Aura Kingdom Fish King Guide

Aura Kingdom Fish King Guide by yeungchunk

5/2/2015 Update

The newest SPD and Hybrid sets added in the TW server completed the Tier 7 series.
Note that the T6 sets require the corresponding T4 sets as fusion materials, and the T7 sets require the corresponding T6 sets as fusion materials.

16/11/2014 Update

Wow. Such long time. No content update. Wow.
Anyway here is the data for the new T7 gears.
Some of the fusion materials for T7 gears must be bought from the new fishing supply shop, and they are available only if you have reached Fishing Level 6 or above. (see below)

29/4/2014 Update

Fusion materials for the new Lv60 T5 fishing gears can be found from these new fish kings. Having a full set of these gears (rod, hat, vest, gloves and shoes) will greatly improve your performance in fishing! Listed below are the stat. of these sets.
* You get 10 Dragon Coins for every Fish King caught.


Timetable for Fish Kings (last update: 5/2/2015)

* Names in Italics are unreleased maps.
** The Wise Crab should spawns at Monday 05:00, 13:00 and 21:00 too (i.e. spawns 6 times in Monday) until the release of the next two maps.

Fishing Basics

Part 1. Understanding your fishing stat.

Since you can do the regular fishing without knowing what those numbers mean, I’m going to explain here.

LINE to SKILL (SKL): Fish with low SKL makes your blue safety zone small. Fishing gears with high LINE make your blue safety zone wider. You’ll need to be very careful if your LINE is low (a matter of clicking skill).

ROD to STRENGTH (STR): Fish with high STR takes you more time to reduce its stamina to 0. Fishing gears with high ROD shorten the time needed.

Your ROD point should be at least 10 points higher then the STR of the fish king, otherwise it can really take you 20-30 minutes to catch a single fish (you could try, but it would be painful). If your ROD point is not even higher then the STR of the fish king, you will not be allowed to attempt fishing.

REEL to SPEED (SPD): Fish with high SPD tends to pull your bobber to the right, leaving the blue safety zone. Fishing gears with high REEL gives you control to the movement of the bobber. Your REEL should not be lower then the SPD of the fish king. (Crystal Lobster is exception – the 610 SPD is not a typo – and it IS the fish king hardest to catch)

Part 2. What to prepare before you start

1. Fishing Gear

You may not need to have a full set of tier 4 (orange quality) gear to successfully catch a fish boss, as long as you have the necessary stat. Still it’s advised to have a set for the set effect.

The Lv60 tier 5 fishing set from Vulture’s Vale is the best gear set at the moment.


You must have the right (orange quality) bait. Bait can be obtained from daily fishing quests and fishing NPCs (50 tokens). Cutting up an orange-quality fish would have ~40% chance giving you a bait for the fish king of the same area.

3. All the bosses appear for 30 minutes only, and all players can catch as many as they can within this time interval. You may want to go early – the locations for their appearance are different from the usual fishing spots. Summon you Eidolon in case any nearby mob attack you while you are fishing.

4. This may give you better control:

5. Make sure you have a lot of empty space in your backpack.

6. Do everything you can think of to help you focus on the fishing (eg. turn off the music, hide other players)

Part 3. Nebuchadnezzar the Penguin Bandit

For each successful catch of Fish King, there is 50% chance that the Penguin will appear. Kill him and give the dagger dropped to Myrna in Navea. You will be awarded with some of the materials you need to fuse the tier 5 gear. (Daze Rod and the Great White Set can be fused without any actual king-fishing, since the materials needed are given out by Myrna, and the formulae can be bought from other players)

DO NOT kill other players’ penguin without asking them! (very impolite indeed) If you are not going to fish, you may team up with the players fishing. Unequip your weapon and use normal attack when the penguin appear, and let the one do the fishing kill him. Then both of you can get the dagger.

3/7/2014 Update

The new Fishing Level System in TW version
From now on when you manually catch a fish, you will gain certain “fishing experience”. Reaching different Fishing Levels will give you access to different items sold in the new “Fishing Supply Shop”, and, of course, grant you small buffs to aid your road to be a Fishing Master!

Level 2 – REEL +2%
Level 3 – HP +549
Level 4 – Prices of items sold in “Fishing Supply Shop” -2%
Level 5 – LINE +2%
Level 6 – Movement SPD +1%
Level 7 – ROD +2%
Level 8 – Prices of items sold in “Fishing Supply Shop” -3%
Level 9 – Increase your chance to catch orange-quality fishes
Level 10 – DMG +2476

The new “Fishing Supply Shop” uses a new currency called “Fishing Coins”, which is different from the Angler’s Gold Doubloon from the Fish Kings. These coins can only be obtained from selling you fish, baits, and fusion materials from fish, to the NPCs.

Items sold in this shop include
– Baits for Fish Kings
– Baits for orange-quality fishes (100% success rate)
– XP cards
– Fusion Formulae for new fishing gears (not really useful, so not listed here)
– The Custom Costumes shown above

2/10/2014 Update

Just a sidenote: You can get the 5* Fish King cards from fishing, after the release of the Battle Card System…….
And some of them are OP

(this is my deck, the Shark King is a popular choice for PVP card battles)

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    – Fusion Formulae for new fishing gears (not really useful, so not listed here)

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