C9 Improve Game Performance Guide

C9 Improve Game Performance Guide by demonldante

If you are experiencing game performance issues try the following:

1) Make sure all drivers are up to date (graphics driver, directx, java, etc)

2) If running Windows Vista/Windows 7 run as administrator

3) Open taskmgr.exe and adjust other running programs. Process tab and right click program.

–  Set Priority to low for chat programs (AIM, MSN Messenger, etc).

– Restrict Affinities for chat programs to be on 1 processor and browser on another

This will make sure you are dedicating only enough resources to other programs and maintaining enough resources dedicated to the game at all times.

4) Verify that your Internet Security program isn’t creating issues with the game as sometimes the game will be able to run but poorly due to the security program not giving 100% access.

– Enter your Internet Security program and set to allow exceptions for the game.

5) Make sure your router is allowing for all ports to be used for the game. This is a big one.

Unfortunately, I don’t know what the ports for the game is, and neither does the site I’m linking below, but on the following link, if you find your router and press on any software guide, it will tell you how to forward the port for that specific router (Since all routers are different like demonldante said).

Now all you need to be able to follow the instructions on the link below is a GM or forum moderator or something tell you the ports used by the game, and then replace the numbers in the tutorial you follow with the numbers that.

6) Running the game on low graphics detail might help since it requires less system resources.

7) If all these were done and you still have issues try to get the latest game client and re-install the game.

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