C9 Ranger Skill Build Guide

C9 Ranger Skill Build Guide by Gluttony

A lot of recent topics covered or requested skill build for Rangers. Here’s a personal suggestion.

Vital Thrust- It’s a melee skill, needless to say, we can leave it the way it is.

Lift Kick- A vital part of a combo, but since Ranger uses projectile weapons, therefore we don’t necessarily have to rank it more than Lv 1.

Multi-Shot- A seemly useful skill, yet not very applicable in combat. Rank it up to Lv 5 for Divine Multi-Shot.

Turn Slash- A knock back skill, leave it at Lv 1 just in case a Ranger engages in melee.

Flying Shatter Kick- Leave it at Lv 1, it’s a good escape skill and a good kite skill. Plus it is another important part of linking melee combo. Low CD(Cool Down) is also another reason that a Ranger should learn the skill.

Chain Strike- Again, Ranger isn’t melee, don’t touch it at all.

Aimed Shot- Oh, this is Ranger’s best skill, deals a ton of damage plus its beautiful option of being able to relaunch with “Replay Shot.” Max this skill.

Lightning Shot- It’s Ranger’s essential kite skill. Quick Launch, replayable, and much better than Multi-Shot. Max this skill.

Divine Multi-Shot- The best of the best. In any given situation, using this skill successfully will create a massive distance between you and your enemy, and a good amount of damage. (Be aware that the recoil is pretty heavy, don’t use it on an edge with your back against whatever cliff is behind you. Max this skill.

Aim Stance- Rangers tend to have ambivalent feeling about this skill, a semi-useful skill in PVE and a useless skill in PVP. Remember one thing, as a Ranger… Never never never and never be stationary for more than a second. This skill basically deny that iron rule. The lack of barrage and arrow counts plus low damage throw this skill out of the window. Suggesting Rangers not to touch it at all.

Freezing Shot- It’s a penetrating shot, plus a chance of freezing. Maybe not as useful in some situation, but definitely a good reserve skill when waiting on CD. Max this skill. (Replayable)

Bombing Shot- A good kitting skill, it’s damage range gives Ranger the opportunity to aim it at the ground and most likely hit the enemies around it. Being an DoT skill (Damage Over Time), it is worthy for maxing. (Replayable)

Drilling Shot- Another significant skill worthy of SP investment. The moment you enter the stance to launch this arrow, a moderate amount of AoE(Area of Effect) releases around you, pushing the enemy nearby away. Plus the Hit Box of this skill is enormous for an arrow. It also deals DoT damage. Definitely max this skill, very valuable for kitting and crowd control for mobs. (Replayable)

Precise Aim- A godly buff that will stay on you for 3/4 of the time if you pay attention. 40% Critical increase, needless to say, Max it.

First Aid- Another confusing skill. With it’s high cool down, it is less likely to be used during battle. Plus the meager amount of heal it provides, it isn’t worthy of SP. Leave it at level one or just don’t level it at all.

Arrow Shower- A controllable AoE, considerable CD, and good damage. The reason some Rangers choose to leave it at level one is often due to their inability to aim and predict the path of their enemies. If it lands, it locks the opponent in for 3 seconds while dealing a good amount of damage. Not necessary to max but a good skill regardless, max if you prefer to.(Easier in PVE, difficult in PVP)

Barrage- A skill that allows you to fire 5 shots (When you max the skill, can only be leveled two times), yet it demands a stationary stance. The difference between this skill and Aim Stance is that Barrage is cancelable. And the shots it fires are quite fearsome if they hit. Max it.

Charged Arrow- A skill that almost can be used anywhere, combo finisher, combo chainer, independent launch, you name it. A good damage and knock back skill when chainning combo if engaged in melee. Max it.

Evasive Attack- At first you would find it utterly useless, but the downward direction key combination allow you to tumble back, plus it gives a short Iframe (Invulnerable/invinsible frame). Leave it at Lv 1.

Grab Throw- Another melee skill, leave it at Lv 1, it is a combo chainer.

Eagle Kick- A godly skill with low CD and a combo starter. When opponent draws close, eagle kick them down and use Grab Throw right after, a flawless technique to deal some melee damage and a quick escape.

Grenade Shot- You cannot control this skill’s launch direction, it is fixed at slight left of your crosshair. A good kite skill, and it gives a nice knock down for the enemy and knock back for the Ranger. Leave it at Lv 1.

Air Multi-Shot- A considerable skill used when kitting. Personally suggesting Rangers to leave it alone, but depends on preference.

Quick Draw- Obviously, it is what help you kite and shoot quickly. Max it.

Critical Increase- Do I have to explain? (Another skill that can be ignored if preferred to.)

Fittness Mastery- ^

Edited- Crouch- An essential skill in PVP as it grants invincibility against enemy range and melee attacks. Max it.

Remaining SP can be used to invest in fields preferred.

Alright, that’s pretty much what you need to know about Rangers. 1. Stay out of your enemies’ range. 2. Learn to aim and predict your opponent’s method of dodging and travel. 3. Do not faceroll your keyboard and think something’s going to hit, they’ll all miss. 4. Don’t be afraid to melee, but don’t stay in melee mode either, escape as soon as you have a chance. 5. Time your CDs, and make sure you reserve some skill to knock your enemies back just in case.

Hope I helped some of the Rangers out there, and good luck.

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