Torchlight 2 Berserker Magic Build Guide

Torchlight 2 Berserker Magic Build Guide by Meemo

This build is arguably one of the most rediculously not-op build I have ever played. It craps on any viable Embermage Build, and it takes a dump on any DPS build in TL2. Not only that but this build can practically grant you immortality.

I present to you … 2JEeuwWRBO

So what is my logic during the creation of this build? Simple, I wanted to never auto attack in melee range. To put this in the nicest way possible, the TL2 melee combat functionality is fairly broke imo. I completely loathe melee combat due to the sticky targeting system.

Howl – Why? It reduce the speed of all enemies in a rather large radius. It also reduces enemy damage output. It also makes enemies cast slower. It would be quite foolhardy to not add such a win ability to your arsenal.

Battle Rage – I took this skill simply because of the damage reduction of enemies based on number of enemies around the zerker. Synergizes quite well with Howl and makes enemies hit for almost nothing.

Ice Shield – With this max, the only projectile that will hit you are aoe projectiles. Every other projectile types will bounce right off. No longer will you run away from those annoying turrets on act 3.

Permafrost – big ass radius at max, and it can immobilize enemies and shatter pots for moar loots!! It also has a 25% chance of freezing which will proc shatter storm.

Glacial Shatter – max, good lord at level 100 even while naked, this thing can hit for 20k+ per pop with only 1 second cd. (not even a crit) You want to spam this with permafrost.

Shatter Storm – because it synergizes with permafrost.

Rage Retaliation – This thing is lol, you can stand in one place with an ultra high dps weapon and trash mobs will just die. Since you got so much damage reduction off of howl and battle rage, mobs will do nothing to you, while you retaliate with crap ton of damage.

Wolf Shade – W.e. more dps and it heals you so why not. You’re already god, so might as well have some servants to serve you.

Battle Standard – The bread and butter of this build, simply put if RunicGames nerf this to the point where it can’t sustain permafrost and glacial shatter. GG, reroll. This beast not only regen mana like crazy but it even grants you chances to dodge, thus increase your survivability through the roof.

Stat point Distribution

Max attainable amount of stat points while leveling is roughly 500. So 250 in vitality and 250 in to focus.

Focus because durrr you’re a spell caster.
Vitality so you can survive a few punches when you slack off on casting howl and iceshield.

What not to take
Dexterity, you already have a relatively high dodge chance with battle standard and crit chance can easily be obtained with gear. An utter waste of time to add points in to this.
Strength, /facepalm, you’re a spellcaster.

When looking for gear, you want knockback resistance and just general proc abilities on kill. Perhaps get one of those epic gear where meteors rain from the sky when mobs die.
If possible socket in some focus. Also hunt for the gear with the highest possible elemental resists and physical armor. These stats will save you in the event of an aoe. Everything else is completely up to you.

Weapon Sets
Shield and Sword for protection in the rare event where you’re about to die.
Staff for all other situations.

Have fun, and be not-op

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1 Response

  1. Dan says:

    I like your thinking, I also made a berserker mage but oriented it a lot differently, sporting not one cranky wizardsstaff but two spellwands that actually proc that executioner skill and turn you into a real ioncannon.

    I focussed mainly on the third tab skills, (sorry not at home so don’t remember all the names) and went with the 1st and 2nd skill so far having so many spare health pots (i never need to use em) that I might aswell sell them all and build a house.

    Also, it is my intent to eventually get the final ice skil (the geiser one) and ofcourse the last 3rd tab skill (with the multiple wolves)

    I remember having irritative difficulty playing outlander ranged but this build nukes bosses within 10 seconds for some reason, its really, really powerful from the get go so thats VERY promising.

    Kind regards.

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