C9 Slayer Comprehensive Guide

C9 Slayer Comprehensive Guide by Momoyo


First of all, Thanks for pick up Slayer class, it is one of the hardest class to play in C9. I know many players will quit slayer after lv 50+ gameplay, and many people quit C9 because they played slayer. After all,  I wish this guide will help you to stay.
PS: Please feel free to add your comment and I will make change to the guide constantly

Slayer Overlook

Slayer is a pvp class, and it required high skill to be mastered. The learning curve is high and required a lot of pratice to play well.

– Fast movespeed, and attack rate
– Strong air combo
– Strong Grab Skill (This is ALLL what slayers for)

– Low HP, Attack, and Armor (Very bad for melee class)
– Short skill range (Many Skill required very close range to be able to successful cast)
– Almost no pve aoe skill

Now, I will explain why Slayer is a pvp class due to the end-ame play, and why Slayer is one of the hardest class in C9. Basically for C9, there are 4 things you do when you reach endgame:

1. Dungeon Farming: People solo high level dungeon (lv 50+ Master) due to the Card Reward system
2. Hell Gear Farming: 4-player party to farm the best gear in game, current hell gear have lvl 35 set and lvl 47 set.
3. Survive Mode: a 20-level dps dungeon that give good reward at each 5 level, including cash item such as exp boost and stamina potion.
4. PVP: This include the the pvp ranking system in arena and other pvp play such as cash tournament.

Now, why I said slayer is a pvp class, is not only because his skills are good in pvp but is beacuse he is so bad in other things. If we rank the above 4 endgame conetent out of 10 score. Here is how each class is:


Guardian 3 4 4 9
Blademaster 7 6 6 8
Warrior 3 4 4 8
Ranger 5 8 9 7
Scout 4 8 10 6
Assasin 3 4 4 9
Taoist 7 6 6 8
Elementalist 6 7 7 6
Illusionist 7 8 8 7
Warden 7 8 10 6
Slayer 3 4 4 9

(*This rank is not official, is from other C9 fansite. The pvp rank is considering only 1vs1 Arean Rank 9 and up. which is the top two rank of the serve.)

PVP Skills and Build

Here, instead of suggest “which is the best skill build”, I will stats several popular skill build and explain the reasons, You may want to look, think, and combine to come up with your own skill build which suit you.

Basic Knowledge:

Combo Skill: skill used to start combo, not for damage
Floor Attack Skill: skill used to attack player that lay on the floor so they get up and you can continiue your combo.
Lift Skill: Skill attack that force player to fly and has fast recovery to chain air combo
Grab SKill: required very close range to use, and can break super armor
Eavsive skill: include evasive Roll, Attack, Dash: Roll can only be used when lay on floor, Attack can only be used when attacked on the ground (cannot escape air combo), Dash is the only Eavsive can be used to escape air combo

Action Tab

Helldrive Burst: lv 1 (default)

Twisting Flip Kick,
– Combo Skill, Floor Attack skill, Lift
– The skill does 3 kick attack, Only first kick does floor attack skill and break Semi-super armor
– Suggest lv 1

Turning Kick:
– Combo skill, Lift
– Suggest lv 0:
– Suggest lv 1: If you need it for air combo

Cross Combination
– Slayer main damage skill
– Can change direction after active
– Suggestion lv 10: So you can get Cross Combination II
– Suggestion Max: If you used it for damage

– Suggest lv 0

– Instant cast AOE range Skill (Very rare for Slayer)
– Suggest lv 1: if you have trouble hit enemy player, used it to disturb
– Suggest Max: If you can aim and hit enemy player (Very useful)

Ice Crystal
– Suggest lv 0

Vampiric Touch
– Suggest lv 0

Horizon Jack
– Dagger throwing skill, Required dagger
– Strike enemy down, can be used to re-initialized strike down timer
(*When Roll is in cooldown, it takes 3 second for player to get up when they get strike down. however used this skill to hit the player again will re-initialized the timer, so they have to wait another 3 sec to get up, which give u free time to do whatever u want.)
– Suggest lv 0
– Suggest lv 1: if you used this for disturb and strike down
– Suggest Max: if you use for damage

Mortal Chain Cut
– Slayer Ultimate, Grab skill
– Invincible during attack animation
(*For high rank pvp, this skill is mainly use to kill player’s pet, or use to fake out enemy player’s evasive attack and evasive dash)
– Suggest Max

Rout Point
– Floor attack skill, Break super armor
(*Use this to close up at short range or to fate out Roll when enemy is strike down)
– Suggest lv 1

Ringshear Kick
– Main damage skill, Floor attack skill, Lift
– Break super armor
– Suggest Max

– Main damage skill for range enemy
– Invincible during charge
– Attack will stun enemy
(*Use this to start up combo or connect combo)
– Suggest Max

Delpha Slasher
– Use to counter range attack
– Suggest lv 1

Smash Chase
– Use to chase range enemy or run away
– First attack break guard and stun
(*How to use this skill for stun and combo, after press the skill, you run to your enemy, after you hit your enemy with first attack, immediately turn your carmer to 90 degree to face away from your enemy, this will stop the chain attack from this skill and enemy is under stun)
Suggest lv 1
Suggest lv 3 to obtain Darkness Chase

