C9 Classes Overview Guide

C9 Classes Overview Guide by XanthosMorphine

Ok not meaning to be a perfect expert or anything but this is what ive learned from playing c9 kr and us for almst a year now.

Difficulty Rating (1-5)

Wherein 1 (Easiest) & 5 (Most Difficult)

I need suggestion from you guys too so i can improve this for other players

FIGHTERS (All fighters are durable and can block; Except BM on single sword

Warrior (2)

So basically the balanced class of the fighter. Good dmg output a lot of charges to close distances. A lot of grabs and other utility skills to make movement a lot easier. They have decent defensive skills and stuns that could help you out a lot in pvp and pve. AOE of this class is very good like expert base and his other charge skills.

WEAPON : Longsword & Buckler/Shield

Primary Stat: STR

Guardian (2)

The clas with the most defence(TANK CLASS). If you like blocking with big shield this could be the character for you. Althought his dmge output isnt tht good unless you got some decent items. Slow moving due to the usage of bulwarks but compensate with it for their endurance against attacks. Has less mobility than warrior in terms of utility skills.

WEAPON : Longsowrd & Bulwark/Shield

Primary Stat: STR

Blademaster (1)

Due to high dmge output and has the capacity to have the fastest movespeed, not counting shadows blink, I recommend for beginners. Blademaster actually has 2 stances one using the shield the other only using the sword and loses its ability to block but gains more dmge and movespeed. Has one of the best stun lock combos with the combination  of normal attacks and other skills. But has the least durability among the fighter class. Has a strong counter skill with insane dmge.

WEAPON : Longsword and Shield; Mainly uses Longsword on secondary stance

Primary Stat: STR

Berzerker (3)

This class has a REALLY BIG DMGE OUTPUT. Can be tanky like a warrior but has less mobility unless you build it atk speed/mve speed type zerker. Really big aoes which is both useful in PVE & PVP.

Nrmal attacks can hit units in the ground which is quite useful as i dnt knw any other class which can hit units lying on the ground with nrmal attacks.  Who have to play smart tho some classes with extreme mobility can still outwit you best you dnt swing ur big sword around carelessly. Has a counter skill which lifts opponents to the air can be used to initiate combos.

WEAPON : Greatsword

Primary Stat: STR

Hunter (Unlimited Dash , Alot of Mobility, Can’t block but can “Crouch”)

Scout (2)

Their main damage output is thru their traps. Very good in both PVE and PVP if used right. There have been physical build scouts but they are quite hard to use since you have to play it like an assasin. Homing bombs which follows targets which is really annoying to the opponent in pvp.

Extremely soft and can be killed easily. Unable to block but has a crouch skill which can make him immune to range dmge.

WEAPON : Bow & Blade/Dagger

Primary Stat: WIS (Can be built with STR tho not recommended)

Assasin (5)

I have to say this assasin has got to be the hardest class to use in the game. Correct me if im wrong but it relies alot on technicality in PVP. Its PVE isnt that great in high levels and usually shunned in survivals like the shadow because of its softness. It has great mobility and skills that can turn the tide of battle. Has the ability of almst all the classes is able to create traps and use range skill. Requires alot of practice to master. Has a counter skill wherein you will be invincible when hit and can move for awhile in this state. LAG WILL KEEL YOU

WEAPON : Bow and Dagger/Blade

Primary Stat: STR

Shadow (4)

One of the most mobile classes in the game. Air steal which teleport u where ever you want to go in air. Has a dash which can turn you invulnerable for a few seconds. Great in PVE but is extremely soft and most people don’t like bringing shadows to survival. Overall if you like fast paced PVP with adrenaline rushing all over this is the class for you.

WEAPON: Dual Daggers/Blades

Primary Stat: STR

Ranger (3)

The main range class of the hunter. Great for PVE and has amazing aoe skills. Their damage output is quite decent and has alot of keepaway skills to keep the enemy at bay. Just like the scout i has no dashes so it has less mobility than shadows/sins. Recommend to players who like using bows jumping around and owning the enemy. They are however extremely soft and can be killed quite easily if caught.

