Wizard101 Myth Minions Guide

Wizard101 Myth Minions Guide by Mythographer

Hi there! I’m writing this guide because I used and continue to use minions extensively throughout the game (Currently in Azteca at level 84); I have yet to see a guide for minions that functions reasonably well late-game. This will be based off of my personal observations, experiences and tested methods – no third party advice or untested tricks.

Pros: Don’t have to worry about dying often. Equipment is NOT essential to this strategy. Crown shop items are NOT necessary (though they are nice to have). Makes for creative game play and deep strategic elements.

Cons: Battles take longer. The minotaur minion is not effective with this strategy – you will essentially be using the cyclops minion until you getTalos.

The Guide
There are two keys required for the effective employment of minions: the right mindset and the right deck.

MindsetPatience is definitely a virtue. Minions do not kill fast and your battles will take longer than normal. But once you are past the beginner phase of summoning and setting your minion up, you will rarely have to worry about yourself being defeated. You must also be calm because hiccups DO occur and minions, if not quickly shielded, can be taken down and yourself made vulnerable. Control! It is essential that YOU determine who the enemy attacks. This will be explained later.

This part is fairly straightforward in principle. Your deck will have very few variables, they are: the actual minion (puppet (don’t underestimate him), troll, cyclops and Talos), and attack spells for the first half of the game (until you get Talos). Place as many minions as you can into your deck, preferably your most powerful minion at the time. Divide the rest of your cards with the following priorities:
– Top Priority: Shields. You should keep your myth shield, ether shield and shield minion spells in your deck at all times. 3-4 early on and 5-6 later on.
– Second priority: Healing. Mend minion is the go-to spell for most of the game when your minion is hurt, as most minions do not have much health until you get Talos (who has 1,000 health). Mend minion should suffice, so much the better if you have a little incoming/outgoing healingboost on your gear. 3 minimum. Maximum depends on your personal requirements for peace of mind.
– Third Priority: Blades. The battles take long enough as it is in this game, longer if you rely solely on minions to deal damage, so not having any blades can really make the minutes feel like hours. Buff Minion is great for the entire game. At least 3-4 at all times, more in your deck in the late game if you prefer a more offensive stance. Myth blade has the same rules applied, since your minions, beyond the puppet, will use myth spells.
– Fourth Priority: Prisms. Yes, myth prisms are important. Later, you will rely on mass prisms, but you will always come across myth mobs in the game, regardless of the world that you’re in, and your minions will almost always cast myth school spells. 4+ prisms.
– Variable Priorities: Minions, offensive spells, and subdues.

  • You should keep the maximum number of your most powerful minion in your deck at all times, but never bother mixing more than one minion together in a single deck. Puppet, Troll, Cyclops, Talos – again, NOT minotaur. He rarely attacks and let’s you do all the work… his taunt spell won’t actually take the enemy’s attention off of you because the damage that you will be doing yourself (since you’re relying on a minotaur) will far surpass the threat that his spell generates.
  • Spells that target multiple opponents are your friend. They generate threat on you and give your minion time to blade and shield. You should also take this time to assist your minion in setting up addition blades and shields on itself so that, when it starts attacking, it can handle the aggro. And depending on the amount of damage that you do before your minion starts attacking, your minion may be able to fire off several spells before the enemy starts targeting them. Your personal preference for combat tactics will come into play here, but one word of advice: save your myth blades for your minion. Don’t use them on yourself so that you do more damage. Rely on a handful of Sun school spells to raise your damage instead. Quake will remove shields and blades from enemies, but costs 2 pips more than the frog. Your preference. 3-4 of these spells and about 4 sun cards, the highest damage augmenters that you have.
  • Subduing opponents can be handy. They reduce threat on you, which means that they will begin attacking your minion if you use these spells on them. Don’t use too many, because you want to maintain the element of control. Too many subdues, combined with your minion’s attacks, will make the enemy stay focused on your minion. Ideally, you want to be able to cast an attack spell or two and take the enemy’s attention away from your minion should your minion become heavily damaged. Later in the game, you will get an X pip subdue spell which will greatly expand upon the control element of your strategy.