Wind Rave
– Slayer best grab skill
(*Use this to start up combo)
– Suggest Max

Blood Dance
– buff skill
– Suggest lv 0
– Suggest lv 1 For attack speed buff

Vice Sword
– Buff Skill
(*useless for pve, but very good skill for pvp, especially if you are against Guardian)
– Suggest Max

Blaring Burst
– Skill obtaind when Riddle Kick lv 5
– Lift
– Suggest lv 1

Living Shadaw
– Instantly Go invisible and Invincible
– Suggest Max

– Damage and Combo skill
(*very easy to chain with Killer Bee+ Fallen Angel)
– Suggest Max

Chain Scissor Slash
– Slayer Ultimate Skill
– Super armor during animation,
– break semi-super armor
– damage greatly reduced in pvp
(*This skill has short cooldown, use this against enemy player’s melee super armor skill and charge skills. This skill will be used a lot)
– Suggest lv 1 beacause the high damage reduction in pvp
– Suggest Max since you will use this skill a lot

Command Tab

Evasive Dash
– Suggest lv 1

Blaring Silhoutte
– Invincible for a instant when used
(*use this skill to dodge or position yourself, have very short cooldown when maxed)
– Suggest lv 5: to obtain Sub Slash
– Suggest Max: for short cooldown

Riddle Kick
– Suggest lv 5: to obtain Blaring Burst

Sub Slash
– Skill obtained when Baring Silhoutte lv 5
– Lift
– Suggest lv 1
– Suggest lv Max if use for damage

Viper Knee Kick
– Lift, Grab skill
– Requied close range to attack
(*use this skill to connect combo, has good damage when maxed)
– Suggest lv 10: to obtain Spiral Crash
– Suggest Max if used for damage

Fear Throw
– Dagger throwing skill, Required dagger
– Break guard, lift, range skill
(*Because this skill can force enemy to fly, it could be very useful. For example, after fear throw hit, use Smash Chase to close the distance and Ringshear Kick after Smash Chase first hit stun, now enemy in air and u can combo all your want (e.g Deadfall+killer bee+Falling angel ). OR , use fear throw after you stun enemy with Smash Chase or Heartbreak to force them fly.)
– Suggest lv 0
– Suggest lv 1

Jump Chain Attack
– Suggest lv 1

Killer Bee
– Lift,  damage Skill
(*Deadfall+killer bee+ Falling angel)
– Suggest Max

Falling Angel
– Lift, damage skill
(*Deadfall+killer bee+ Falling angel)
– Suggest Max

Corss Combination Edge
– Obtain when Corss combination lv 10
– Main damage skill
– Suggest max

Darkness Chase
– Obtain when Smash Chase lv 3
(*This skill I am not sure)

Sprial Crash
– Obtain when Viper knee kick lv 10
– Break super armor (?) (not sure yet)
– Suggest lv 1 if used for combo
– Suggest Max if used for damage
(*the attack judgement for this skill sometime does not work (bug?). So many people chose to go lv 1, but this skill has very high damage.)

Passive Tab

The following Skills you should max no matter what:
Attack Mastery, Agile Blood, Max HP Increased

The following skills you may want to max:

Critical Increases:
– Suggest lv 0 if you are low in SP
– Suggest Max if you have extra SP
(*depend on your equipment)

Max MP Increase
– Suggest lv 0 if you have enough MP when fighing Guardian
– Suggest as many as possible if you alwasy runing low on MP
(*depend on your equipment)

Dagger Slinger
– Suggest lv 0 if you dont use dagger throwing skills
– Suggest lv 1 if you use a lot of dagger throwing skills

Slayer’s Equipment

Slayer use sword and dagger, sword for physical attack and dagger for magic attack. You perform sword attack by right click and dagger attack by left click. So make sure always use right click when you play slayer. This will also help you a lot if you use dagger throwing skill, When you have 0 dagger, your left click attack wont work.

I suggest two options for weapon choice.

1. One weapon that add Critical and the other weapon that add Accuracy. This option will provide you with stable damage output

2. Both weapon that add attack speed. This option will provide you with better combo ability, you can chain all your skill faster means less combo fail.

For accesory, I suggest use Max MP + HP Recovery. If you have max iceball, use water for all your elemental attack.

Slayer Combo List

Slayer lv 37 Combo (Easy)

This is a relatively easy combo for slayer, it only required lv 37 to do it. That why I put this up first. However, even I said easy, it required at least 15-30 hour to practice for beginner. People who are no good in action combo wont even complete the starting part (Wind Rave + Jump Right-Click). Expect to spend 30+ hour to practice if you are slow hand:

Wind Rave +  Jump Right Click + Deadfall + Killer Bee + Blaring Sihoutte + Sub Slash + ‘E’ + Cross Combination + Cross Combination Edge + Twist Flip Kick + Jump Left-Click & Right Click + Heartbreaker + Ringshear Kick + Deadfall + Killer Bee + Chain Scirsorr Slash + Mortal Chain Cut

Slayer Loop Air Combo

Here is a loop-able air combo, you can continuous this forever if you have enough mana,  Here is the youtube, I will give out the skills later.

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