C9 Warden Skills Guide

C9 Warden Skills Guide by lameranger

I write this to explain on the skills that some players might curious or dont understand how the skills work and say the skills are useless. Warden isn’t weak at all. Warden is one of the best class in survival mode.

Ok here is the explanation and some opinion on the skills.


1. Freezing Sword 

<Max or Zero>

This skill buff some of your skills as well (yes i m serious)
The damage is good addition in early game because it +70 damage per hit but late game the damage are not significant anymore. Thats why many people say its useless. People who say it useless in both PVE and PVP is only considering its damage.

The important point is the freezing chance. Addtional 8% of freezing chance added into all the hits that get buffed by Freezing Sword.

*Applies to the following skills only:
  • Normal Attacks
  • Melee Skills (such as kicks)
  • Helldive Blast/Smash
  • Tempest
  • Ice Crystal
  • Jack Horizon
  • Low Pierce
  • Divine Assault
*DOES NOT apply to the following skills:
  • Frost Breath
  • Frost Step
  • Frost Bomb
  • Any other skill not listed above

The skills that get buffed are all having 8% of freezing chance. PvP useless? I dont think so.

PVE : ignore.
PVP : you can consider it. Lots of SP exchange for the freezing chance. Making your horizon jack with freezing chance is fun :3

2. Frost Wall


Basically this skill level 5 is more than enough in term of size. Damage is low so it does not matter.


– Block entrance in survival mode.

– Block some skills (?)

– Somehow when i use this skill in hell mode, i realize that some mob will ignore me and hit the wall instead. But hell mode mob are very high damage. It only can hold for few seconds.

Important extra note: This skill has very heavy delay cast animation, in pvp use wisely or else before you cast it you will get catched first.

3. Tempest, Frost Breath, Blizzard, Frozen Wind, Divine Assault, Ice Ball

<Max> (no need to explain)

These skills are your main damage output skills.

4. Frozen Slasher

Some people might feel it hard to use. The damage in fact is very good. Cooldown is ok. Combine with freezing sword, the damage deal on the floor has additional freeze chance as well. I maxed it. Some ppl might ignore it.

5. Natural Fog

<Level1 or Max> (2s for level1, 3.2s for level5 (extra 12sp))

Level1 is 2s. Max Level (level 5) is 3.2s. Increase of 0.3s per level. Every 3 sp is required for each level. Grant you invincibility when you active the skills. You can often cheat your opponent so that they waste their skills. Use this skill when they charge to you~ (?) (No dont listen to me… I am a pvp noobie. xD) Greatly useful in pvp. In pve level1 should be enough though.

6. Mirriage Barrier

<Max> (no need explain)

Block 3 times damage. Will make the damage to -0 and also prevent you from knocked down or skill canceled while casting.

7. Frost Step

<zero or level1 or max>

This skill actually very debatable. Why?

Damage is average. It consume skill stone. Plus it is freaking MELEE skill.

These two videos show how it use :

http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMzg4OTQ0MjYw.html (normap dungeon run)

http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XNDA1NDQ4MzYw.html?firsttime=391 (hell mode run)

So my opinion would be… This skill is not totally useless. The damage is actually quite good. But the moment you can use it is very less. Without Illusionist’s shield protection, this skill can be dangerous to yourself (meh… warden is paper-made). So its all depends on yourself.

Extra note: When you use this skill, you are not in super armor. You still can be hit and smash away by the boss =3=…

8. Mana conversation


Well if you max this skill. Your mana will be infinite. Yes, it become infinite. But why zero? You have pots to regen for ur mana. You have accessory to regen for ur mana. Why waste ur important SP in this skill. So… ZERO~!

9. Ice Witch Summon


For distract mob attention purpose. Or to annoy your opponent in pvp. Seriously 20s duration with 60s cooldown, and that little hp of this pretty summon make it kinda useless. :x

10. Ice Crystal

<zero or level1>

SP is not enough. Dont waste your SP into some skill that cant guarantee a hit.

