MH4U Shah Dalamadur Farming With HBG Guide

MH4U Shah Dalamadur Farming With Heavy Bowgun (HBG) Guide by Dark_Jinouga

This is IMO the best way to get Skyblade Dragonsphires, and is pretty fun to do


  • Gravios Gigacannon (attack honed)
  • A “Hame Set”. this consists of pierce up/recoil down+1/ruthlessness/peak performance/attack up (depends on charm how high)
  • 60 Pierce 3, and 60 Pierce 2 as backup ammo
  • Eat for Felyne Temper


  • At the start, instantly unsheath and siege Pierce 3, unload into the head (i aim for the upper head, may make a difference). note the movement, it will move its head to the left, then back to the right before starting an attack. its head should break in ~10 shots, so before it starts an attack or during its start, shouldnt hit you unless something messes up, causing it to fall down
  • Now roll to the back right of your spawn position twice, activating siege mode during the second roll, and aim at the back blade. unload your full clip into a part where most of the pierce hits hit (might need a few tries to get a feeling for this. its back should break once in the first 10 shots, and twice for the subquest finish before your clip is empty if you are doing it right (with attack up S i normally have 5 shots left)
  • Roll away from the meteor that spawns on you and sheath, and go up to the higher platform in the direction of the spire. dodge the bite attack shah will do that goes from the spire side to the spawn point, and shoot some shots into his head as he stays there. he may also do a sideways bite across the spawn area first, doesnt change the tactic though, the lengthwise bit will follow
  • Finally, go up on the ledge where you would jump onto it as it curls around the spire, and go the the back right corner, which is as far aways from the head as possible, and go into siege mode with your remaining pierce 3 (should be about 20) and siege into the head. again, i shoot into the upper area of the head, so that may be important. if its head doesnt break the second time from the pierce 3, load pierce 2 to finish it off, and then end via subquest

You want to break the head for its 5% chance to drop a dragonsphire. this method takes about 1min45s for me each time unless i mess up. The first ~2min of this video visualize the tactic, but you should use pierce 3 for the subquest farming, not pierce 2

I hope this is helpful, my first try at a guide. i really enjoy this subquest run, got 5 dragonsphires so far in 30min worth of playtime, and you can do it all solo! (a group makes it super easy though i guess).

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