C9 Making Money Guide

C9 Making Money Guide by ShateA

This experience is from Chinese players in CN server. If someone want to play CN server, you can have a look of this guide.

1. Warehouse instance. Once reach level 10, we can enter this instance, but we need a map. Normal instances will give us a pearl when finish the instances, when we open the pearl, we have chance get a warehouse map piece, we can get map pieces from the box from daily quest too. Three map pieces can be redeemed a warehouse instance map (Map pieces is tradable, once it is redeemed a full map, it is bound). When we finish warehouse instance, we can get 10k gold, it must be quite much money at the beginning. (Detail guide: C9 Entering Hidden Instances Guide)

2. Deader Temple. We will mainly work at this place after level 24, we will not have quests in level 24, so we have to do instances. This instance map is small, monsters are serried. We need about 10 minutes to do this instance. Monsters will drop gold, then let us see which points monsters will drop more gold.

There is a monster called ‘食尸鬼伯威克’, means Ghoul Berwick, it will drop 4 items. One is Berwick’s broken teeth, it is a forging material. Second is a gold or silver box. Then an armor enhancement component. And the last one, an accessory, a belt or a bracelet, it can be sold, if it is green, the price is about 10k, market price you can check it from the Exchang in your server. If it is blue, the price is about 10 times more than a green one.

There is a little room in front of boss, we have chance get a black box from it, we can get enhancement stones from the box randomly.

The chest after killing boss, we have chance to get good gears(maybe blue) from the chest, but the chance is quite low.

3. The same as the auction system in other games, buy something at low price, then sell it at high price.

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