Pros – slow enemy by 30%, can hit ground unit (pvp is useful)

Cons – the ball move too slow, only 1 hit. If ur opponent can get hit by this skill (when not grounded), then he/she is probably having AI brain.

Ice crystal can be used as a combo substitute if your iceball is on cd. Adding it to lvl 2 would have the debuff increased to 4 seconds.Normally after launching you would want to hold the enemy on the air with ice crystal or iceball.Ice crystal is always good with zoning after casting icewall and a combo can be started if it hits.

-Credited to: Coolloot

11. Helldive Burst

<level10 or max>

One of the most common skill used. Level10 for highest number of ice shard. Any higher wont increase the number of ice shard anymore. The damage increasing of each level is not that significant. So depends on players….

12. SkullJape

<zero or max>

This skill will summon a little minion to help you out. Can tank for you. Can kill for you. It will never die in dungeon run (except pvp, hell mode and survival, i am also surprised that it has been killed during my first hell mode run LOL).

Dont look down at its damage. Seriously its damage is really strong. For every upgrade, the minion from normal attack -> range attack (throw stone) -> melee combo attack (multiple hit ftw) -> super range attack (toss 7 or 8 stones together. At melee range throwing to big boss = ownage). There is one problem though… AI is brainless… sometimes it just keep toss on wall when enemy on opposite of the wall. =_=

In pvp can disturb enemy by throwing the balls. Stop enemy casting or prevent much combo from enemy. But can be died in second :x try to kill the enemy when ur enemy is aiming ur little minion.

In pve, there is pros and cons.

Pros : tank ability, damage average high (based on your matk actually)

Cons : expose your position all the time when you get intruded, rage attack the wall sometimes (LOL), distract/smack away the mobs when u trying to gather the mobs together for aoe killing

Overall I am still prefer to learn this skill max. When you try to kill the mobs by urself when farming. YOu can just dont summon it. Hell mode is quite a good tanker

13. Jack Horizon/Horizon Jack(?)

<level1 or max>

Highest damage single hit skill. Fast cooldown (2s). Use up 1 dagger. Dagger stack is 8s though. PVP is a must. PVE depends on user.

With my 2.7~2.9k matk, I can hit up to 23k critical damage (my shoulder is not prefect grade) per dagger to lunard defender with my max level jack horizon.

Try to practice to shot the dagger from air (by pressing Q when jumping). Seriously warden has not enough skill slot.

If shot on ground, you can press right click to fasten to throwing speed. (without right click will give you time to aim properly though)

14. Fearthrow bla bla


Never use this skill before. Its same with jack horizon (earth damage, use up 1 dagger). But too slow and must use on ground. When pressing it long to cast longer before shot, you can shot to 3 direction and it will penerate through the enemies. (damage is not yet tested by myself since i never learnt it after lvl20 skill reset.) Not recommended.


1. Frost bomb

<zero or level1 or max(?)>

Its kinda hard to active this skill. (ok i strongly admit i am noob in this =3=)

Its a must for pvp user. Train urself to use it better :3 it is good. Level it higher will make the skill aoe bigger thus easier to hit.

For pve user, you can dont level it at all. Or level1 for slightly extra jump range. This is not a main damage output skill so dont mind level it high if you are not going to pvp.

2. Helldive Smash

<zero or max>

seriously I dont know how this works. Need some to explain on this. And China forum writen that this skill is bugged. The freezing chance is not working.

3. Witch Step



1. HP, Magic Mastery, Wind Bringer, Glacial Strike


2. Mana, Agile, Critical

Depends on players…. SP is limited. So learn your skill wisely.
Mana can regen using pots
Agile can be useful… remember skills that not having cast bar are based on attack speed. Eg. Iceball, helldive burst. (yes i am very confirm on this.) Casting speed only affect skills with cast bar.
Critical can be pump by your equips…

Lastly… Sorry for my poor english. I am an asian so please understand me. >.<

Our opionion may differ. You can comment on this. But try not to have war in my post.

Thank you for reading.

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