)
Hard (2nd)
Expert (3rd)
Master (4th)

6. Quest target – Informs you whats you must do in quest
Blue – Kill monsters.
Orange – Talk to NPC’s.
Yellow – Collect items, may be some items; (small stones, boxes) but mostly simply from monsters.

7. Quest reward – Shows you how much experience or skill points will be given for reward.
8. Basic reward – Shows which reward will you get after finishing the quest.
9. Optional reward – Shows if you have some additional reward. You can only chose one reward from the section.
10. Abandon quest – Remove quest if you decided not to do it. (It wont disappear, if you didn’t make it)
11. Quest sharing – Share the quests with party members if they haven’t done it.

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