WEAPON : Bow & Blade/Dagger

Primary Stat: STR

Gunslinger (3)

The latest addition of the hunter class. A mid range class with extremely fast atk speed and highly mobile due to escape skills and double dashes event triple with evasive shots. Has a limited amount of ammunition in their gun which means you can reload. You can load either nrmal or air type ammo. Air type ammo has bonus damge and increases effectiveness of some of its skils. Just like the ranger its ability to escape and kite the opponent makes it really annoying in pvp. It has less range than the ranger but the aoe of its shots are large. Very good in PVE where even nrmal attack is good enuf to finish master dgns.

WEAPON: Dual Guns & Musket

Primary Stat: STR

Shaman (Spellcasters, All can block except for reapress)

Elementalist (3)

Shaman class with the most varied elemental skills. Has two types SHADE and SHINE. The shade elementalist are unable to jump but gain a new dash ability can move faster than normal elemntalists on the ground. Have the ability to fly and yes FLY! In pvp in map where there are ringout locations they can hide themselves their from melee oppoenents with no range attacks. Fastest elementalists on the air. Has summons to aid you in battle from healing summons to tank summons.Highly recommended for those who enjoy spamming spells. Extremely useful in PVE to its high number of aoe skills.Are soft and killed easily if not played right.

WEAPON : Magic Staff

Primary Stat: WIS

Illutionist (3)

The class of deceit. Has a number of dashes and trap summons. Spams almst invisible glaves and are good in both PVE and PVP. Has the most skills for escaping in the Shaman class branch and has the capacity to really turn the tables. Skills mostly versed on disabling enemies or stpping them in their tracks.

WEAPON : Magic Staff

Primary Stat: WIS

Taoist (2)

A high damaged output class which can be built thru wis or str. The str build requires heavily in the use of their rod. Has extreme damage output and has dashes to help with its mobility. The magic taosist requires timing on the usage of its magic skills. Knowing when to use it and how to use it is vital and also has a very high damage output. More durable than most shamans except Reapreass.

WEAPON : Magic Staff/ROD

Primary Stat: WIS/STR

Reapress (2)

Like the taoist this class has an a big damage output. It has the mobility of the combination of a warrior and shaman. Ground dashes and air attacks. Has alot of bleeding skills and also a passive bleeding skill. A good DPS in PVE and usually invited to “Hell” DGNS which they can solo eventually.

WEAPON : Scythe

Primary Stat: STR


???????????????  FORTUNE TELLER CLASS


Warden (3)

So far the only magic reliant class in this class tree. Is able to summon skulljape which  depends alot on your magic damage can be a good tank and dps in dgns and a good support in PVP. Main elemntal damage is water and most of its abilities can freeze ur opponent with the help of an ice buff. Is able to summon Cylius which targets oppoents and after a few secs delay an ice crystal attack on the target location. Is able to block and has some evasive skills. Quite soft and in the right hands an extremely annoying opponent.

WEAPON : Arc Dagger/Arc Blade

Primary Stat: WIS

Slayer (4)

It is the assasin type of this class tree. Able to obtain the skills of most of the other classes but is usually played as a str type character using magic as a support. Has good mobility and combo capability but it maybe be difficult to use. Like most witchblades it is soft but has a decent damage output. Able to block and has some dash skills.

WEAPON : Arc Dagger/Arc Blade

Primary Stat: STR

Bladedancer (2)

This class has the most physical damage output in this class tree. Skills compose of large aoe and long range physical attacks. Has 2 charges and 1 blink skill which gives some moblity. Aoe is effective in PVP and PVP alike. I recommend this class to those who like using melee chacraters with high atk speed and high damage output. Requires some skill to master its combos and practice ofcourse.

WEAPON : Dual Arc Blades

Primary Stat: STR

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  1. Volstagh says:

    A little bit info about the Soulist(2) (not an expert just stating my opinions)

    This class does not have any blocking skill which makes it very fragile but have teleport skills that compensates for the loss if use correctly. In term of damage output, high only on some skills but mostly average damage on other skills. The only class that can transform. When transformed, some skill are disabled and other changes in animation along with damage output plus heightened defence and super armor. Can stun and breaks semi-super armor easily in pve and pvp. Build for this class is easy(does not have a lot of skills)

    Weapon: Orb

    Primary stat : WIS

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