Pro Tips And Extras
First and foremost, do NOT summon your minion into battle unless you have at LEAST two shield spells in your HAND. Relying on luck and hoping that you get a shield in the next few turns after summoning your minion just isn’t a good strategy. It sacrifices control over the battle and control is essential to victory.

Land a few hits before bringing out your minion in late game, because they can be killed by enemy mobs if they are targeted right away upon summoning. You want to draw the enemies’ attention to yourself first.

Do NOT use minions to battle cheating bosses. Minions will trigger their cheats more often than not and botch the whole thing up. lol

Spells from other schools aren’t necessary, but a few life spells can make healing and shielding your minion even easier. A damage absorption shield from the life school and access to sprite and satyr can make a difference in tough battles. Ice offers a defensive boost, if you’d rather play that way, with tower shield and it’s dual-shield against fire and storm – two of the highest damage dealing schools in Wizard101. Death offers feint and the ability to heal yourself while simultaneously attacking your opponents and drawing aggro with spells like Vampire andWraith. Some balance blades and traps from Niles can be tossed into the mix to raise your minions damage and expand on your offensive capabilities. None of these are necessary, but they can be helpful.

Mastery amulets are not necessary, though they can make things a bit quicker. After you deal some initial damage with your attack spells and bring out your minions, the majority of your spells will cost 0 pips. Meaning that you don’t have to worry about “wasting” power pips – you’ll have plenty of time to save 4 pips for satyr or vampire, or even 6 for the occasional wraith. That’s IF you chose any of these spells.

Dimension shift, a late game spell, has some really fun uses. Normally, spell designed to buff your minion, such as Shield Minion (-70% damage from any school) and Buff Minion (+40% damage blade for any school) are only able to be cast on your minion. However, if your minion has 4 blades and several shields, you can use Dimension shift and swipe them all for yourself – giving yourself the ability to quickly snag many shields and blades from your minion in the heat of battle, just because firing off a sun-enchanted quake.

A Mythic Garden
I don’t particularly enjoy gardening these days since amber is so hard to get. However, there is one very interesting garden that can be a ton of fun and can add versatility to your deck. Desparagus and White Desparagus. Neither of these require crowns to buy and can be found and purchased in game for in game gold. And they offer SOLELY MINION SPELLS! Buffs, shields, even other minions. Desparagus offers minion buff treasure cards, which can be more powerful than tradition spell cards, as well as a change to snag white desparagus seeds. White desparagus is where the real fun is, though. Aside from more buff TC’s, it can give you the following minions: Cyclops, Fire Elemental, Ice Elemental,Mander, Minotaur, Sprite Guardian, Troll or the Water Elemental.

As I said previously, gear isn’t super important for this deck. That being said, you can certainly choose to give yourself a boost by selecting gear that fits with your style or helps shore up an area that you are lacking in. I tend towards defensive gear so that I can focus more on healing and shielding my minion instead of myself. I used some damage gear as well a few times and that does help boost my attack spells so that I can switch my opponent’s choice of target from my minion to myself. Pips can also be nice since Talos does actually require 5 pips to be brought out. But that’s not a ton. I’d say the two most important considerations for my gear are defense and healing, because I really like to make sure that my minion holds up in the battle – beginning to end.

Well, that’s all for me. I enjoy this style of play immensely and I hope that my experience with minions and Wizard101 can help you enjoy a similar style of play. This game has always been about fun for me and using minions in battle is the best part of this game in my opinion. If you want to comment or leave feedback, that would be great.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, I hope it wasn’t TOO boring, and have a great time gaming!

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  1. Yustar says:

    This a really nice article! I’m reading it in 2024, trying to play a Minion-heavy playstyle with my Myth wizard. I am partying with a friend or two on a semi-regular basis, so I don’t always get to do my Minion shenagains. One thing this article would really benefit from is images and more hyperlinks. Like, I’d really love to see you visually show what an early, mid, and late-ish game minion Deck would look like. Rn I’m level 20, so I’m running a full deck, consisting of 4 Cyclops minion, 2 troll minion, 4 shield minion, 3 buff minion, 2 prisms, 4 myth blades, 2 ether shield, and 4 troll (to do damage and draw aggro). Sadly this setup doesn’t give me room to heal myself or heal my buddies.

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