C9 Oberon’s Haven Hell Mode Guide

C9 Oberon’s Haven Hell Mode Guide by Indopa

Have you ever tried the Hell Mode in Oberon’s Haven dungeon? Those who want something more challenging must try this content. Here is the information that might help beginners to play Hell mode.

What is Hell Mode?

Hell mode is one of the toughest difficulty levels in C9.

You are limited to only 3 resurrections. Use extreme caution.

Oberon’s Haven Hell Mode Tips.

  1. The entrance level is Lv.25
  2. You can only enter the dungeon if you have your hell ticket in your inventory.
  3. You can only revive three times
  4. Suggest to team up in a party of 4 members.

**It is hard to clear the dungeon with a party of 4 members. Some strategy may be needed.

How to exchange Hell Ticket.




You need Hell Pieces to exchange Hell Ticket.

You can earn these hell pieces from a master level beads randomly.

Where can we exchange Hell Tickets?

We need to find the NPC – Grace [Portal Mage]

You can either find the NPC in the Map or in the search window.


Now, let’s talk to Grace [Portal Mage]. If you press the “Exchange for Hell Tickets”. You may exchange your Hell Piece into Hell Ticket. (5 Hell piece to exchange 1 Hell Ticket)

Choose the number of the ticket that you want to exchange.

Once you have your Hell Ticket in your inventory, it is time us to move to the dungeon entrance to play Hell Mode.

Choose the Hell Mode and press “Start” button to begin.


Zone #1 – Warm-up

Zone #2 – Hyde

Zone #3 – Veria

Zone #4 – Karata


Zone #5 – Karin

Now, you are on your own to make strategy with your friends. Hope this is helpful.

Since this is so hard for me by myself alone? What is Ultimate Fury skills for?

Exchange for Hell Set items.

Once you have earned more than 30 pieces of Sinister Nethershard, you can exchange them for Hell Set items.

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    Where can I get “Nether Spiritshard” which is needed to exchange with Okapia Hell Sets?

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