Bakery Story Tips

Bakery Story Tips by logon2k

1. Don’t be in a hurry to decorate your bakery. Just like a real business, you should re-invest in product and equipment so you can make money and expand your business.

2. Always try to have something in your ovens and drink makers. As you increase your level, you will be able to prepare more products that pay more than the items you now have available. You can make more money with ovens than drink makers. Empty ovens and drink makers don’t make money.

3. You only need as many serving tables as you have products to sell. The extra tables only take up space. You can always store any extra tables and recall them when needed. Don’t sell anything, you might need it or want it later. For example, if you have a serving table with 100 brownies and you have an empty table and an oven with 100 plates of brownies, ready to be served. Tapping on them will send them to the empty table and now you will have two serving tables with 100 plates of brownies each. If you stored the empty serving table before serving will combine the original 100 brownies and the new 100 plates of brownies to a total of 200 brownies on one serving table.

4. Try to find 4 star neighbors that will add you. Keep your own star rating at 4 so others will be willing to add you. You maintain a 4 star rating by tipping and gifting your neighbors often. You have to visit their bakery to tip, but you can gift from your own bakery. Be the neighbor you want your neighbors to be.

5. There are six gifts, each have a different number of plates and each plate sells for a different amount. This may seem confusing at first, it has been difficult to convince some neighbors, but here it is:

Gift ………………………… Plates …… @ Sells ……. Yields
Valentine cupcakes ??.?. 50 ………….. 4 ……… 200 coins
Brownies ………………….. 200 ………….. 1 ……… 200 coins
Chocolate Cake ???…… 150 ………….. 2 ……… 300 coins
Croissant ………………….. 100 ………….. 4 ……… 400 coins
Cappuccino …………………. 50 …………. 10 …….. 500 coins
Hot Chocolate ??..?……. 100 ………….. 4 ……… 400 coins

There is no reason to give anything other than ONLY cappuccino.

Some will argue that some items take longer to make, but these are all gifts and take exactly the same amount of time… 0 sec. You don’t have to make any of these items

Anyway, savvy neighbors will understand this and you don’t need neighbors that don’t.

6. Try to keep your neighbor list down to those that tip and gift often. You will find that some quit playing or never return the favor of tips or gifts. The longer your list, the longer it take to visit them. Value your time and your neighbors. If you follow these tips and you get deleted, they probably did you a favor.
If all your neighbors tip 6x and gift ONLY cappuccino daily, you will earn a minimum of 12,400 coins.
6 tips worth 20 coins each = 120 coins and 50 plates of cappuccino which sell for 10 coins each = 500 coins, so each neighbor will leave 120 + 500 = 620 coins. You are allowed to accept gifts from 20 neighbors so 620 X 20 = 12,400 coins. This does not include tips you may receive from other neighbors at 6X each and visitors at 3X each with no limit.

7. You can block the door to your bakery with anything and it will keep customers from coming into your bakery. Just remember that if they aren’t there, they can’t buy anything. You can’t make money that way. It is better to make s lot of items you can make quickly and store them on serving tables, (See #3 above)

8. Try not to use the gems you get by mastering as many products as you can. It sometimes sets you up to use your gems to instantly prepare items, but it is never worth it, let them go bad and throw them in the trash. You can always remake them, it just takes a bit more time. The game is designed to trick you into using your gems. Don’t be fooled by their tactics.

9. Expand the size of your farm as soon as you can including buying ovens and drink makers. Expand the size of your bakery as soon as you can. The larger your bakery, the more tables you can have. The more tables, the more tips you can receive. Each tip = 20 coins. Each neighbor can tip up to 6X which equals 120 coins. If they gift cappuccino that is 500 coins plus the tips = 620 coins. You can get 20 gifts per day = 12,400 coins. You can be tipped an unlimited number of times (twice per neighbor) but visitors can tip 3 times each. Bottom line, make room for those tips.

Here is the expansion costs as I remember them:

12 X 15 500,000 coins or 40 gems
13 X 16 1,000,000 coins or 40 gems
14 X 17 2,000,000 coins or 40 gems
15 X 18 3,000,000 coins or 40 gems
16 X 19 4,000,000 coins or 40 gems
17 X 20 5,000,000 coins or 40 gems

If you want to use gems, this is where you should use them. The longer you wait to use them, the more they are worth. You may also need a certain number of neighbors in order to expand. I don’t remember how many at each level. If you are a good neighbor, this should not be a problem.

10. Have fun and don’t take the game too seriously. ;^)

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6 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    Update as of 2023:

    Expansions cost 20 gems only!
    Or expand for 69 :( neighbors

  2. Juju says:

    Is there an overflow for neighbor rating? I have tipped a lot then stopped playing for a few days and my rating is still 4.

  3. kavya says:

    You cand add a second door but u can add a second cash register beacause all the costumers come in one door i hope i helped

  4. Tezchtfnjyvny says:

    How do u get a second door?

  5. Ashley says:

    It didn’t really help for me but it might help other people. TIP: If you want to level up really, really,really fast make BROWNIES,JASMINE TEA & RED VELVET CAKE. I hope I helped!!!!

  6. A Measures says:

    I did a quick 60 minute experiment, made up of three 20 minute tests.

    I have 4 doors, each sectioned off in my cafe and each with cash registers in, to be as efficient as possible. To check whether this was more efficient than one door offline, I did an experiment – testing: Offline with 1 door, online with 4 doors and 4 sections, and offline with 4 doors and sections.

    While offline I only managed to get around 5,500 coins, whereas online with 4 doors, I managed to earn over 11,000 coins selling the same food as the offline tests.

    Therefore, my results concluded that having more doors and counters only makes a difference online, but can drastically increase your revenue per day.

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