Aura Kingdom Guardian/Bard PvE Guide

Aura Kingdom Guardian/Bard PvE Guide by iKingTank

My Stats!
(Without Party)

(In party) Disregard the 10 points into crit, put them into DMG as first pic.

Costumes and Sigils
-Dmg taken -2%
-Max hp +2%


-These envoys maximize your ability to tank and gain malice.

-Going down to the 20% of defence to dmg

– If you do not reach defence cap feel free to get some extra defense envoys but I capped without also the max hp +1% did not give me much of a bonus even with 45k hp but also if you do not want the extra dmg you can substitute them for DEFENSE AND HP ENVOYS


-My mastery’s are set mostly to gain more defense and lower the opponents defense.

-The only thing you can change is defense to speed but it only gave me .1second CD so i chose to get dmg to defense(Also more DMG than defense so DMG to DEF gives more stats than DEF to SPEED)

My CURRENT GEAR with these i have max DEF and SPEED

Also I recommend getting max hp +5% harp instead of 5% movement speed because the benefit is much greater.


Eidolons you get from quests and dont need to find key fragments SIGRUN is the best.
Eidolons you need to farm to get
-Kotonoha(High priority)(Passive) -10% dmg taken, every 30seconds 10% lifesteal, Inceased SPD

-Tsubaki(High priority) Same as Kotonoha! (Looks different)

-Bahadur(Medium Priority)Recover HP every 15 seconds and DMG taken -20% every 32seconds

-Aelius(Medium Priority) Remove a status effect every 15 seconds, Targets movement speed -30% (passive), and -30% crit dmg taken every 25seconds.

Use these skills in order from 1 to 4 when ever they are off cooldown vsing bosses.
Use your healing skills after terrifying roar if you are in danger of dying also to get out of strong boss AOEs use windfury but make sure you have aggro (preferably after using terrifying roar use windfury this way you dont chase the boss and have someone die).
If you are in serious danger and are about to die use your Eidolon’s ulti this gives ballad some time to heal you but also makes you invincible for the time.

Vsing lots of mobs I would switch out to booming shield bash before luring(You will not be able to switch after)when you see the mobs coming use your two buffs and terrifying roar all of them and start to use this combo set from 1 to 5

This way it keeps aggro on all the mobs and your AOE stuns them for a chance to use another terrifying roar, also with the extra aoe stun it helps keep aggro and get some mobs you might have missed.

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