RAN Online Account Security Tips

RAN Online Account Security Tips by Seraphoenix

1. Never give your account’s password to anybody.
Do not give your account’s password to anybody if you don’t want to suffer from account problems.

2. Always remember that e-Games’ staff will never request for your account’s password.
So if you’ll meet some fake GMs who will request for your account’s password, never give your password to them. There are a lot of impersonators in this world, so don’t give your password to anybody.

3. Do not log-in your account(s) in other websites except for official e-Games’ website.
When you’ll receive e-mails or PMs that will tell you about winning different promos or events, do not directly believe them. Always check the official ran online website or the community forum for official announcements, and you can also inquire with the game masters if you really won with those events.

4. Do not trust your friends at all times.
You cannot tell that you can always trust them with your account. Some players were hacked by their own friends, so BE AWARE.

5. Use gmail as your account’s official mail.
Due to how yahoo filters e-mails, you might receive delayed replies from e-Games. You are suggested to use gmail for you to receive mails from e-Games faster. In some cases you will need faster replies some e-Games especially if you will forget your account’s password.

6. Always remember your account’s vital information.
If ever you will forget one of these, sad to say, your account will then be considered as lost. You can only retrieve your account’s password, and member ID so never forget your account’s details.

7. Always remember that you cannot PM GMs inGame.
Always remember this one, you can notice impersonators if you can PM them or by the format of their names.

8. Beware of keyloggers.
You should be aware if you are playing in an iCafe with a keylogger to avoid hack cases. You can always use the virtual keyboard to avoid them.

9. Beware of eyeloggers.
If there are keyloggers, there are also eyeloggers. An eyelogger is a person who hacks an account by the use of his/her eye. If possible, hide the keyboard if you’ll type your account’s password or cover the virtual keyboard that only you can see it.

10. Do not trust anybody.
If you should not trust your friends, how much more a person that you don’t even know? Do not be persuaded with their persuasive statements, just keep your account’s information.

11. Always remember the password of your email.
Since pincodes and passwords will be sent to your emails if you’ll request them in the website, you should always remember its password. And do protect it as well to prevent your character from being hacked.

12. Always read the forum/ran website for updates.
Just be updated with the latest hacking techniques, it would be better if you’ll read the forum and ran website to be updated with the latest hacking techniques.

13. Protect your account always.
Always follow the tips I gave you and do protect your account in your own way. :)

14. Be aware of fake GMs inGame.
Always remember that the GMs will never ask for your item, nor give any advantages to a player. Fake GMs will force you to give your account information, or any of your items in exchange of a benefit, like having your items upgraded, or saying that you won in a raffle draw or something. Remember: YOU CANNOT PM the Game Masters, their names contain spaces, and are in a format like this: [ G M ] for example: [ G M ] Chromium. Players must be aware of any event, or raffle draws through e-Games forum, or Ran Online Launcher, and also through the blogs of the different Community Game Masters. Again, the Game Masters will not ask for your passwords.

14. Be aware of hack sites
Hack sites are what we call false websites, asking for your account information. As what I have stated above, never log-in your account to any other website, except for e-Games’ website. Hack sites will require you to log-in, and fill-up a form with your password, server, username, inGameName, PIN Code, Member ID, and other vital account information for you to have inGame items or inGame golds. But actually, after filling-up that form, you’ll have your account hacked, like having your items lost, or having your password changed. Always take note that you must not log-in your account to any other website except for e-Games website.

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