C9 Bladedancer Skill Build Guide

C9 Bladedancer Skill Build Guide by feizalex

Hello~ to all WB Fan.. Since so many people asking a great built of “BladeDancer” PVP and PVE..


This built skill is good and why?

Active Skill :

OathBreaker – Max this skill (This skill have a mass DMG it really good and for stuned combo or mid air combo) Btw this skill max will have 4x hit but i will suggestion to make only 3 hit it because 3x hit gave stun to ur opponent and mid air combo for easy chain to another skill… Still depend on  player combo built…

Grand Jete –  lvl 7 – 10 (This skill is usefull for lift up ur opponent or starting combo or chain combo..) This skill gave 2x hit and really fast CD… Depend on player (suggetion lvl 7)

Fierce Lash – Max (This is the best long range skill for BD and for combo starter) This skill will up more range every lvl and gave a bleeding to ur opponent..

Black Rose – lvl 10 – max (This skill have a good dmg also and for lifting ur enemy and for combo started/chain)

Spin Turn Thrust– Max (This skill is mid range for BD and really nice for combo and stun) This skill gave u Iframe and semi-superamor…. Iframe when u land 1st hit to ur enemy and semi-superamor in 2nd hit.

Dragon Dance – Max (Good Dmg and for chain combo) This skill also give ur semi-superamor when hit enemy…

Tripple Chase – lvl 3 – lvl 5 (This skill for chasing and escape) This skill can go through some certain projectile even arrow shower sometime @_@!!..

Nether Shroud – Max (This skill have longest CD 60sec) But this skill is special DMG can go 480% ++ and if u know how to make it 2x hit that really good… When u hold “W” it will give u fast more movement and going through almost anykind of enemy skill.. (counter skill) but this skill really weak at HB = HeartBreaker and Chain Scissor Slash From “Slayer”.. HB and CSS can counter N.Shroud skill easy so be carefull when u fighting them..

Violent Bloom – lvl 1 – lvl3 (This skill can block any projectile but not Drill shot and ice shot from ranger) This skill have 4x hit at lvl 3 this skill enough to kill warden pet Skull jape or trap from scout..

Violet Cross – Lvl 7 or max depend on player (This skill have a good DMG and debuff move speed to enemy 40%) This skill can be use for destroy pet and Trap or warden ice wall and illu sex toad

Cross Blitz – lvl 1 (This skill is sux but still this skill for replace ED) The animation of this skill is sux that long and the AOE is just lolz.. BTW this skill gave u iframe and dmg ur enemy by press “Shift + LMB” but it have 15 sec duration buff.. The bad situiation is when the buff is gone it will make u stuck and ur movement have been delay and ur skill also can be cancel for nothingBeware when u use this skill after buffing ative this skill immediately…

Drak Fallen Grave – Max (The killer skill from BD once ur enemy get hit by this skill ur winning rate is raise to 30% – 50% more)This skill is easy to dodge and mid AOE.. BTW this skill have a great iframe arfter 0.4 sec charge (Beware ur enemy can cancel this skill if they land a hit b4 0.4 sec charge) and SuperAmor after the animation for 0.5 sec… This skill also gave debuff (Bleeding+Decrease enemt p.att/pdef)…

Pirouette Strike – Max and pasive lvl 45 (This skill good for PVP and PVE DMG dealer)..

Command SKill:

Dual Blade Mastery – lvl 5 or lvl 10 (Depend on player)

Spinning Heart – lvl 1 or ? (Depend on player) I suggest for lvl 1 this skill is for u distance close to enemy or run or cancel skill for combo started..

Blaring Silhouette – Lvl 10 or max? ( Depend on player) this skill gave decrease enemy p.def and have semi-superamor 0.3 sec..

Silhouette Ariel – Lvl 1 or lvl 3 (depend on player) lvl 3 for more lifthing enemy and DMG… Suggestion lvl 1 for saving SP….

Viper Knee Kick – Lvl 10 – max (Combo and DMG) Lvl 10 for SP and max lvl for dmg..

Death Dive – Lvl 5 or ? (depend on player) Lvl 5 good for dmg and this skill have superamor can counter enemy dash skill…

Burst Of Str – lvl 1 or ? ( suggestion lvl 1 enough )

Quixote’s Wrath – Max (good for dmg and stun combo started) This skill can crush enemy blocking (guard)..

Spirit Lurh – lvl 1 or ? ( depend on player ) suggestion lvl 1..

Flora’s Shadow – lvl 7 – max (The great skill for close ur distance to enemy or escape and BTW this skill have trick for using only Superamor “Q” + “W” and fast press “S”) It will not moving anywhere but it give Superamor..

Don’t up other buff then that 2 (Burst Of STR and SPirit lurh)…

Up all usefull command skill Hell Turn and cosmic..

Passive SKill:

HP – Max

MP – lvl 5 – max

Att Pasive – max

Agile pasive – max

Pirouette strike pasive – Up for PVE…

PS – This is a better built but it still depend on player.. Follow or not is ur choice

How to make a combo and some skill to close up my distance to enemy or how to beat range class and mage?

 Ok here i will post some of my Video and Twehbie Video.. I still admit he is good at this class and im also take some part of his combo…

Twehbie BD (Basic/advance combo)

Feizalex it me ^_^ (Infinite combo) after i master this combo i can create so many combo started that u cant imagine so i can tell u every step of my skill it will be my infinite combo…

After u master this all combo u must know how to kill ur enemy…

Time to beat ur opponent…

Range Class

Twehbie BD vs Warden…

Feizalex BD Vs Ranger..

Melee Class

Feizalex BD vs Berserker

BladeDancer Kr in Relay match

I hope this can help other player to improve thier BladeDancer class…

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