C9 Magic Taoist Build Guide

C9 Magic Taoist Build Guide by DeathDoUsPart

Magic Taoist Lvl50 [Wisdom>Crit] Build

Just a short and simple guide.

Q: Why Wis?
A: High magic damage vs low magic def targets

max mp + mp regen + crit %, (crit rate should be at least 80%)

My Skill Placement (depends on you):

1: Tao Flare, Spirit Arts (2nd hotkey bar)
2: Elec Swing, Spirit Charge (2nd hotkey bar)
3: Velvet Crasher
4: Energy Storm
5: Velvet Dance
6: Vera Step
7: Strong Body
8: Fireball
9: Hunting Bomber
0: Lightning Bolt
Z: Ice Spear
X: Soul Burn
C: Choke Flat
V: Vera Beat
B: Phantom Wall
G: Dark Emotion
T: Soul Chaser
N: Velvet Spin

Locked Command: Ice Spear, Tao Flare

lvl 50 Skill Build:

Elec Swing                        lvl_17
Phantom Wall                lvl_01
Ice Spear                        lvl_01
Fireball                        lvl_15
Lightning Bolt                lvl_01 (i just used this for sniping groups to annoy them)
Dark Emotion                lvl_16
Soul Chaser                        lvl_13
Strong Body                lvl_06
Velvet Crasher                lvl_01
Choke Flat                        lvl_01
Vera Step                        lvl_01
Spirit Charge                lvl_03
Tao Stinger                lvl_01
Tao Flare                        lvl_01
Vera Beat                        lvl_10
Energy Storm                lvl_07
Hunting Bomber I        lvl_03
Soul Burn                        lvl_06
Velvet Dance                lvl_01
Velvet Spin                        lvl_01

Vanish Step                lvl_06
Rushing Bite Double        lvl_01
Air Vera Crasher                lvl_01
Mana Piece                        lvl_01
Evasive Dash                lvl_01
Mana Shot                        lvl_01
Mana Cipher                lvl_01
Rushing Bite                lvl_05
Ground Vein                lvl_01
Spin Smash                        lvl_01
Vera Crasher                lvl_01
Diamond Palm                lvl_03
Elec Swing Banshee        lvl_03
Hunting Bomber II        lvl_02
Hunting Bomber III        lvl_01

Max HP Increase                lvl_09
Max MP Increase                lvl_09
Critical Increase                lvl_09
Mentalism I                        lvl_10
Mentalism II                lvl_03
Way of Spirits                lvl_08

PVP Tip:

always practice, experience will teach you how to pvp well.

variables affecting your win rate consist of:

1. player skill/tactic/strategy
2. hardware (lag, fps lag)
3. gear
4. skill build

Always utilize your guard and phantom wall, familiarize with all classes skills and buff effects, as well as all your invincibility frames. Know when to attack/counter and when to run/kite/evade/guard.

Check My YouTube Playlist: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL283C905B1AF98209&feature=plcp

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