MH4U Offline/Solo Rare 10 Relic Farming Guide

MH4U Offline/Solo Rare 10 Relic Farming Guide by cyanblur

This is really short and simple, and still leaves you subject to the whim of the Desire Sensor, however I’ve had some success with it, so I’d like to share the method.

The setup process is what takes a while. What you’re going to need is a guild quest with the weapon bias from the monster that yields the skin you want. You can see a list of skins here and a more complete list of where each skin comes from here. From there, you’ll need to level this quest up to 140; you’ll probably need to do most of this online. After that, either play the quest online until a treasure area is found, or fail/abandon offline until the treasure area’s found.

Once you have the treasure area, save your game, load up your quest and mine all the blue nodes you can. If you don’t get any beshackled weapons, quit to the homescreen and relaunch. If you do get some beshackled weapons, have the monster triple cart you and appraise them. If they aren’t what you wanted, quit to homescreen and relaunch. You can see a chart of the possible stats for each weapon here. Regaining the treasure area is fairly quick if you choose to fail for it, so don’t be afraid to accept a relic if it’s not the absolute best.

There’s a couple advantages to this method over playing to kill the monster. You’ll get 1-3 beshackled weapons on a good run, but at least you’ll know when you don’t have any beshackled weapons, saving time. You can farm relics away from an internet connection and without risking a team of randoms triple carting and resulting in no rewards from a kill. The entire process from rebooting the game to the result screen takes 5 minutes, or 3 if you didn’t get any beshackled.

I wanted a Type 41-Wyvernator GS, so I had been using a Velocidrome GQ, which was probably the worst to test this on, but I’ve come across 4 rare 10 relics this way. If I’d been using a Rajang GQ the frequency of rarer loot would have been higher. Here’s a couple things to note:

  • Felyne gatherer, and by extension Gathering, has some effect on blue nodes, but you can skip eating if you’d prefer to be quicker. A gathering set is recommended over eating for it.
  • You can take a break from this at any time, completing another quest won’t take away your quest’s rare status. Just quit to the homescreen whenever you’re exiting the GQ.

Good luck.

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